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POSTED: Tue Jun 23, 2020 4:14 pm

Fade out here?

Salem froze. "A book?" This was too hellish and impossible a coincidence for her to take seriously, but the diviner would entertain the idea, especially if it meant disproving Marlowe as an ancestor. She hated to talk badly of the de le Poer both in his absence and also to someone with whom he was well-acquaintainced. A written genealogy record was a rather convenient workaround.

Sitting back, she considered it. "I’m impressed! It’s hard to believe such a thing exists, but yes, I’d certainly have a look if there was an opportunity. The coincidence here is... staggering."

At his direction, Salem glanced up the game trail. "Is that it?" she asked, drawing a line in the air with her finger. When he approved she continued, "Why don’t you finish up here and I’ll scout ahead for another tree this size?"

She rose, dusted herself off, and scurried up the game trail with a bounce in her step. A book on the Lykoi! How delightful, even if her interest in her father’s identity waned. An opportunity for a deeper understanding of that lineage, however, Salem would invite with open arms.

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