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aw, non-mandatory: meet Inferni's babies

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347 Dated ~25 Mar. Raze gets to post first; totally non-mandatory thread. Willam ought to be showing up to show off her babies, as well? No post order -- post when you can.

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Some other time, Myrika might have been devastated -- it wasn't every day one discovered such information. In her current state, though, the tawny-hued Aquila had brushed past such information. It hardly mattered: her mother was dead, or at least disappeared so long it hardly mattered, and her father was two years gone himself. What did any of that matter, especially in the face of her children? She'd surpassed more obstacles than she'd known in bringing them into the world in good health. They were, indeed, in good health: their rapid developments were bringing them further and further away from the helpless balls of fuzz they'd been upon entering the world.

Myrika's two-legged form was perhaps less comfortable for wrangling puppies, but it had the advantage of height and vantage: she could stand amongst the children and have a good idea of where each was. They clumped together, grouping up tight at first -- shoulders and sides rubbing, none ventured more than a few inches from his or her siblings. The darkest was the first to split from the group and begin investigating on her own -- Myrika watched her with a hawk's eye, ready to swoop in and separate the still-tiny puppy from the horse corral. They could easily slip beneath the gate, and no matter how docile Eira and Cahal were, a heavy hoof carelessly placed might kill them.

In the end, though, the children were less interested in the outside world than they were with rushing at one another, tackling and wrestling. They played fiercely for ten or twenty minutes, and -- one by one -- dropped into an exhausted sleep. Their energy was hardly boundless -- on the contrary, their play was so vigorous, they were rarely able to keep at it for more than ten minutes at a time. As they grew, their play would become less taxing on their energy, and they'd become more difficult to deal with -- for now, though, the sleeping lump of puppies on the cool, slightly damp ground was easy enough to watch.

Myrika Tears

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-- This post sucksssss. ;__; EVERYONE COME MEET THE FUZZBALLS!

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Their children had grown from wriggling, whimpering things to slightly more mobile ones -- almost recognizable as stubby-legged coyotes, with small ears and bleary baby's blue eyes. They were beyond clumsy, knocking into each other and failing in their attempts to escape the box, but the time had come for them to leave their den for a short time, now that they could stand and walk.

Although Vesper was ecstatic at their progress, she was glad for the fact that they weren't nimble little month-olds quite yet; she didn't want to chase them around. While Myrika remained tall on two legs, the scarred coywolf remained on four -- the easier to run one way or the other to nudge them back into their little group, though they weren't much trouble. They were more excited to play amongst themselves, delighting in the knowledge that they could shove each other. Ves was amused to note that the light silver daughter was just as content with flattening the grass with a paw and dive-bombing it as she was tackling her siblings.

I thought I couldn't wait for them to open their eyes and start running around, Vesper murmured, leaning into her mate's leg and watching the tiny coyotes sleep. I still am -- but I'm also grateful they can't yet. She smiled, weary.

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Table © Raze :: Reusing this since I had boo-booed before, hope that is okay.

Word Count → 541

While Willam had never been overly optimistic she also had never been as down and out as she was now. Of course the only one that she could blame for her predicament was herself. She had asked for this. She had done this to herself. And now, well now she wasn't exactly certain how she felt. There was a small amount of regret in her overwhelming feelings. It wasn't unusual for her to demean herself and her worth. But perhaps this time it was worse than any other time before. She also wasn't above self harm but not to the degree that she had done this time. Her thighs were torn up by the cilice, dried streams of blood still clinging to the fur. She had also mauled her face and head, leaving behind gouges by her claws with patches of fur missing in places from where she had torn it out. But even now she still felt that she hadn't done enough damage for her incompetence.

Still it was nearing the two month mark, her self imposed time of isolation nearing an end. When she had asked for this she had really thought that she could do this but now that seemed like such a silly notion. But there was a promise that she had to keep, though now she was doing it a bit earlier than she had imagined that she would be. But wasn't it better for the pups that she was admitting earlier that she really wasn't fit to do this?

