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POSTED: Sat May 23, 2020 10:13 pm

They lay sprawled in the grass panting in the wake of their training. Symre was surprised at her mother’s brutality when it came to her training, and forgot that this seemed to be something that ran through her bloodline. Hyacinth Silevue was a soft woman, a mother – but when she wielded her bow she became honed to nothing else but her work.

Hyacinth toyed with long tendrils of her daughters hair, spinning the deep brown locks between sturdy fingers.

Symre couldn’t remember the last time she had ever felt so at peace with the world. With the wedding over, she knew it would be only a matter of time before her mother returned to the Outpost to be with Urho. She lapped at the attention greedily, a stark contrast to the obstinate outlook that she often took against the rest of the world.

<”What are you thinking about, hm? You look so pensive.”> Hyacinths voice was quiet, and Symre twisted in the grass to look up at her, <”Nothing really. Weird that Brocade is getting married- is married.”> Hyacinth rolled onto her elbow, propping her head against her hand.

<”Marriage is different for everyone.”> Hyacinth adjusted some of the gold in her ears, <”It does not mean that their bond is stronger than others.”>

<”I know that.”> She had a way of making Symre feel like a child again, and she found herself rolling her eyes as she fell back into the long grass. It was cool against her back, bent beneath her leggy form as she blinked up at the perfectly blue sky. Tali appeared, her fluffy tail shuddering with glee as she purred and curled against Symre's side - fluffing her fur with affectionate strokes of her paws.

She wanted to tell her mother that she didn't fit in. That the others would never understand the complicated thoughts that often plagued her, or the way that her craft forced itself to be expressed. The servant girl with her fiery red hair was vehemently against her, and Clementine... Well, Symre had seen her rise to the top effortlessly as a feather caught in the breeze.

<"You should focus on growing your connections here."> Hyacinth was playing with her hair again, her golden eyes slanting warmly at Adelia's offspring. <"Or choose to become an Apprentice."> Hyacinth finally sat up, brushing dirt form her legs, <"You can't be an Arbiter forever my sweet.">

Symre opened her mouth to object and closed it with a firm snap.

<"I'll... see what I can do."> She grit her teeth, <"For you.">
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