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WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

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The Sun had since set but that meant nothing to a wolf, who’s eyes were just as sharp in the darkness. Behind him twenty strong adults marched, each with a weapon or two in their possession, and even the odd horse. Jazper had set his own horse to the task of pulling along the cart Morty rode in. It was a long journey to make with so many canines and many would need to rest their feet along the way. The cart would act as a means for members to take turns eating and drinking while they allowed the cart to pull them with the group, but more importantly should anyone be harmed the Medic would have a means of transporting them and working on the wounds while they traveled.

Sebastian had been sent ahead as they drew near, his orders to scout. The Sun King would not want any unpleasant surprises, though at this point he was more than confident in the group he led. Above him the moon outlined the ghostly figure that was his barn owl companion and a smile spread across his lips. Zalen had responded quickly to his letter and would be joining the Cavaliers. Prepare yourselves Brothers and Sisters, we’re here. The same rage the clung to the Sole the day before was still there and underlined his voice, though the loyalty of his members and friends eased his pain slightly.

He halted before the scent of Anathema grew too strong, golden eyes searching in the dark for his cousin and the foxy male he had sent ahead. He was nervous for those who had arrived before the group, unsure of where they were or what could have occurred. Still, it was the dead of night and as he released a howl, calling for Aeron herself, he hoped Sebastian and Zalen would make it to the safety of numbers before Anathema could rouse from their beds.

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It was time to march -- and Casa di Cavalieri did, a great band of warriors winding northward through the woodland trails to the foothills of the mountains, those who had proven their loyalty and willingness to fight charging forward.

Wayne felt that, since the pack's inception he had been there for, this was one of their great defining moments, moving in full force onward to those who would cause them trouble and try to break the peace. It might have been more satisfying to attack Salsola, but they knew little about the pack tucked against the bay -- and the Salsolans should hopefully sit while the Anatheman fools had already destroyed the peace actively. They had been the ones to take Cavalieri women, direspect Cavalieri borders, and Wayne was ready to dole out justice.

Gypsy was ready and eager, too; the paint warhorse had caught the mood of the marching warriors and stepped energetically, head bobbing and hooves lifted high. Wayne was proud at how far the bullheaded, stocky mare had come from their farmland days to a mount who didn't shy back from danger. If it came to violence, there would be blood on her teeth and hooves by the end of the day.

As much as that thought pleased the mongrel, however, Wayne knew the point of battle was to maintain peace. He accepted that -- had strove to make that an ideal as one of the founding members of the pack. It would be satisfying to hurt one of the impudent whelps that called the caves home, it was best for the Anathemans to recognize the strength of the pack they wished to harass and back down -- to know defeat and the consequences of their antics, not to be harmed or killed.

The large group came to a halt, and Jazper howled. The mare pricked her ears and snorted eagerly, but Wayne patted her neck and waited for the event to unfold.

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Thoughts buzzed around Thorn's head, he didn't want to fight, to take someone else's blood. But then this was to protect his pack, his family and friends. And that was a good enough reason for the brown-coated wolf to hold his new bow with pride. The party moved at a steady pace, Thorn wondered around the middle, gazing at the arms worn by his pack-mates. some held swords, some held knives and other. Wayne, a friend he'd only known from scent and not sight, sat on his powerful horse. Thorn smiled, he remembered what threats he and Wayne had held at the Anathema wolves that disturbed the Casa boarders all those days ago.

Now it was different, Thorn wasn't just a blind wolf making fake threats, he was a strong and well-trained fighter. Using the days and nights to train in hand-to-hand and archery, Thorn felt comfortable with his sight back. The warriors surrounding him made him feel so proud, so safe of what strength Casa held as a tight family.
Suddenly, their leader stopped at the 20 warriors followed his decision. Thorn settled himself at the front line, that way if anything was set off, he could easily shoot an arrow without the worry of hitting a pack-mate.

