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The sun hangs overhead, and the earth stirs.

It started with a rumble at first, small shaking, then a sway - the tremors shake through Tall Tree, and the earth cracks apart at the Poco Sueño - the narrow crevice splits even longer, carving a score through the rolling hills, and the Devil's Kettle roars. Come evening, investigation reveals the extent of the damage. Ground has crumbled into the Kettle, and revealed the a slow-churning whirlpool. A few miles out from Bushtail Well, the ground pulled apart, and in its wake, pock-marked earth, carved out by rushing water, and all that remains are idle current pools, some of which hold questionable death. Bushtail swells full of water, and Moosehead Lake's shoreline rises, though, that seems temporary.

Lancaster stockyard's fences have taken the brunt of some damage, but the buildings are no worse for wear - the Communal Horses seem shaken, and in Debouille Reserve, the herd seems to have gotten loose over a downed fence.

Earthquake Prompts!

Players can participate in the Earthquake with the following prompt sign up! We ask that players limit their participation to one sign up per character. As a further incentive, feel free to take an additional 10 game points for their participation!

  1. Some of the fences have collapsed at the Lancaster Stockyard - and as a result, Ares, Wynona, Barrel, and Voodoo have gotten loose, running off into the Debouille Reserve.
    • Prompt 1: The fences need repaired ASAP! Multiple hands are needed, wood needs hauled in, and the posts need replaced, and rungs replaced!
      • Andrew, Remy, and Ash
    • Prompt 2: The horses have scattered into the Debouille Reserve, and scattered with the free-roam herd and fled upwards into the Burnt Church Mountains. Fallen trees and loose earth have created dangerous obstacles - to ensure the safety of the horses, they need to be rounded up and brought back to the pastures.
      • Azade and Auger
    • Prompt 3: Distressed by the new surroundings, the earthquake, and the haphazard meshing of the two bands of horses, some conflict was bound to be happen with the horses returned to the Debouille Reserve and the Lancaster Stock yard. Tend to the horses' minor wounds, and help to soothe the animals.
      • Pontifex, Lyssa, and Nazario
  2. The horses out by the Parish at Tierra Amplia have seemingly relocated too far south towards to escape the rumbling, and have ventured towards the marsh.
    • Prompt 1: Catin has gotten herself into a bit of a pinch. The mare has precariously positioned herself on a small raised patch of earth surrounded entirely by soupy, over-drenched earth. Worse yet - she's decided that this is the place for her to foal, making it a difficult situation to relocate her, and her newborn filly.
      • Santiago, Waynescott, and Character
    • Prompt 2: Get the horses out of these dang swamps - Round 'em up, and take them back up to Tierra Amplia by the Parish and Silverado Field.
      • Skeleton and Larka
  3. Tall Tree has seemingly bounced back, and birds have returned, cautiously, to the forest. However, by the looks of things, some hidden, underground wells have burst forward in the wake of the immense pressure of the earthquake, opening up all manner of pocket pools, and, even more surprising, newly-drained cave systems, smooth and carved out.
    • Prompt 1: A small network of about four to five caves has opened up north of the Bushtail Well. Examine these with a friend!
      • Hosea, and Peony
    • Prompt 2: The series of pools that newly opened up, spilling out into the Bushtail Well, are visually quite interesting - upon examination, some of the deeper pools are pleasant and warm, perfect to soothe some aching muscles. However, it's best to exercise caution - they do possess a current, and some of the pools are much deeper than how they appear.
      • Daniel, Evelyn, and Brickface
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Tierra Amplia horses, prompt 1 for Santiago~
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Can I sign Pontifex up for Scenario 1, prompt 3 please!
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Hosea is down for grabbing 3.1 to explore some caves!
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