Loyalty Is Shared In Blood

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That's Our Kind of Courage

He had not slept since awaking before the sun and finding the hastily written note at the end of the bed his mate has once shared with him. He had spent a fair amount of time talking to the little ones, telling them the story their mother had bid him to do, and once they had been put back to bed he had sat up, unsure as to what else he could do besides sit. So has sat for hours, just sitting in the same spot staring at the note and the empty bed where his hybrid bride had been but a sun ago.

As the sun peeked over the earth he held back a curse at it and the god he worshiped. Did Fenris feel the need to try him so harshly so regularly? Had his past not been difficult enough a challenge? Already he had lost his mother and father, his first love had left him, his second had been murdered, his first mate and alpha deemed him a traitor for wanted to follow Fenris’s law closer, hell his own daughter had been help hostage in a war he had fought in protecting those he had ‘betrayed’. He had devoted his life to the protection of others in the name of the sun and yet between sunset and sunrise the Gods had stolen away his mate.

Heat filled his chest as he made his way down the stairs and into the Great Hall, releasing a particularly demanding howl. After much thought he could only come to one conclusion: He would be damned if they didn’t stop the conflict with Anathema before the next full moon. He was tiered, broken and angry. It seemed as though there was no loyalty in the world and no rest for those with honor.

As members gathered he stood before them with his brows frowned, waiting silently and only giving simple nods to those who greeted him. It was obvious that he was not in his normal happy-go-lucky state, The Sun King was in no mood for jokes and laughter. Silence! He barked over the crowd, who hushed immediately at their Sole’s strange behavior.

As many of you know Sebastian and our volunteers have returned to us, some a little worse for wear but in one piece none the less. I regret to inform you all that we will not be pursuing Salsola anymore. The slaves of Salsola have a sickening loyalty to the scum and we would only hurt them further should it come to battle. However, if you see a Salsolian anywhere in the South you are free to do as you wish to them. If you see one near our borders you are to attack.

Pausing he swallowed the lump building slowly behing his tongue, not wanting to choke in front of his pack mates. His voice remained that of anger as he continued, You should all also know that Alyssum has left Casa and may or may not return. Should she return you should treat her with as much respect as before she left. It is a personal matter for which she left and she left our children in my care. That will be all on that matter. He was not willing to share the details with all of those under his banner, a good chunk of whom had yet to prove any loyalty to him.

The main reason I call you here is because we will be marching on Anathema at day break. You are all expected to be armed as you please and prepared for a battle and blood shed should it come to that. Gauging the reactions of his pack mates he continued, his words harsher. Should you choose to not fight I will strip you of your titles and rank and name you a Dishonorable. His words were almost spat. Anathema has been causing us trouble for too long and I for one will not stand, and if you do not stand with this man and your brothers and sisters you are a coward and a fool. Any Prova who fights will be automatically promoted upon the next full moon. When you all joined Casa you vowed your loyalty and I will not stand to for disloyalty any longer. So speak now or hold your tongue.

Turning his eyes to the newly rescued slave and the eldest daughter of Casa he spoke in a slightly gentler tone. Gale, you are under our protection. I should not have you fight for us but you and Amatha shall stay behind under the protection of Isaac, the butcher, and watch over the pups. Your daughter will assist you as well. Although angry the Sole was not stupid and would keep the freshest meat behind. The pups would need to be cared for.

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The howl set Wayne on edge the moment it burst from the courthouse and echoed through the fort. He was, thankfully, wrapping up his chores with the horses and quickly made his way to the Great Hall where their leader stood -- a giant, black as night, with the fury and justice of the sun on his eye. There was a nod for him as he filed in with the others, but Wayne was put off by the atmosphere of the room as he hung back, arms crossed and expression stern to hide his worry. The pack was going through a lot, so he could only expect the worst from this after Sebastian's not-so-successful trip to Salsola.