Jazper let out a long and powerful howl, and Thorn watched with great respect for the larger male. It must hard for him to be here, to fight right after his mate left. Thorn could imagine how he'd feel if Calla ran away, horrible probably. The small male turned to look for the coal black fur of his love, making sure she was ready for what was to come as well.
The night was dark, and Thorn hoped that his pack -mate would hold up as well as he could at night. For they all needed their strength and concentration tonight.
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Secui - Let me know if anything needs changing. [325]

He remembered very clearly as they neared the other pack's territory, the time he had protected Aspirin and took someone's life. It seemed so distant now, but Ridpath knew he hadn't been too long ago. As he marched along with the group, there was no grin, no eagerness for the bloodshed. In fact, a small frown was on his face. But he held no bad emotions for this fight. He would battle with these Anathema scum, even if he had not been there to witness just how disturbing they had acted. Ridpath was armed, something made for Optime form but the strap didn't give way to his now powerful shoulders. A sword. He wasn't planning to use it unless he was forced to, hence why he was not in his two-legged state right now.

The male would take more pleasure in besting an opponent with a weapon when he himself used none, anyway. He was not worried at all that they would lose this fight, especially when he looked around at the readied warriors other than himself. The night sky was above them, and Ridpath briefly wondered if this battle would lead into day. Shrugging the thought off, he stopped along with the group when they came across what was probably the borders, he didn't bother to figure out for sure. They were there, how far they were in the territory didn't matter. Everything went still for a moment, and then Jazper let out a howl.

It was time. The male growled lowly yet nearly silently in anticipation, he was ready for anything this other pack could throw at Casa. He didn't think he would get excited for the fight, but now that they were finally about to fight he found a strange feeling swell up inside of him. It was something akin to rage, except made up of impatience, not anger. Ridpath's claws unsheathed.

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out of character here

There'd been much too much anticipation for the leopard knight to get a fair amount of sleep the night before. But she didn't need it. She was running of of anger, determination, anticipation, excitement, and revenge. The want and desire to tear through the flesh of her enemies was enough to keep her fueled for the battle.

They marched. The leopard spotted warrior rode atop her loyal friend and steed, Soloman, who fed off the anger in the air. His nostrils flared and hooves stomped heavily against the ground as they marched. Sidra had her dagger secured in homemade holster on her thigh and also brought with her, her slingshot which was in the bag on her back. She was ready to give Anathema the fight of their lives. The Cavaliers marched right up to the borders of Anathema without a single thought of fear. At least not for the Phoenix woman. She would fight for those she loved, even if they were no longer in her life. She fought for those who were important, the members of her pack who she may not know personally but still deserved better than how Anathema treated them. At times, Sidra was a selfish, demanding, and somewhat cold-hearted woman, but she could never stoop as low as the members of the dark pack did.

The atmosphere was heavy and intense the whole journey to the border and once they got there, time seemed to stop. The howl from Jazper's maw was loud, as if it was the only sound she could hear. That, and the sound of her own pounding heart and the breathing of her pack who stood around her and the anxious beast beneath her body. Now, all they had to do was wait for the monsters to arise from their caves and face the many angers souls at their border.

The Phoenix warrior was prepared for only one outcome. That all of Casa would be victorious and end the battle making a point to the Anathemans. Though, it wasn't realistic to only factor one outcome, but Sidra wouldn't settle for anything less and she knew none of her pack mates would either. It was time to end these games.

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OOC: Do you hear the people sing, singing a song of angry men it is the music of a people who will -not- be slaves again *hums* WC: 494

He'd sworn an Oath, vowed his loyalty and pledged himself for justice. This was the force of justice --the band of capable and weapon-wielding adults, and Anathema had best toe the line. If this intimidation did not sway them, nothing would. The tawny knight was prepared to shed blood, and his face was stern, for once, even at Loralei's side. He'd seen Jazper's anger, his rage, and allowed it to flood himself as well. Alister admired his now- father. Despite Alyssum's leaving coming at the worst of times, the Cavaliers burned with a fire, and Alister no less. He was armed to the teeth with his bastard sword, his shield, his dagger, the blades all sharp, and well-oiled. If it came to battle, then so be it. He was gladly fight to right the wrongs, and deal out justice for the crimes they'd committed. Part of him hoped to see Malakai among the throng. His body was battered, but he was not broken. His injuries were mostly healed, and though his body was still marked by the black brute it no longer slowed him. He was well-tended between the medic and his lover's skilled hands. The cuts, and punctures, slashes and gashes tore away some of the fur from his pelt but the flesh was pink, no longer red, or bleeding.

