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POSTED: Tue Jun 16, 2020 9:38 am

SL June Newspost

➤ Life was beginning over again with the summer

Year III in the rule of Boss Elphaba Revlis; Early Summer in the Thistle Kingdom

Despite an awful disruption to Salsola's peaceful spring earlier last month, the signs of prosperity are easily seen throughout the Kingdom. New life is abundant in all parts of the land, from the stables to the Ruins themselves.

Ever on the lookout for clues to an unsolved murder and two recent mysterious disappearances, the eyes and ears of the of the pack have discovered that strange events continue elsewhere. Reports of dead seals and carcasses of sea animals spread from the south, and dead fish have begun appearing in the rivers.

Salsola, however, is free of its curse. Now is the time to celebrate our own growth and strength.

➤ The Last Supper

Nine years ago, the Thistle Kingdom was established in the late months of spring. A time meant for celebration of their longevity was stopped before it could even begin. In the short span of two weeks, a child was poisoned, a lawman was mysteriously murdered, and an earthquake rumbled and shook the land. A lesser Kingdom might have fallen into disarray, might have feared an uncertain future. Salsola is no such Kingdom though. Familia Fortis Elegit. Preparations for the Last Supper continued, and, on June 30th, Boss Elphaba calls her Kingdom to feast at her table in the Feasting Hall.

With an abundance of food—savory meats (fish, goat, venison, pig, and, oh my! Is that bear?! I've never had that before!), roasted vegetables (potatoes, carrots, turnips, and, yehk, please, don't pass the greens), delicious soups (tomato basil, beefy stock, oh, that hits just the spot!), and simple breads (dip it in soup, or make a vessel for food headed to Get in My Belly Avenue)—and plenty of refreshments (ales, moonshine, wines, or, if you're bland, water), there will not be a Salsolan to go hungry on this night! The event isn't about just stuffing your belly though! Remember to dress your best, as this formal dinner is as much about showing off your rank and status in the Kingdom as it is anything else!

A reminder, attendance is expected; unless a character has a good reason for absence, s/he should attend. Repeated in-attendance for poor reasons or no reason can result in consequences.

» Keep an eye out for a future thread! «

➤ Pack Project: The Notice Board

Have you ever had something you wanted to share with others, but had no way of voicing it? Are you looking for someone talented in sewing to mend a tear in your favorite tunic? Have an overabundance of tools that you want to trade? Were you duped by a trader in Amherst that you want "taken care of," or, want to warn your fellow Salsolans about? Did you see an albino moose that you just have to have as a rug to decorate your living room with?

Emissary Kamari Kaiser and Sanctus Apprentice Morgana Revlis spearhead a new project that Salsolans can place their various wants, offers, warnings, and much more, all of it in a central area. Commission requests and offers, quests and bounties--the variety of messages to be found on this board will be endless...

But it must be built first!

» Click here to learn more about this Pack Project! «

➤ Board Event: An Unusual Bounty

As reports filter in about streams where dead fish rot and stinking smells linger, the Thistle Kingdom begins to suspect that perhaps it wasn't just Salsola affected by unusual events. Seeking answers, scouts are encouraged to glean what they can from the surrounding land.

In a race against the heat and time, gathering from these far-flung places will be difficult -- but for a determined Salsolan, the challenge is worth the reward! Either travel on your own or with a companion to investigate or gather supplies. Just remember to hold your breath, as the shoreline is especially pungent.

» Click here to read about the board-wide event! «

Much love and Happy Posting - Team Salsola

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