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His head pounded in time to the young boy's delighted yaps. This was what he got for letting Waynescott spike his standard shine with something 'new'. But, a promise were a promise, and John weren't about to go an ruin the boy's planned trip just because he'd gone a little too hard the night before. He was a man willing to face up to his own bad decisions after all.

It was one of his only virtues.

Thank the Lord in heaven that Evelyn had never learned about the Moonshine incident, and John considered getting pissed on by a puppy to be his price paid, it was worth it to not have Miss Escuella making a dish cleaner out of his scruffy pelt.

Y'all ready, m'man? He asked, dark tipped tail waving in spite of his head pain. The throbbing could park its ass backwards for all he cared. John was gamely stuffing crap into his knap sack, easier to carry this shit on his back than all in his hands.

Remy was too excited, and dashed out of the open door, John listened to the little patter of feet, on the wood and stone and tried not to remember his daughter. It hurt still, he suspected it always would. The whip scars on his back ached something fierce. At least the cold was slowly retreating.

Remy? Slinging the sack across his shoulder, John padded to the door and shouldered through it, shutting it behind him and peering about for the young boy he assumed would be lingering about.

Heyo, where's y'gone m'man? He called, stepping from the crappy porch, and onto the loamy, frosty leaf covered soil. They crunched beneath his feet, loud an clear. John spotted the boy's pudgy rear disappearing into the woods, and laughed to himself, shaking his head.

Well he guessed that was the way they were going for now. The Virginian wasn't too concerned, Remy was growing into a big boy now, and his scent was easy to follow as John set off after him at a fast clip, he'd shown the boy all the signs to look out for the traps that he used, so surely everything would be fine, right?

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Why was john taking so long? Remy, despite his increased size, was still not large enough to contain the excitement, it was so intense he felt light headed. The pup, usually a lot better with language now, was reduced to whines and barks to try and chivvy his uncle along, dashing into the house letting John know he was waiting, and disappearing outside again. Remy pranced backwards and forwards, his feet flicking up and sending clumps of dirt flying. His tail, no longer a horrible stump, but a thing to be proud of, helicoptered, telegraphing his good mood.

”John. John. John!” was all he managed to bark, and usually Remy was sensitive enough to notice the subtlest of changes in other, which would have included the fine lines of pain and tension that criss-crossed his uncles brow and neck, but there was very little that Remy seemed to be taking in at the moment, he was far too excited.

The last four months had seen some significant changes in Remy. Gone was the puppy fat, replaced by the bulk of a hybrid, with only folds of loose skin to hint at the growing that there was still left to do, along with the ridiculously oversized paws. Remy looked like he should have been graceful, a powerful young thing coming into his own, but he was anything but. It was as though his body was growing too fast for his brain to cope with, he was clumsy, tripped over his feet and appeared to mis-judge gaps and distance, he’s even caught his uncle smiling when Remy had got stuck in a gap he’d been able to fit through when he’d been smaller, Remy had been in a sulk after that incident, embarrassed by his awkwardness. Of course, all of that was forgotten now and as soon as the pup saw John leaving the house with a bag, he disappeared into the trees, with only just a little less speed than a charging stag.

This was it, he was going to see what was outside. Remy was going to go beyond the borders of his pack. He’d never felt constrained or cooped up in Del Cenere, but his curiosity expanded beyond its limits. Until now though outside had been a place that was strictly off limits, and his respect for Evie’s word was high enough that he’d hate for her to get mad, but it was different now, now he had a real grownup with him, uncle John!

Finally his uncle caught up with him, and Remy circled him, going around and around, like a planet might orbit a star, only this planet occasionally bumped the back of the star’s legs to get it to move a little more quickly.

”You’re so slow uncle John! I want to see what’s out there. Will there be loners?” Remy wasn’t sure why the packless Luperci fascinated him, it was odd to decide to live alone, no one to love you or family to protect you, although the ones Remy had met, and they were few, seemed friendly enough.

Remy, managing to claw his mind back to his uncle scrunched up his nose at the smell of drink that finally pervaded the pup’s excitement addled brain, in this brief lull.

”You smell bad.” Remy remarked in the tactless and non-judgemental manner of a pup speaking with a grown up. It didn’t stop Remy from circling though, or staying close, chivvying along his uncle.

”We need to hurry!” Remy continued, not giving a reason for why they needed to hurry though.
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