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Santiago hiked the trail, forging on ahead of the two youngsters dawdling after his heels. Through the brambles, and the snagging twigs and branches, he guided, all now blooming and green and reborn in the young summer sun that had not yet set in well enough to bake. The still mid-morning air was starting to warm - and the canopy drunk all the rays proffered on their way to the Ojo del Diablo.

Luciana was already panting, her tongue wide and flat and very pink as she paused to push the long strands of silvery-blonde hair out of her face that had come out of the up-do that Rafaela had worked hard on securing, much to her chagrin.

"What's even up here?" she mumbled in an aside to her brother, who dwarfed her in size.

"Patience," Santiago offered, tethering his daughter to him with the promise of something new to glean a lesson from. Whether or not it'd stick, however, was always up for debate. Even now, she paused and looked out through the trees that hugged the cliffside, and watched a white gull drift over the lake, her expression frozen and pensive. Santiago had to pause in his ascent to look back to her, debating on if he should've, perchance, tied a bell to her, or a rope to her waist to keep her anchored to the present.

"C'mon now," he ushered, shifting the basket from one shoulder to the other, full of supplies and snacks alike. "We've got to get up there before the sun gets too hot."

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