He glanced at his pack mates around them, some on horses, like Wayne, others walking along side each other. The cart carrying the medic came towards the rear bearing passengers and supplies from time to time. A brief nod was given to those he knew as he strode ever forward, marching along with his comrades. He was clad simply this day. Like Jazper he went without his cloak, it would only slow him should it come to a fight. His pants were laced about his hips, the sword belt there as well where hung his weapons. Strapped to his back was the weathered shield. He bore the chunk of purple flourite about his neck signifying himself as a member of the Brotherhood, being so he marched towards the front. He would not show submission this day to friend or foe, he would not be cowed by anyone below his own rank. Fire burned in his hazel orbs, and when Jazper halted he stepped up to his Sole, lingering just behind to his left. "Your pack is with you...Father." The newest Knight murmured. The word itself still sounded strange on his tongue, but he was tremendously honored by his friend and role-model to be made a part of his family- something he'd never had. The hybrid said little else, for once, his hand falling to the hilt of his sword in the moments that followed the Sun King's demanding howl. A glance was given to his silvery lover and a brief half-smile, reassuring, but anxious. As a knight he stood jwith the Sole determined to protect him with his life if need be. There was only to wait.

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He'd journeyed through rock and stone, hill and plain to reach the force of armed Cavaliers. His Alpha had gone ahead, requesting the behemoth to join the force of the knights in his wake. Ill-pleased, but eager to stand for his pack and the new lives of his children the stoic Beta consented. They were easy enough to find with the vastness of the group that marched. Some were horsed, and a cart was with them. None of this pleased the massive snowy creature and a curled lip greeted any Cavalier who dared even glance in his direction. When he came upon them he was in Secui, but had swiftly shifted to his towering Optime form, as if his secui wasn't monstrous enough. He matched the weaponed, and humanized bi-legged Cavaliers. The white male was unarmed, himself. His only weapons were his own fangs and claws, but they were enough. He could fight just as well as the rest of them, and his feral yellow gaze caught a ray of moonlight and glinted savagely.

Though among them, he was not mentally one of them. His Optime marched towards the front of the line, awkward on all fours, though away from the rest. His station and rank in his pack commanded a demanding presence, and he would not submit to these Cavaliers, or their leaders. He was the Beta of New Dawn and he behaved as such with a dominant stance, ears erect, and tail still and straight. His fangs jutted out of his muzzle, his mane wild and unkempt, face scarred -Augustus was not a creature to be taken lightly. These Anathemans as they called themselves would get more than they bargained for.

Soon enough the group came to a halt as the coal Cavalieri leader called his pack to arms. The behemoth rose to his two legs, ears twitching as his tail lashed once. His eyes strained in the hopes to see the dark form of his Alpha somewhere ahead. When Jazper howled, he was tempted to raise his own voice, but kept silent in favor of listening for the reply of their enemy. His hackles were raised as his body tensed. In the darkness the behemoth unsheathed his claws.
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He never thought it would happen, that Casa di Cavalieri would have actually serve it's purpose as a defender. He knew that that was their purpose, and that they might have to at some point, but he didn't think he would get to see it, for one reason or another.

He was impressed with their show of might, a formidable group they were. All were armed and ready for a fight should one break out. Bows, swords, daggers, clubs, and claws and many more besides, along with the horses that were spread out among them. This was not a group Rurik would want to be standing on the other side of, and was proud to be standing with them instead. He was decked out in his usual attire, a dark shirt, dark pants, and his old cloak underneath his fur lined one. His katana rested on his hip and his dagger on his leg, his staff in his right hand. He would have brought a bow from the armory but that would have been a bit much, plus there were others with more skill with the weapon than he, so he thought it better to save it for them to use.

He wasn't apart of the main body of Casa, the large group of warriors, choosing instead to keep to the front right area, a bit separate from the rest. This suited his personality, but was also a strategy he had if any fighting started. While the enemies attention would surely be focused on the wolves before them, a single straggler could pass them unnoticed and work his way around to the back of the enemies formation to cause havoc there, giving the front an easier time of it. Granted there wasn't much a single body could do against a large number, but given the element of surprise and they could do considerable damage before getting away, then returning to attack again. Rinse and repeat.

