deeper constellations into wider outer space

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The water frothed and boiled over, left unattended.

“Ow, stop that—oh,” Leander’s complaint was halted in its tracks as she pulled the offending splinter, longer than her claw, from his paw.

“Don’t be such a baby.” Adina told him, ignoring the glower that came only half-a-second later. “It’s just a splinter.”

He’d come to see her in the early hours of dawn when the eastern sky was just beginning to lighten; having ascertained her habit of waking early to make tea for herself and enjoy a few blissful moments of silence, the surprising admission that he’d been hiding the sliver of firewood from her so as to not bother her had propelled her into action.

Left untreated for days, it had begun to turn red and weep semi-translucent liquid. He’d pulled out most of it, he said, but it had deteriorated. Assuming he’d missed some, a combination of squeezing the outstretched finger and pulling on what she could see had finished what he started.

Throwing the ugly, damp little splinter into the waiting fire, she frowned at him.

“You should have come to me when this happened.” Dabbing a handy, slightly dirty cloth into the bubbling water, she waited until it had cooled slightly to scrub at his finger.

“Maybe, yeah,” He admitted, swiping hair from his forehead. Gesturing around the camp, he added, “you’re just always… doing things.”

Snorting derisively through her nose, Adina couldn’t be sure if it was doubt or a stifled laugh. What she managed do around their meager group home was largely busywork unless she was off looking for herbs to replenish her stock.

Removing the small pot from its fire, she didn’t answer the unasked but obvious question he’d intended with that offhanded comment.

“Have some tea.” She ordered, handing him the mug she’d intended to drink from herself.
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