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AW - Clifftop known as Lover's Leap

POSTED: Sat May 23, 2020 2:13 pm

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The view was breathtaking and well worth the time his old bones allowed for trekking through the woods. It had been ages since he had gotten out for a trek longer than the walk to the stables and the old stories hinted that this destination would be worth the trip. Stories and rumors that he had heard throughout the years about a couple that could not be together had jumped off the cliff so as not to be separated and now wander the forest together as ghosts. Although he did not take much stock in the story, he did want to see the view and it was well worth the time and energy spent on getting to the top.

A moss and lichen covered boulder that resided in the middle of a grassy area where the forest stayed away from the edge provided an inviting place to sit and rest in the sun light while taking in the views of the falls in one direction and the lake in the other. Ibycus settled down with his back against the rock to soak up the warmth that was provided by the early afternoon sun while he enjoyed the views and partook of some strips of dried meat that he brought with him to regain the energy that he would need for the walk home.

It was not long before the local fauna forgot that he was there or at least got used to his presence and slowly came out of their hiding spots in the flora and went back to the daily business of consuming food. Birds sang their songs and fluttered about while rabbits nibbled at the blades of grass. A deer stepped out of the woods to graze. It was not long before he found his eyelids were getting heavy and he began to doze off in the heat of the sun.

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