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Occasionally he would venture from the packlands on business other than trade. It wasn't often, of course, because Khalifa was a businessman, after all, and there was never a moment to waste. Especially when there were still so many preparations to make for the upcoming Supper; while he had secured his tithe when he visited Portland, there was nothing stopping him from retrieving more. The Mafiosi would look up his generosity with favor, surely, and that was what he really needed, more than anything else.

Still, he supposed he afforded himself a day off every now and again. Especially since so many of his days were now spent trying to civilize his servant, poor, daft creature, barely accustomed to their newfound hands. D'Angelo couldn't imagine being a freshly-turned luperci, having to learn everything for the first time. But it was a deal Tetrad was willing to make, and they'd have no choice but to see it through now, predominantly by carrying out Khalifa's chores.

But enough of that. Out here, in the wilderness, he pushed them far out of his mind.

He was on four legs, briskly trotting through the sparse wood. He had no where to go, no pressing matters calling him away. In a way, he was uncomfortable not having a tight schedule to adhere to -- but, then again, once in a while, it was immensely liberating. So long as the structure awaited him when he returned to his Kingdom, anyhow.

Brambles were stuck to his dark pelt, paws sinking into the soft peat. The aftermath of a jog wore on his face, his tongue lolling out from the side of his mouth, a satisfied grin tugging at his lips all the while.

lowkey AW for one! khali's in lupus.

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the post where all indis says is names LOL

The night had brought with it an onslaught of dreams that had left the troubled girl breathless. Waking from the terrors was a slow process, one that saw her curled against her horse in muted horror until reality came back into focus. Billiam blew warm air across her cheeks before rising, the heavy-set horse pulling himself upright to begin his morning graze.

Indis pulled her blanket taught and blinked away the remnants of sleep that fogged her vision. ”Ruckus?” she called, brushing her blonde hair through with her hands, ”Ruckus?” When there was no answer she forced herself up, rolling the blanket in her hands as she began to carefully inspect their camp.

Ruckus had proven to be a fine travelling companion, happy to allow the woman her space. Indis appreciated that he did not ask too many questions of her and in return she did not ask why it was that some days he barely moved from his bed and on others spoke so much she felt that she could barely keep up to his fast-clipped stories.

Chief was there, the ornery horse glaring at her as she picked her way towards the trees.

She was careful never to stray too close, for the old horse had a mean streak and only seemed to appreciate the company of his rider.

Indis ran her fingers along the messy plait of her hair and found herself wishing that she’d brought her weapons with her. There was a haphazard path cut through the trees, and Indis chose to follow it, her wolfish ears pricked for any sign of the thin dog.

Instead, she ended up finding-

She made a soft sound, pressing hair from her eyes. ”Khalifa?”
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