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The morning in Vinatta had been hectic, the two women had gathered up everything Emma owned and them some and had set out in glowing sky of dawn. The trip had taken some hours, and they arrived with the rays of the sun warming their backs. Spring was on it’s way, and she could smell it in the fragrant air and hear it with the birds songs erupting from the treetops. All in all, it was going to be a great day. Alessandra guided Valhalla up to the borders of fire and brimstone, gazing with eerie interest at the wolf skulls that hung on stakes and tree branches - mostly wolf. Emma slid off the large horses back and gave him a friendly pat on the rump, and he craned his muscular neck to look at her with soft brown eyes. Alessandra was very quiet as she gazed out on the borders and did not say anything as Emma began to unload her packs.

Finally all of her stuff was either on the ground or on her shoulders, and she beamed sunnily up at her inky-hued sister. “ You could come you know. You’re more coyote then me.. They would like you. “ She promised, knowing how much her sister had changed since leaving Salsola. Grief however, had changed her as well. The skeleton-esque woman was very quiet, often brooding and playing with her bear claw necklace ( now with teeth and extra claws added ). Less snapped out of her daze and looked down with cold blue eyes on her younger, more sunny sister before letting her gaze soften. “ It’s okay my little bird, it’s your turn to fly. I will be alright, and will come visit if my duties should allow and your leaders like relatives. “ She said in a strange tone, and Emma could tell she was forcing the joy into her voice.

“ Okay. “ The sun kissed girl replied, tail wagging softly as she leaned up and kissed Less on the cheek. Alessandra smiled and turned, waving as she led Valhalla away. They walked for a few moments before she spurred the horse into a trot, and then into a gallop - her long white hair trailing behind her like a cloud of smoke. Emma kept waving until her sister had faded into the trees of Sticks and Stones, and then she turned back to the borders. Just then her two lynx cats appeared out of the tall grasses and sat beside her expectantly. Pointing her tapered maw to the sky, she let a sing-song howl float from her throat, more wolf then coyote. Her time in Vinatta around mostly wolves had rubbed off on her, but she was ever so excited to see who would greet her at the borders.

There she stood, tail wagging happily as she waited to be answered.
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Helotes had slept in that morning, after he and Timori having stayed up late the night before drinking; he more so than Timori. He had found himself doing this more and more lately, and the whiskey that Willam had supplied him was slowly dwindling away. With his children now basically grown and living their own lives, and Timori so focused and helping restore the mansion and other parts of Inferni, Helotes found himself becoming exceedingly lonely. Not even the company of his horses helped to soothe this ache, or the near constant requests from other members for training. While his life was full in every other aspect, it was in a deep understanding relationship with one other that he was so desperately lacking

After he had shaken off some of the hang over, Helotes decided to busy himself for the day, as he normally did. Today he would scout, something that was not required of him as a Primi Bellum but a chore he enjoyed. It also gave him more reason to train Potra (and himself) with the saddle, which she so far had accepted without much fuss, much to his surprise. Without so much as a whinny in protest did she accept the saddle on her back today and Helotes mounted and they were off towards the borders. They skirted the western borders heading northward until a howl rang out across the valley.

The sound was familiar to Helotes, but he could not quite place it, and so pushed Potra into a gallop to reach the stranger before another scout it. It was not long before a figure appeared in the distance, her hair shining like the sun in the brightness of the day. Helotes felt recognition seize hold of his heart as he neared; it was Emmanuelle! He had heard tell that her sister had come to the borders not long ago and spoken to Vesper, but he did not hold much faith in that the golden haired maiden would return. But there she was, beautiful and radiant as ever, standing patiently with her two now full grown lynx cats beside her. Potra whinnied shrilly as they neared, upset at the presence of the two felines, but Helotes gave her a sharp nudge with his heel to shut her up before launching himself from her backside and enveloping Emma in a bear hug, Emma! He was not sure why he seemed so excited to see her.