Jazper's call shook the dark furred male from his mental stratagems. The sound reverberating off the tree trunks as it carried through Anathema territory. The sound of it was different from a normal call, at least from where Rurik was standing. It was much louder, full of a sharper energy, and carried the weight of the entire pack on it's back. It's sound made Rurik fur bristle with a restless energy for action and a sharp grin creep over his face. It tempted his demon and gave it a focus of it's rage. He'd never had one of those before, a target. He gripped his staff repeatedly and stared into the darkness, his one red eye barely visible under his two hoods. He wanted a conflict. He wanted to dance to the sounds and screams of a war. As wrong as it might have been for him to wish for it, he wanted to drink the life blood of another. Whether or not he would get the chance to would be up to the wolves of Anathema.

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"Heaven has no rage like love
to hatred turned.......
WC :: +000 OOC :: She's Mad, With her is Gideon a large dark male coyote, Catrin a petite sand color female, and Pride Aeron's white colored daughter.

Aeron stood tall as she was speaking to her close family about what to do about what do do with Casa. She looked them over and took in a breath as the sound of Jazpers howl. Why was he here again? Didn't telling him and Zalen off the first time give him the point. She looked at the trio and motioned for them to follow her. She was unsure on what to do about this, she wasn't just going to bend to him.

The three moved as fast as possible she was glad though that they were all spending more time at the borders. She moved as fast as her feet could carry her only stopping when she heard another cry for her. Well for help the sound was her brother, Casa was attacking him? What was going on? Jazper had no right to come here and attack more so attack a child. Faster She urged the the group.

Soon though the distance was covered and she could see the group Jazper had brought with him. She snarled looking at him How dare you She snapped looking at the larger male. What are you doing here, what is this? she demanded. "If you've got a bone to pick with me you deal with me who'd you send to attack? Because you heard that call right Jaz? She nearly yelled. The small group with her watched, it was shocking to see after all Aeron rarely lost her temper now a days.

Aeron huffed as she looked at Jaz. Was maxen alright? should she get to him, call for panda? Gideon reached out and touched the golden female. "You there I swear if that child is harmed I'll be sure you are dealt with along with who did it" Gideon spoke looking at Jazper. Yes the black male was taller then him but he would defend all of those within Anathema no matter what. Pride stepped up and gave a growl. Looking to her mother, should she go?

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Marching. It was the last thing she felt like doing especially since the band sent to New Dawn had just arrived home the other day. Loralei was exhausted, beaten and battered, and simply needed rest, but alas, her new king called all brothers and sisters to arms and the silver woman needed to respond. She’d been roused out of a drugged sleep, Morty suggested a sedative herb while her wounds healed, the gash on her forehead still fairly gruesome and the swelling in her wrist far from going down just yet. Groggily she awoke to her tawny lover bent over her, hey handsome, she murmured, apparently it was time to go.

He dutifully checked the poultice wrapped about her head in its crooked halo, the medic had given him strict instructions on caring for the woman, and so far, he made an excellent doctor. Loralei didn’t mind playing patient, half of the time she was so zonked out on the herbs Morty had given them, that she rarely ever knew what was happening. Hopefully the regime of earthen drugs would come to an end. Living in a haze was becoming tiring and she felt like an invalid in her new home. She allowed Alister to guide her out of bed, and gave him a sloppy kiss on the cheek when he draped her midnight cloak over her shoulders. Thankshs! She slurred, noticing he was already dressed with the sword at his side. The woman sent up a silent prayer, wishing this exercise of dominance wouldn’t come to the unsheathing of weapons.

She trudged along with the others, thankful Al had thought of making her a sling so her wrist could remain flush against her stomach and she didn’t need to worry about jostling it against anyone or anything. Her hood was pulled up, hiding the fresh poultice on her head while the silk lined cloak covered the bruises along her upper body. She tried to managing a weak smile for her earthen soldier, feeling his eyes upon her. Silver orbs were dulled and glassy, an effect from the herbs that currently made her head swim. Lor was just thankful he was so close, leaning a bit against him to borrow some strength as the rest of the cavaliers arrived. Their numbers were impressive, backing their towering Sole. It would be foolish for Anathema to put up a fight when most of the present were seasoned fighters, skilled with weapons and claws. Hopefully it didn’t come to that, the vixen was in no condition for battle.

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