The large woman picked up the girl and the boy that she had birthed, taking them on their first outing outside of her den. Even though she felt to be an unfit mother she still clung tightly to the pups and held them close to her chest. Without really paying attention to where she was going she made the trip from the caverns to the schoolhouse, just following the path that she had taken times before without seeing what was around her, not even giving mind to the horse that constantly followed her around.

When she finally got outside of the residence of the leaders she seemed to finally come to and wake up to the world around her. She looked down at the two squirming individuals in her arms, seeming not to realize how they had gotten there at first. For a long moment she just stared at the whinging and squirming bundles in her arms. There was the thought to just drop them off and leave them but she couldn't do that since she had promised to care for them.

”Myrika? Vesper?” She finally called out to the leadership to alert them of her presence, though Versace and Cartier may had already done that with their whining and crying. Willam just sounded, and looked, exhausted, both physically and mentally. The time that she spent alone from the birth of the pups up to this point just felt to have been so much longer than it was. She felt to have completely disconnected with the entirety of Inferni. She hadn't been working as she normally would have been but she was too tired to worry if she was about to be kicked out or not.

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+3 every puppy

Though he was a medic first and foremost, Enkiel was not well-versed with the how-to’s of parenting. He had learned most of what he knew from others, and improvised the rest. It had meant his own body had suffered immensely in order to keep his son alive, and while he had done so, it was not without cost. Time had helped with this though. Two weeks of Inferni’s easy to come by food had meant Enkiel had done little more than rest as opposed to make himself useful, though part of that was his downright aggravation with Harosheth. Enkiel had not gone to the mansion since then and instead spent his time around the schoolhouse and village, setting up his room and making meticulous lists of what he would need to accomplish when the weather turned.

One thing he could not keep a list for, unfortunately, was his son. Pazuzu was growing remarkably fast now that their travel had stopped. Enkiel’s earlier fears of him remaining scrawny had evaporated quickly. Though only two months, the boy was beyond thrilled that his world had grown so exponentially—from what had been a two-man universe to a whole pack of family. He was still learning his place amongst them; such as why he had to behave around the adults or that the younger puppies could not be played with unless their mothers allowed it.

So when Pazuzu realized, much later than he might have if his nose and ears worked better, that the other children were outside he all but staged a full on rebellion. Enkiel heard the end of it from within the kitchen, where he was crumbling dried herbs into steaming water. It was a high ki-yi of a puppy injured, but when the medic threw the door open Pazuzu bolted between his legs and right towards the door.

Enkiel made a grab for him, missed, and hurried after. He was too late—the boy all but barreled headlong out of the door and outside. He balked, however, at the sight of so many strangers. Wide-eyed (and his eyes were changing already, bleeding pale yellow into deep blue) Pazuzu hesitated just long enough for his father to snatch him up and hoist him into the crook of one arm. Sharp and lowly, Enkiel scolded him in Arabic and then, composing himself, acknowledged the three women with a slight dip of his narrow muzzle.

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Word Count:: 495 OOC:: Some of what i say in this post refers to a thread im still typing up. Will have it up soon to clarify some of what im talking about. Sorry for any confusion. BTW: PUPPIIIEEEEESS! :D

Leon Bloodmane

Even though what the Hybrid was doing was awkward at first, he still felt the need to stick close to leadership after what happened only a few days ago. His mother wasnt the one to waste her time with targeting canines such as Myrika or Vesper, or even their pups. But how she said it, how that small conversation they had held dark meaning which even he knew was trouble waiting to bubble to the surface. Maybe... maybe he was overreacting a bit. His mother never was one to kill for no reason, but even so, he kept his eyes on the tree line that surrounded him, his crouched position still a bit awkward ontop of the v shaped roof that his clan called the great village school house. Its only been about a day, and the need to tell the residence below how he kinda moved up ontop hasnt occured to him. To the best of his knowledge he wasnt bothering anyone, and wasnt going to mention anything to Myrika since she had her own problems to tend to. His paranoia would eventually pass, and so two would his need to sleep ontop of this horribly shingled roof.

