you're a stranger til' she whispers you can stay

POSTED: Fri May 22, 2020 11:27 pm

nothing satisfies me but your soul

The young man had pleaded to come with her, but she had hushed him with a look.

Mercy had set out to find the man her Mother had spoken of so fondly. Grievous was good, she had assured them time and time again. A man after her own father, the one called Basilaris who Misery spoke of in such a hushed, reverent tone. All that really mattered was that he was blood. Corvus would have a chance to meet him, in time, but the first meeting would belong to her. She had a greedy nature in that way. She had to meet him first, and make the first impression. It was a big thing to meet the man who was the last standing in Salsola of the foursome that had been birthed as nieces and nephews of the crown. He was a worthy man, and she knew Misery, despite the difference loved him. Her mother was a burden, and mad like them all. Perhaps he would prove better than that.

The young woman wore a gown of green and pale cream, and had brushed her hair to a silky shine.

First impressions were of import. It was not fit that she approach her Uncle barehanded and ragged. Mercy had happened upon the old former slave-woman Corrine, and asked her of his whereabouts. Samman who trailed with her had proved helpful as well, the sly fox knew his sent. They had set out with the first light of day and she found herself approaching the man's home with a nervous energy. Samman darted from her side and ran towards the place, eager to see the boy she had seen grow. Mercy hesitated a moment, hopeful he might just appear in truth. Grand plans filled her head, as they often did, but a part of her truly just wanted the pale ghost of a man to like her. The wrapped bundle in her hands was nearly dropped as she fumbled with it and tried to find her voice as she approached his home with the light of the mid-day sun.

samman is with her. for grievous

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