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Sunflower Sunsets
⟿ Word Count: 400
⟿ Date: June 10th
⟿ Time: 2pm-ish
⟿ Form: Optime
⟿ Gear: Outfit, Sword, Travelpack

Rain made a pleasant melody as it pattered softly against vibrant sunflowers the color of warm sunshine. They bobbed and swayed with the impacts as if enjoying the summer shower. Atlas didn’t admire the sight. His eyes were locked instead on bleached, half-buried bones. He sat against the rusted bulk of some machine the dead creature might have been able to operate. Atlas pondered as he eyed the strangely round skull. How had it been done? What made something like this work? The rusted junk barely offered a flat surface to sit against now but it had been magnificent once. Humans and what they had built always fascinated Atlas. Oh, the things they had created! As a man who had created tools and weapons he could only imagine what it might have taken to work metal the way humans had. Giant structures made of it, strange contraptions that moved by themselves, bridges able to support an incomprehensible amount of weight that still stood so long after their creators had passed into history. It was almost magical, really, and he envied them for that.

Atlas idly cast his eyes one way down the dirt and weed-strewn path he sat in. Uncharacteristically the swordsman wore nothing from the waist up and not even his sword. The cloak, shirt, and weapon he would have regularly worn lay in a pile not far away. He had pushed them under the front end of the rusted junk for what little clover it would offer. The rain had caught him redressing after a successful crow hunt amongst the flowers in his more feral form. Instead of dawning all his gear and suffering the wet cloth he had instead decided to just not. His warn shorts and belt had already been about him so they were left. Sunflowers in this area stood tall and thick on either side of the trail but he still had his pride. It was unlikely anyone would happen upon him and they probably wouldn't care if they did but just because everyone around here thought funny didn't make it right. Shorts were comfortable anyway.

With a sigh Atlas appreciated the feel of the summer shower against his bare fur and looked again upon the long-desiccated corpse. The skull and bones had almost gone unnoticed half buried as they were. Such a humble seeming resting place for a creature once so intelligent and powerful. If only it could retell what it knew. What he wouldn’t give… the impossibilities and possibilities need someone’s thought so Atlas gave them his for a time.

POST. “Speech”. Thinking. Intensity.

Flames alight the trees
spread to fallen leaves
now they're right upon me

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[300+] //sorry for the late reply!! :-:
Malefica didn't care much about what the ancients had built in their time, as she instead focused her time on studying their mystical ancient traditions. It wasn't the ancients who ruled the world before them, it had always been the Gods and the Spirits, she was more than sure about it. Instead of occupying her time by gazing at their rusted artifacts and crumbling towers, she thought about what their components could bring to her. Crumbling rocks for curses, rusted metals for aiding readings and spirit summoning, rotten wood for warding off unwanted spirits.

This day in particular she had decided to visit Sunflower Sunsets to gather ingredients for some of her spells. She mainly wanted to gather sunflower parts, but she still kept her eyes open for anything else that could catch her attention. Just as she had pulled ou a knife from her basket to start cutting up the flowers, she felt cold drops of rain hit her nose. Malefica didn't like the feel of having her hair wet, but gazing along the field she didn't see any space to take cover. Sighing, she decided to keep walking in search of a place to hide from the incoming rain.

Eventually, she detected the scent of someone else. She stopped dead on her track and looked around her, but didn't seem to find anyone. The witch took another deep breath, but at this point the smell of rain and the feeling of her hair getting soaked was too much of a distraction for trying to track down whoever was in the area as well. She decided to ignore the scent and keep on walking, hoping she would find a place to take cover soon if she just kept her head up and walked forward through the sunflower field.

It was only a matter of time until her nose met the stranger's scent again. Thinking maybe she was being followed, Malefica brandished her knife and emitted a slight growl, turning around and looking for the source of the scent. "Who's out there?".
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