The alarming commotion of what sounded below ultimately caught the Hybrid's attention, and he feared the worst. As he quickly snuck over the the edge of the roof, being careful not to slip on any of the loose and splintering shingles. Tomahawk in hand, Leon readied himself to tackle and defend whoever might be... the Hybrid hesitated as he not only saw the leadership and their brood, but Willam who carried two fidgety pups in her arms. Leon took a quick glance in each direction, trying to make sense of what was happening, but all seemed normal, besides the clump of fur on the ground where tiny fuz balls seemed to tackle eachother playfully. He let the air he was holding in flow out of him as he sighed in relief, all the while placing his weapon back in its holster. He was definantly on edge, but the awkward sound of pups at play put a smile on his face as he worked his way up the the pinnacle of the v shaped roof above the door. Though he was crouched, he knew he was quite visable to whoever seemed to take interest in canines that were climbing ontop of buildings. Energetic little things, aren't they? He called down, seeing how the pups energy quickly faded as they fell asleep. I believe they'll make fine warrior's some day, like their parents im sure

The Hybrids warming smile quickly seemed to be sucked away as more commotion erupted from the door below. Another pup popped out, and so did another Infernian as he scooped up the fur ball from it's slight hesitation. Leon watched with a raised brow as all that was on his mind was "Damn, pups are just popping out of the woodworks aren't they".

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WC :: +000
OOC :: Poopies! :3

Ever since his meeting with Vesper on the finer points of parenting, he had left his best friend and her mate be for the duration of the pregnancy. However, he made sure to keep his ear to the wood work and keep tabs on Myrika as much as he could. They day of birth had come and gone and he had just bided his time until it was good enough to visit. Now it seemed, was the time.

When he arrived at the Village, there was already a small group gathered; words traveled quickly it seems, but it made the mature male that much happier for Vesper and Myrika. As he came up to the group, he looked up and gave Leon a friendly salute and gave Willam a sweet smile and went to coo at the pups in her arms, one of which was his own. To Enkiel, Helotes just gave a nod; he had yet to meet with the Jackal since his unusual and sudden return; he had to make some time to do that.

Peering over the heads of those gathered, he caught sight of Vesper, Myrika, and the babes. A grin came to his face and his eyes softened; three sweet pups crawled about, one golden and two dark. Helotes was somewhat taken aback at how much one of them looked like him, but it seemed that similar appearances was a growing trend amongst those in his family; most likely all the inbreeding he mused to himself.

Helotes made to catch Vesper’s eye and gave her a wink and a thumbs up; he was proud of her, and she looked happy, so did Myrika; it seemed everything turned out alright in the end.

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table © Alaine
ooc: Sepirah had come to bring her puppies to the party || wc: 360

Sepirah had returned to her home, but this time she was not alone. She had returned with the pups that she had given birth to at the castle with her brother. It was nice to be back in the pack, but also not so much. She actually did miss being around her brother. He was kind to her, and was sure that he would want to be around his pups too. He had agreed that Inferni was a safer place for them, but she was going to have to be careful if she wanted to find some way to get the pups to spend time with their father. Maybe it would be better to find some place near the borders.

The princess had adjusted some of the things in her room. She laid out some furs on the floor so that it was easier for her to lay with the pups and provide them with more warmth than her fur alone could provide. She couldn’t tend to a fire like her brother could back at the castle. For one his walls were made of stone and would not catch fire if he left it going. There was no way she would create such a risk for her other pack members. The pups didn’t seem to complain at night, so her furs were enough.

This day was not as cold as it had been during the winter. Guess it was coming to an end. Spring would soon be here and her little ones would be able to play around in the grass. It would also be nice to not have to deal with the cold from the snow. Her lupus paws carried her around the pack lands. She had taken the pups with her to show them around their new home. A smile came to her face as she looked ahead and noticed that there were members of the pack gathering around. She looked to the pups with her golden orbs, ”Come my little prince and princesses. You can all meet your new playmates.” She began to pad over towards the others, making sure that the pups were still following her.

Sepirah Lykoi
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590 raze pp the puppies is ok ok? ok 83 sry for long post btw. ._. first para can probably be skipped.

See galleries for credit.

