a wild rose growing for every horse I've rode

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“I’ll take him from ya, Mister de le Poer,” offered Calhoun as he grabbed the stallion’s reins, walking him to the makeshift mounting block where he helped the small, skinny preacher down. “You got that tea for your cough, then?”

Resurrection nodded and thanked him as he stepped down, unceremoniously sitting right there on the block to pant wheezily and rub his sore thighs. Travel wore on the sickly ma,n and though the small, gentle-tempered Bairre made these trips faster, riding was still a very physical act.

“Y’ need anything else, sir?” Calhoun asked, and Res raised his hand, shaking his head.

“Just my breath back.”

Quirking a smile and lingering a moment just to be sure, Cal made sure nothing further was needed of him before leading the red roan away.

Replacing the stallion's bridle with a simple halter, he tethered him outside the stable and began to remove his tack. His parents had imparted many lessons about caring for horses, and so he worked on the stirrups and saddle straps with a healthy self-confidence— at least here, with Bairre. He knew better than to deal with a testy horse, mere groundwork or not, and he hadn’t pushed his luck riding without an adult’s supervision.

After setting the tack aside and checking his hooves for rocks and debris, Calhoun worked on brushing the animal. Working the curry comb in circular motoins, he quietly made (one-sided) conversation with the horse about the trip and about how his own day was going.
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