[SL] May Newspost

POSTED: Sun May 10, 2020 9:47 pm

SL May Newspost

➤ Between the Teeth of Gods and Men

Year III in the rule of Boss Elphaba Revlis; Springtime in the Thistle Kingdom

Perhaps certain people - or certain places - are eternally driven toward acts of terrible violence.

It has been some time since the condemnation of the cursebringer left the scent of ash lingering on our hands and upturned faces. The saved child, Morrow Larue, has continued to grow and remains in apparent good health. Normalcy - of whatever kind can be found in a kingdom so given to vice - flourished with the virulent growth of spring.

But peacetime in Salsola is never a sure thing; And one unassuming morning, the scent of burnt hair and the low whispers of our neighbors remind us of our darker natures once again.

It is supposedly a month of celebration. Salsola marks its ninth calendar; The oldest and most established of all neighboring packs, history ripples out from us like blood from a wound.

Happy birthday, wonderful and terrible Salsola - Familia Fortis Elegit, long live the queen!

Beneath our feet, something long a-slumber begins to waken...

➤ A Beltane Wedding

The month started off with a celebration of the joining of two high ranking and duty-bound Salsolans! After a long betrothal, the Director Brocade Valentine and his promised, Sanctus Apprentice Morgana Revlis, have finally had their wedding! After an intimate ceremony on May 1st, a feast is held for any and all interested in attending.

» Click here to join the reception and celebration! «

➤ Big Trouble in Little China

Stability in a Kingdom rife with inner conflict and hidden turmoil is always short-lived.

A most gruesome discovery is made by Rufus Troy Lykoi and the Erilaz in the early morning hours of May 4th – the charred corpse of a man left dangling from a tree. Severely damaged, the body is nonetheless suspected to be Proctor Andrew Greygrief.

What makes this especially shocking is the location of the crime. Having occurred deep in the heart of Salsolan territory, it seems beyond belief to blame this malfeasant work on an Outsider. While the Mafiosi investigate, rumors are sure to be abound: Did you character notice anything odd going on with the Proctor? Was he at odds with anyone notable as of late? Did widow Narcissa Greygrief have anything to do with her husband's murder? Or is there something else afoot?

Speaking of unusual occurrences, the sudden departure of Ambassador Helena Troy Lykoi may not yet have raised any flags, but her ongoing absence certainly will. After confirming that she and her daughter Pontifex did not reach the Outpost, a new slew of rumors begin to circulate. Was Helena somehow involved in Andrew's murder? Were they ambushed on the way to Portland, or are they fleeing the crime? Is there an unknown enemy still hiding in wait within Salsola? And what exactly might Helena's newly independent, wealthy son Rufus have to gain from all this?

Questions only breed more questions. Rumors and hearsay are running rampant. The Kingdom has descended into an uneasy, suspicious unrest yet again.

➤ The Earth is Angry

Hardly a week after the gruesome discovery of the burnt man, the world trembles with a great ferocity far more forceful than what was felt back in February. Another earthquake shakes the land midday on May 10th. Though its epicenter is in the far off lands beyond the Halycon Mountains, its effects are still felt in our Thistle Kingdom.

It starts with a sudden, gentle bump in the ground, as if one was standing on a downed elk and it suddenly came back to life. Brace yourself! This is the first warning of what arrives mere seconds later: A stronger roll that knocks one off their feet, followed by a greater heave that grows into a tremendous tremor.

Trees rattle, shaking loose twigs, nuts, pine cones, and (more dangerously) rotten or damaged boughs. Brittle and disease-infested pines crack and creak, with the alarming potential to wipe out any Luperci that might be unfortunate enough to get between them and their descent. In homes, objects placed on precarious ledges or hung flimsily on walls jump and crash to the floor below. Extremely weather-worn and poorly built constructions shake dangerously, a few perhaps even partially -- if not fully -- collapsing. Years of dirt and dust spill free from their hiding places in eaves and roofing. Livestock animals panic and pace in their stalls. An open field seems like the safest place to be - Cowering in the fetal position until the terrible shaking passes might work just as well, though!

The tremors seem to go on forever, but in reality, only last a few minutes.

What is their cause? Is this... Another curse? Even non-believers must be shaken by the titanic sensation of the earth waking beneath their feet.

OOCly: Extensive damage to Salsolan territory will be, for the most part, minimal. However, players are certainly allowed to assume how much or how little their own personal homes are affected! Visible damage is most likely to be seen in deserted buildings, in both the Ruins and our southern portion of Amherst. There is also likely to be some hazardous rockfalls north of Queensgate Garrison and in the Halcyon foothills, so watch out!

➤ A Somber Birthday - Delayed

A month that should have been meant for celebration of the pack's founding (happy bday, SL!) is soured quickly within the first few weeks. Until an investigation conducted into the presumed death of the Proctor is complete, and repairs are made by those whose dwellings suffered the brunt of the earthquake, our promised Last Supper is delayed! :(

But fret not, loyal and diligent serpents! As a silver lining, this delay allows you more time to prepare - and to make sure one looks their absolute best! Maybe that piece you commissioned from that Outsider will actually be completed on time for you to wear it to the Last Supper now. Going to cook something to donate to the table? Now you have more time to make sure your recipe is absolutely perfect. Didn't have anything to bring? How convenient that recent events have bought you that extra time to get your hands on something! Does the world revolve around you (yes, duh)? Maybe express your personal irritation to a fellow packmate!

➤ A note regarding The Marketplace

We were very happy to see threads regarding some of our new areas this past month, and we hope everyone has had fun playing in them too! However, we have also noted some minor details that we would like to clarify about The Marketplace:

  • Due to the Marketplace only recently being opened to Outsiders, please keep its fledgling state in mind when filling it with Outsiders or background NPCs! For realism's sake, word still has to spread about the sudden availability of trade prospects in Salsola, and possible merchants still must be vetted and such ICly before they are permitted to put up their stalls. Currently, the Marketplace should still be a bit bare for merchants and traders. As more months pass, feel free to assume the Marketplace steadily beginning to thrive though!
  • Most importantly, please keep in mind that all non-Salsolans must be accompanied by an escort while in the Marketplace. This does not necessarily mean a Salsolan must be stuck to their sides at all times, only that they should have a Family member or higher lingering in the general vicinity to supervise their activities while on pack territory. We can't have them pesky Outsiders sticking their noses where they shouldn't, hmm? And certainly, who really trusts an Outsider anyway! ;)

➤ A gift from us to you!

What's a birthday without presents to give? Reply here to claim your gift of 50 Game Points! ;) Thanks for being a member of Salsola!

Much love and Happy Posting - Team Salsola

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Free Points ???? *eyes emoji* happy bday SL!!!
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Happy birthday, SL! <333

-throws celebratory cheese everywhere-
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Familia Fortis Elegit! ;D
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*grabby hands* pointssss <3
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Happy Birthday Mister Salsola!
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woooo happy birthday, Salsola! :awoo:
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*pops bottles* happy birf salsa!
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Happy birfday Salsola!
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image by the lovely Despi <3 c:
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Happy birthday Salsola! This month sounds interesting! o:
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