Spring was close, but not quite upon them yet. Nonetheless, it was a warm day. The skies were cloud-clear and unthreatening. Myrika felt confident she could allow her children to roam a bit in the middle of Inferni's own territory. She was content to watch them and little else. Sleeping or awake, they were more interesting than the horses moving in the corral, the murmur of Vesper's voice at her side, and even the eventual arrival of various members of the clan. Politeness drew her gaze away from the puppies and toward her mate; Myrika smiled, nodding. Walk, run, shift. Kaena says it's gone and done in the blink of an eye, Myrika said, laughing. She could not fathom these tiny creatures as adolescents, teenagers, adults.

Her muzzle lifted to the breeze, drawing in the scent of Willam and her pair. Though both puppies looked hale, Willam herself appeared worn thin and almost haggard. There was no bright glow about her; on the contrary, she looked plainly exhausted. Myrika felt none of that; she had a boundless supply of energy, even with the reduced sleep. Hi Willam, the tawny woman said, her tail giving a few quick wags of greeting. Come and join us, the tawny woman invited, remembering the other canine's propensity for strange social rules. Without an invitation, she might keep her distance indefinitely.

There was a noise from within the village that sent one of Myrika's ears flicking back, her head following a second thereafter. Pazuzu came charging from the inside of the schoolhouse, though he stopped short. The boy was followed shortly thereafter by his sharp-featured, stern-eyed father. Myri returned his greeting in the same format and bared her teeth in a grin at the puppy's antics. Her gaze was jerked suddenly upward, however, as a voice called from the strangest of places -- the roof of the schoolhouse. Myrika's teal eyes blinked her astonishment, though her grin did not fade. Leon, she said, warmly. I thought there was a raccoon on the roof. The hybrid gave a giggle and an awkward shake of her head, the awkwardness due to its still-craned position.

Helotes arrived next, though like the rooftop Leon, he did not bring offspring with him. His children, at least those in Inferni, were older, though Kára not by much. Still, the disparity in age with puppies was much greater than that of adults, and Myri was glad Pazuzu, as the oldest, was well in hand. Myrika gave him a faintly grateful smile in greeting. Hi Helotes, she called, almost sing-song. Sepirah drew nearer, and this presence gave Myrika apprehension. It was not for any characteristic of the jackal, nor her children -- but their last interaction. Knowing what she knew now, it seemed patently absurd she'd said anything of Sepirah's inclinations. The tawny hybrid almost stood and greeted her with special care, but thought perhaps the dark-hued woman might not appreciate such gestures. Instead, the Aquila settled on a smile, broad and welcoming.

Her children were stirring from their bundle, drawn by the noise and crowd. None had ventured away from their tight cluster, however. All of their ears were folded, wide eyes looking around to the gathering of utter strangers with clear confusion and fear. Myri had to dig her claws into the earth to keep from going to them; Kaena had already chastised -- and gone so far as to swat at -- Myrika for coddling them too much.

Myrika Tears

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OOC :: Throwing Loki in here c: Loki is in Lupus form

Something was going on up in the Great Village; something important judging by the multitude of mingling scent paths leading up there that Loki had come across while out prowling the territory. Loki hated the Great Village –which was eternally creepy and haunted to him whatever Myrika said- but he was also aware that Myrika had given birth up there recently and it didn’t really feel right to let his fear of the place stay him away. Some gently mocking from Shae – who was perched lazily on his shoulder while he moved about- helped the matter and Loki was soon heading up to the village.

With Vesper’s help he was slowly getting used to walking on his managed foot and after a few rough starts he managed a reasonably fast trot up towards the village, though running was far beyond him and he did slip several times to the point that by the time he reached the village, Shae had taken flight and was circling not far above out of annoyance at the constant jolts. There were many members of the pack gathered around outside the structures and the mood seemed happy, calming the fears Loki had that something bad was going on. Some of the assembled coyote Loki knew and some he didn’t and Loki yipped out a quick greeting to those he did as he approached. ”Hello Ves, Myrika, Helotes.”