And then Jazper barked roughly to silence the gathered pack members -- proof that this was serious, far more serious than most meetings. The Familgia straightened and listened.

Salsola was addressed first: an admission of defeat, almost, that caused Wayne to clench his fists lightly in his fur. He understood, however; he was no reckless knight who wanted to charge on for glory. It was prudent that they conserve their strength and not strike out for the northern pack until they knew more of them -- at least more than Sebastian had gone in knowing. He did nod at mention of being "free to do as you wish" to the bastards, knowing he'd delight in beating the shit out of the beasts that'd hurt his friend if they came close.

The next news was something that shocked Wayne, and his jaw went momentarily slack at news that Alyssum had departed. He hid his expression thereafter, mixed emotions boiling in him. On one hand -- he'd liked Alyssum, if only for their shared southern heritage; she'd been a good member, if a bit quick to ascent to leadership like he had been to the council position. That she might not come back, however, that she'd merely walked out -- he thought of Dixie-May, and his jaw clenched tight.

And then -- the main point of the meeting. Casa di Cavalieri would march on Anathema.

Wayne could not keep a somewhat sinister grin from flicking across his lips -- perhaps unlike the gentle Cavallo, but that didn't matter to him. He knew Anathema had hurt their pack before, and had helped chase off a group of the arrogant troublemakers from the borders. The thought of seeing those smug, idiotic whelps again and actually getting to lay into them with his club sounded mighty fine. It wasn't quite Salsola, but Salsola was a more difficult foe to pin down, and the Anathemans appeared more brazen and ready to cause trouble.

The cowboy's grin only grew larger when Jazper said, rather harshly, that any who didn't march onward would be demotedd. He chuckled and tipped his hat slightly and stood a little taller from his place near the back of the crowd.

I'll march with ya, Jazper, Wayne barked boldly. Any fool who won't ain't fit t' call themselves a member of Casa di Cavalieri!

Theirs was a pack of warriors, and he would settle for nothing less; too many members had gotten free rides wanting to join a pack and make merry all these months.No -- a true Cavalieri might not want undue violence, but for the crimes against freedom and their home, they should be ready to spill blood.

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Optime - Started this earlier today but forgot to finish~ Here you go xD. (Honestly, I should be working on more needed replies 8I. But first...this. <_<;;.). [711]

There had been a storm for Ridpath, but he had settled neatly back into the pack as soon as it passed over him. He tried to do his part as much as he could, but found that everyone else seemed to be busy with other things. With what, Ridpath had only learned a little of from the passing voices on the wind. No one seemed very eager to share, and that made the male fear to ask. So he stayed quiet, like the rest of them. He faded into the background, not doing much worthy of praise, in his eyes. He had been slightly fretting over what his time at Casa di Cavalieri had been like when the howl reached his ears. His frown went away as he rose his head.

It had always been a toss up, for Ridpath, whether he secretly held a slight distaste for leadership but held his part anyway, or his loyalty was a way to show his appreciation. When it came to his current pack, it was definitely the latter. If it had been the first choice, the male probably wouldn't of joined. Casa was not a place for any kind of deceiving, he knew this as he quickly made his way to where the call had came from. He looked up to Jazper, admired him, in a way that would not wane even if he had not turned out to be the alpha. In some ways, the older male was everything he wished to be when he...grew...older. It settled in oddly that he still had all the time in the world, he was not old, not at all. What felt like an eternity for him had simply been two years, give or take. Ridpath felt young. And that meant he felt inexperienced.

He froze as his leader's yell fell over the large crowd that had gathered, his body going tense as he looked onward. Yes, it was clear the other was not in a good mood, but he remembered briefly Jazper telling him he had been a 'little' troubled what seemed like many days before. Perhaps, that trouble had grown. He listened, and the male's next words confirmed this. Salsola, eh? He'd heard bits and pieces of what had been going on, but he had not truly known that the pack had been actively after them. Maybe he had forgot? Surely that wouldn't go completely unheard by him. Ridpath nearly cursed himself under his breath, but a fear that someone would hear made him keep it to his mind.

