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POSTED: Sat May 23, 2020 11:21 am

Calhoun had found himself in a conundrum.

"Oh, you're, like, so tall!" cooed the young coyote girl, all but velcroed to his side and craning her neck to bat her pretty eyelashes at him. "And really really strong! Are you, like, a warrior or something? I bet you're training to be a warrior."

"Um, thanks." Cal dipped his ears back. "But no, I'm afraid I'm not. I'm just, um, learning to be a preacher."

"Wow," said the girl, giving little indication that she understood. She leaned into him so hard he was worried she'd topple over if he stepped aside, which was the only factor keeping him from fleeing. "That's really cool. What's your name?"


"I'm Blossom."

"Nice to… meet you, Miss Blossom."

The youngster giggled at that, almost bashfully -- though she wasn't too bashful to wiggle her fingers into his, squeezing his hand tight.

Desperately, Calhoun looked over his shoulder, hoping for someone to help but also hoping no one got the wrong idea. The loner girl was about his age, and she'd come along with her trader mother, so she told him. Most of the time she just stared at him with enamored sighs, or giggled while badgering him with questions he stammered to answer.

Trying to work up the courage to reject her, but worried about hurting her feelings, the boy stood awkwardly, and winced when she wrapped her arms around his middle and nuzzled dreamily into his side.
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POSTED: Sun May 24, 2020 4:06 pm

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He stood watching Calhoun flounder for far longer than it was polite too. While he held no animosity for the boy, who now held stood a few inches taller than him, he wasn't entirely sure whether the same could be said in the opposite direction. When the would-be Preacher had been but a child, Dan had regaled him with the story of how he'd stole Ember away from his Mistfell Vale and, to a lesser extent, his mother. The Lawman could still remember his little fat, utterly appalled face, steadily backing away from him as if he'd been the devil himself. After that, the boy had steered far away from the shaggy coated hybrid and this, Dan thought, must have been the closest they'd been to each other since.

Teal eyes remained trained on Calhoun and his new "girlfriend" as he took a long sip of his ale, drinking the rough-hewn wooden mug dry. Further still, his front teeth tapped against the receptacle as he pondered whether he should go help. True, it was entertaining to watch the boy so uncomfortable, but on the other hand, Dan knew the feeling all too well. Women were not his strong point and the handful of occasions where someone had been bold enough as to proposition him, he'd made himself very scarce very quickly.

Placing the cup back on the bar counter, Dan huffed a dry laugh and made his way over to the young duo. They were not so much younger than himself, in fact, though the Lawman's cocksure nature often made him seem older than his paltry yearling status. Without warning, and sorely hoping that Calhoun didn't have the balls to turn around and swing for him, he clapped a rough, broad hand on the boy's shoulder.

'What've we got here then, Cal?'

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