Ordinarily Loki might have made some effort to acquaint himself with the coyote that he didn’t know here but his attention was quickly stolen by the puppies. Loki didn’t tend to be very talkative in his Lupus form and he asked permission to approach more through his body language and the sidelong glance he cast at the two leaders. Loki approached as close as he dared/was allowed and lowered himself down somewhat closer to the ground than he had intended when his malformed paw slipped. Trying to recover his balance and hide the accident Loki stuck his nose out, sniffing curiously at the small bundles of fur.

Word Count ::339

Loki walks. Loki thinks. "Loki speaks."
table by ann

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Table © Raze :: Out of Character text

Word Count → 884

Willam felt just the way she appeared. Motherhood hadn't been an easy transition for her. She didn't have those natural instincts to know what every single cry meant and just how to quiet them. She had thought she could manage alone and found herself unprepared. Still she had made a promise to care for them herself and so she was stuck and felt unable to ask for help because of the promise that she had made. Of course when she had made the promise she had thought this was going to be an easy task.

Willam moved closer when she was beckoned to do so. ”I've brought Versace and Cartier Inferni for your inspection.” She wanted to make certain that the pups were okay and that she hadn't seriously put them in jeopardy because of her inexperience. Because she had been so focused on her task it took her a long moment to realize the leaders were watching over their own trio. ”Oh...” She bowed her head and clutched her own two pups closer to her chest to make sure she didn't drop them. ”If this is a bad time then I can come back later.”

No sooner than she had spoke it seemed that others showed up. There was a male with a child of his own that she had never seen before. Now she really wondered if she should just turn away. After all she wasn't presentable since the deep wounds that she had inflicted upon herself had still yet to heal. Her thighs had been ravaged by the metals device that she always wore around her leg and the back of head and sides of er face still had gouges from her claws in them. Even so she didn't want to seem impolite and dipped her head in greeting to the male and his child. ”Hello, I am Willam la Chemin and this is Versace and Cartier Inferni” The words were spoken quietly, her manners not allowing her to retreat without a greeting or introduction.

The voice from above had her glancing up and recognizing a male that she had shared a meal with. The meeting had been an awkward one but that didn't make it exactly bad. She hadn't known that he was part of Inferni. He was the only member, outside of the leadership and those involved, to have known of her pregnancy. She hadn’t told him but he seemed to have known one way or another. ”Hello again Leon.” her voice remained quiet as she seemed ill at ease with how this impromptu visit had grown far beyond the size that she had imagined it would be.

The next face to show up, however, was one that comforted her some. While she considered the leadership friends she didn't feel as if she could actually get close to them because of their rank and position. She only felt closer to this male because she had a friendship with Helotes before he had risen higher. Willam visibly relaxed and no longer felt quite so out of place as Helotes came to stand next to her. She looked up at him and returned his smile before, without really considering its implications, she sought to lay her head against his arm. She didn't usually participate in such displays and generally kept her distance and made certain to respect another's personal space. Still she was completely drained and the friendly face had done her in. She needed the comfort and assurance that she hadn't screwed everything up. The pups were held out for Helotes to view them better, or even take them if he wished. She hadn't let anyone else but herself touch them so it really was a big deal that she was willing to let Helotes hold them. It showed how much she trusted and cared for the other, and well the girl did belong to him though Willam didn't know it for certain. The names were given in soft tones, introducing Helotes to the pups.

After Helotes another female with her own pups had shown up. Willam had no idea that there were so many of the younger generation within Inferni. After her came yet someone else she didn't know. ”Hello Sepirah.” She spoke to the woman that she had met when Willam was still new to Inferni. She hadn't seen the woman for awhile but then again Willam hadn't seen anyone for awhile. To the unknown male that had showed up his own greeting and introduction were given.

With the more members that showed up the more she felt that she should just leave. The unease had returned and had Willam shifting her weight from one side to the other, taking a step backwards to distance herself from he gathering. She bowed her head and stared at the ground, closing her eyes against the overwhelming emotions that had never particularly bothered her before her pregnancy. She had been level headed before while now she felt that she was about to break down at a moment's notice. That went against some sort of unspoken promise and the yearning to punish herself for being near to breaking it had her moving a hand up towards her head so that she could open up the healing wounds there.

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