The next spew of information was of someone he had not met. Alyssum, whom he believed was the second leader, had left. Slightly letting his shoulders drop, he sighed a little at the news, but tried not to let himself dwell on it. For he was sure, that the other didn't wish to. Next, they were all told that they would be fighting another pack. He was confused, but he didn't care, honestly. If this pack had caused enough trouble to have them put to battle, then so be it. He wasn't afraid of fighting, getting hurt, dying. Ridpath was just afraid of being a disappointment to the pack, he realized this. His large body froze when Jazper passing gaze fell over him for just a split second, he didn't dare breathe, simply looked on in an almost cold manner. The male calmed more when the leader's attention was off of him, but found himself tense again as a familiar voice spoke up.

Wayne? It wasn't like he didn't expect him to be here, but it was still strange - he hadn't had much, if any, interaction with the cowboy after joining. He tried to resist the urge, though found his red eyes looking back to the source of the voice. His words were true, of course, but Ridpath was put on edge, to him it was a pretty bold move. And he may be more interested in personal freedom than absolute duty and authority, but he, at this point in time, would never speak in these meetings unless called upon. The male looked back to Jazper after Wayne was done.

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Awww yeah! Casa is getting real!

The powerful call of the Sole instantly caught the Phoenix hybrid's attention. Jazper was one of the few males that had her full respect and when he called, it was not to be ignored. Today seemed to be different, an austere air hanging over Casa.

The leopard female made her way to the Great Hall with Aro and Ayden by her side and gathered with her brothers and sisters, wearing the red dyed rank cloak the Sole and Luna provided to every ranked member. She wore it with pride. The leopard woman's mood was light as everyone else's in the room, aside form the Sole himself as she stood next to her lover and son. The chatty room instantly quieted upon Jazper's booming demand of silence in the room. Something was certainly not right today. It was clear that everyone could sense it, including her.

Jazper's words struck a strong note with the spotted hybrid. The attacks on Sebastian from members of Salsola pitted her with anger for a pack she knew little about, but now they were her enemy. Her fur bristled slightly hearing that they wouldn't be going after the scumbag, slave owning pack, member attacking pack. Her jaw dropped almost interrupting the black leader until he gave them the go ahead to attack any Salsola members on sight and chase them away. Sidra, as always, wouldn't hold back against those who caused harm to her and her family. Still, she wished they could do more than ward them away from Casa's borders.

The news that the Luna had left was new to Sidra. She didn't know Aly very well, but still held respect for her and as Jazper said, would look at her no differently then before she left. The next set of news brought a wide, power embracing smirk on the leopard female's lips. This is what she'd been waiting for. She may not be with Katya any longer, but what their members had done to her was unacceptable in her eyes. Malakai and Maxen both needed to be taught a lesson. Now, she was getting that chance. The chance to slice a dagger through the vile wolves' flesh was one that enthralled the lady. She wouldn't be holding back and would stand beside her family, carrying with her an iron will.

Sidra stepped forward, listening to several of her pack mates speak before her. They were just as eager to follow Jazper to battle. There's no way I'd miss this chance. Tomorrow, we're going to show those soul-less mutts what it means to be a Cavalier! Her voice was strong, that of a warrior. She was aiming to inspire the mood to fight in all of her family. She mimicked Wayne's words. I won't be able to consider anyone who doesn't follow Jazper's command a part of this family and name you Coward! Her fur was bristling with excitement, anticipation, anger, and blood lust. She didn't even want to wait until day break.

Ayden seemed to be as eager as everyone else in the room, but he was much too young to fight even if he already had the spirit of a fighter. As Jazper told Gale to watch the pups, Sidra threw her son a stern glance. He wasn't going anywhere. She was afraid, even if he was shifted she wouldn't let him go. He was much too dear to her.

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