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POSTED: Mon Jun 15, 2020 8:41 pm

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As things become more... stable in New Caledonia, it has become clear that Rhovanion needs an upgrade. While the pasture has some temporary paddocks and lean-tos, we lack a proper barn!

Torabera Tanaka and Kadir Ahearne have formally proposed a stable for our collection of livestock and communal horses -- in order to protect them from the elements and offer them respite when sick or giving birth.

Stables Description
The completed stable will be largely made of timber, with flooring made of mixed clay and other soils to be easy on the horses' legs (with scavenged bedding such as moss and straw). It will consist of ten stalls -- two of which will be slightly larger to allow for mares with foals to rest comfortably. Ample aisle space will allow more animals to be taken into the barn in case of an emergency.

Communal horses that require it (e.g., stallions, sick animals) will have priority on stall space, at least until expansions (such as nearby stable blocks) are made -- as horses should roam and graze most of the time! Proper corrals, improvements to the pre-existing lean-tos, and smaller sheds erected for animals like sheep will ensure that our livestock stay safe and cozy.

How Does This Work?
ICly, the project will run from June 15th through roughly August 15th. Most construction can be OOCly assumed and referenced throughout the duration. Rather than a strict timeline of threads or required sign-ups, we have thread prompts for construction crew hopefuls (and others!) to participate in!

Thanks to Smike and Mads for proposing this project. <3

Threads & Prompts
Thread prompts can be completed multiple times by different members. Completing (i.e., 1000 words) a project-related thread counts as a thread prompt and will net you 10 Honor per thread!

Remember: using or featuring your existing co-ranks can amass you extra honor! Related co-ranks include Woodwright, Ironpaw, Herdsman, Groom, Tinker, Merchant -- and others if you get creative!
  • Assemble a team to cut down trees for lumber. Be careful; a lot can go wrong when felling mighty oaks and pines. Don't forget to yell timber!
  • Clear the land for the structures: remove rocks, clear grass, and make sure there is easy water access.
  • Make or trade for tools and materials like axes, saws, and nails.
  • Forage for moss, grass, and straw to use for bedding -- or move some earth to line the stable floor.
  • In areas where timber was felled, replant some trees to replace what has been lost. We don't want to risk Nanin's ire!
  • Erect fences and build corrals suitable for different species and groups of animals. Make sure they can't escape -- maybe test-drive them?
  • Mishaps happen! Did you hammer your thumb on accident, or get a bad splinter? Did some of the construction collapse on you?
  • All this building is hard work -- so take a breather! If you aren't involved with the project, perhaps bring lunch or a comforting massage to an exhausted builder.
  • Herd animals into the correct paddocks, or bring them into the stables once completed!
  • June 15-30th
    • Caledonians scope out a plot and make a plan for the stable's construction. Woodwrights identify and fell trees.
  • July
    • Construction begins! Members haul lumber to the stable plot and create the framework, work encompasses Caledonians of several skillsets and things quickly begin to take shape.
  • August 15th
    • The stables are completed and not a moment too soon ;)! Caledonians take a well-deserved rest and admire the product of their labors. Members fill the stables with bedding and shepherd livestock into their stalls.
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