[m] These blood-stained hands tied the noose


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There's blood here in the water as I'm slowly losing grip

Spartacus had been on hunting duty for the house, and they had settled on trying to find a source of fish that was not tainted by the strange mass death of fish that seemed to be happening at some of the shores. It was strange, and while Sparta and his collective did not often partake in consuming marine life, they had been hunting seal this past season in order to be stocked with blubber and oil for the Winter to come. He easily took his own feline for companionship as he took himself and Jun out towards the shore that his father had told him about. He had also told him to be on the lookout for a woman there too, her pelt was dark as night but her eyes were like the moon, he was told. He had also been told her name was Woodsmoke, and she was an ally, for she had been affiliated with New Caledonia. This was good news to him, and he had kept this in the back of his mind as he rode along, the warhorse's quick gait having him bouncing along on the saddle as they moved along.

He was armed with a spear, for he had been told that he would have to make a clean kill with something besides his arrows. His father had told him that archery could work, but it was very hard to know how to shoot and where to shoot to make sure the arrow would be able to pierce through the fat. He decided to borrow a spear from his elder brother, who seemed more than happy to let him borrow such an object, and by that Spartacus truly meant that he took the spear without permission and left his brother a note saying he would be "sure to bring it back".

One day, there would be a consequence for his arrogance.

He rode along with such ease that when he arrived at the North Shore, he thought that he had gotten there much too quickly. He looked around and saw some beached seal off in the distance on the beach, so he knew he had to be at some sort of inlet. Spartacus tried to look for a landmark his father had told him about but found that he might be too far down the shore to see it yet, so he rode along the lapping water, where Jun's hooves would be engulfed in water as she trotted along the beach, looking for verification that he was, indeed, in the right place and if this was the right group of seal his father told him to hunt from.

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