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POSTED: Sun Jun 07, 2020 9:18 pm

Pack Project

➤ The Notice Board

As a collector of many rumors and a frequent silencer to threats to the Crown beyond the thistle borders, Emissary Kamari Kaiser finds it troubling that the Kingdom does not have a way to easily keep its denizen aware of particular Outsiders—from dangerous folk to thieves to fraudulent peddlers and many more—especially with the Marketplace opening up to allow outside merchants and traders. In an attempt to remedy this, she decides to propose an idea to Sotto Capo member, Brocade Valentine, however, the Shield's Director is out of the home when she arrives, leaving only his wife, Sanctus Apprentice Morgana Revlis, to receive the home's visitor. As Kamari reveals the message she would like relayed to the Director, Morgana finds herself interested, and two women discuss ideas of a new project.

It is a message board that they come to the conclusion to; a place for things that were once only passed around through word of mouth, rumors, hearsay, or an official decree by the Boss herself. On parchment, scrawled in writing or crude depictions—for those less learned and educated—are wanted commissions and trades, offers of services and desires of the same, warnings and be-on-the-lookouts of all types, and much more can be nailed to the board.

    Have you a mark—a deadly, or, perhaps, rare creature—that you want killed? A bounty that you will pay for the death or "unfortunate" turn of fate to an Outsider that wronged you? Do you need a Salsolan knowledgeable in a certain trade to help you with an upcoming exchange? A guard to help escort you (and your precious wares) outside the territory? A warning of potentially dangerous terrain changes in the Kingdom, or, perhaps, of a known thief of a peddler?

    Or do you have something simpler to announce? Are you looking for an item in particular but can't seem to obtain it yourself? Or perhaps you're in need of (or are offering!) a certain service? Do you want to get rid of something that you no longer have a need for? An odd job you'd like some help with? Is there a personal party you want to throw in celebration of something?

The possibilities of what will cover this board—quests, bounties, marks, requests, offers, rumors—will be endless! And, if you find a message to your liking or skills, rip it off the board to claim it, and seek out its poster!

While Confidant Duncan—with his expertise in carpentry—will help with the smaller, finer details (wood types, general construction blueprints) in the early stages of the project, the bulk of the work and all physical involvement will be spearheaded and overseen by Kamari and Morgana.

➤ In-Character Specifics

  • Project Overseers: Kamari Kaiser & Morgana Revlis
  • Location: Just outside the western edge of Millstone Village, lingering in the shadows of the great pines of the Greater Pine Barrens
  • Total Construction Time: 2 weeks
    • Timeline: June 15th - 29th
    • Construction Details: The Notice Board will be made out of wood gleaned from the Oakgrove due to white oak's natural properties for withstanding the elements. Two thick support poles will be dug into the ground, and will sit amongst a bed of small river rocks spread around its base to help keep the ground from eroding away beneath it. A roof with layered, wooden shingles will keep off the most of the rain and snow from disturbing the messages nailed to the board itself. A bucket of nails will hang off of a hook, and, if you need a hammer, using a nearby rock should do the trick! We can't leave our valuable and limited tools out in the elements, after all. The board will be tall enough to allow even our larger, wolf-blooded denizens to comfortably stand beneath its short roof, and, it will be high enough from the ground that it will clear most of the thickest snowdrifts common in the area.
  • How to get involved: Aside from participating in marked group threads, feel free to have side threads of your own that mention your character receiving directions from either Kamari or Morgana, or having them delegate your Salsolan to a particular task! Various tasks can include:
    • Scouting out sites for raw material collection (good trees to cut, good paths to take carts along, etc.)
    • Help clear the construction area of bushes, leaf litter, and other underbrush that will get in the way of building and horse-drawn carts
    • Collecting raw materials like oak wood or obtaining buckets of small river rocks (make use of our draft and labor animals, Onyx, Clarence, Bojangles, & Cow!)
    • Crafting or obtaining items like nails and parchment paper
    • Helping cut lumber
    • Providing or seeking out food and water for the project's workers
    • Spreading the word of the message board upon its completion!

➤ Threads

  • 15th June - Hmm, yes, how quaint (AW+) Kamari calls for curious and willing volunteers in an effort to introduce the project to the pack and ask for their help in the construction.
  • Swinging in turn - Argive and Aani collect lumber.
  • 18th June - Quick, boys, shove in a shovel (AW+) Kamari and Morgana break ground on the construction site by overseeing the holes that are to be dug for the support posts.
  • ( Have a side thread? Reply to this thread, and we'll add it here! )
  • 29 June - Thread: (RO) Kamari announces the project to be completed.

➤ Notice Board Discord Channel

Whilst originally Leadership had intended on giving the Notice Board its own wiki page, after some discussion we decided instead to create a specific channel for it in our SL Discord server. This way, players will be able to interact with the content that is officially 'posted' on the board without needing to edit any code or update any pages.

The Notice Board channel will be available to all ranked levels, and we openly encourage participation from all players! This is another avenue to generate plots, threads, or interest in a character, as well as providing additional prompts to our regular monthly prompts for those who might need some extra muse-tickling.

Be sure to read up on the instructions for using the Notice Board in the pinned message on its channel. If you are a member of Salsola and do not currently have access to the SL Discord server, please reach out to receive an invitation from Leadership. Our Discord is home to a delightful community of friendly players, and is full of juicy bonus Salsolan content!

➤ Participation + Points

Players may make use of this thread to organize threads and ideas, or, do so in our Discord server! If you start a thread related to this project, please be sure to reply with a link so our master list can be updated. :)

Not only is creating and running a pack project its own reward, in terms of showing your leadership skills and having some good IC fun, but we happy to offer you more incentives as well!

  • Participation in any project thread incurs five (5) points for the Salsola game (per thread)!
  • Organizing larger threads for a project can incur more points! E.g., if your thread has three other participants, everyone can claim 10 points for a pack activity thread.

Much love and Happy Posting - Team Salsola

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