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Emma’s long ears twitched, hearing hoofbeats approaching. Eagerly she stood on her toes and looked around, mis-matched eyes seeking the rider, and she was looking in the opposite direction when he finally came into view. Sharply her head snapped in the direction of the rider, and a big toothy grin enveloped her face. While her and Helotes hadn’t been particularly close, she had spent some time with the umber-hued male and was especially glad he was here to greet her, though she wasn’t completely sure why. Her heart did a little leap of excitement as he dismounted rather quickly and she laughed in a gay manner as he swept her up in a bear hug, returning the gesture with a tight squeeze of her own. She was shorter then him by around half a foot, but wasn’t particularly dwarfed.

She held the hug a few more seconds that what it would be usually, but when they seperated she had an enormous smile enveloping her pale features. “ It’s so good to see you! “ She proclaimed in a sing-song voice, her tail wagging behind her happily. “ I’m glad someone here is happy to see me. “ The blonde woman teased, finding this meeting going well already. Emmanuelle couldn’t stop smiling at the handsome features of the older male, so shyly she looked around her at her few bags and adjusted the bow strapped on her back with the quiver of arrows. “ If you couldn’t tell, I’ve come to be home again. I came a month or two ago and spoke to Vesper about re-joining. “ She said a little more seriously, wondering if perhaps the mottled female had mentioned her somewhere in conversation with Helotes.

She found herself hoping Ves had, but thought herself foolish and put a stop to that train of thought before it continued further. The blonde woman was just glad she was at the borders with a friend, and she was excited at the prospect of meeting all the new members - she could smell the many new and different scents. “ How are your children? “ She asked sweetly, thinking of the small pups that her and Helotes had watched scamper about in the field all those months ago. The hybrid wondered if Zana had returned to claim them, but she couldn’t smell that particular scent on the mans pelt.

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The longer than usual hug did not go unnoticed by Helotes, and it pushed his mind directly into the gutter, as was usual for him. He could feel Emma’s curves pressed against the firmness of his stomach; her small waist and breasts, fertile hips. But his mind was immediately snapped away from these thoughts as she pulled away to give him a smile and share in his sentiment; she was glad to see him.

She was quick to make her intentions to rejoin clear, as he had expected based on what little he knew of the conversation between she and Vesper. He had only heard of Alessandra’s visit though, he had not known that Emma had been present as well. But Vesper had made no mention to him that she should not be re-accepted, so Helotes was going to do no such thing.

His smile renewed, he grabbed one of Emma hands and kissed it debonairly, and gave her sly grin, Well than m’lady, welcome back to Inferni. Shall I give you a ride on my steed? He was playfully joking with her, and it felt good. He had always found Emma attractive, even when he was still with Zana. But now there were no restrictions on who he could and should spend his time with; Emma would surely be getting more of his attention.

Emma asked about his children and Helotes could not help but wag his tail, Ah, Azucena and Basilio are basically grown now, and being part of the clan. My children in Anathema… well, I do not know much of how they are doing but I’m sure their mothers are caring for them well. He made no mention of Versace; he believed Willam would rather not many people know of who the child’s real father was.

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Her mis-matched eyes watched him subtly, noting the muscles that rippled under his shiny pelt in the sun. He was a good looking male, strong and capable - that much was clear with how he reared his children on his own and without help from a mate. Her thoughts turned dark for a moment, though she did not betray that emotion on her face. Part of her tried to forget that she too had children once, and she let them die. Surely not all pups lived, and hers were no different. She had let them die though, alone and neglected. Whatever watched over them all would surely punish her some day, but everything was wonderful at the moment and she wished fervently that the maker would keep his will to himself for just a little longer.

At his joking manner and hand kises she laughed and smiled some more, and wondered if her face was going to fall off with all this good feeling. “ I would love too - why I feel just like a princess! “ She replied, taking genuine joy in his presence and the easy way they spoke to one another. The pale-coated woman wondered what it would be like to be in Inferni once more, and found herself hoping that Helotes and her would be spending time together. An easy way to set that up was training and sparring, and slowly she entertained the thought of having the fighting getting just a little too physical, but shook her head to shake away the thoughts. It had been some time since she had been around a male alone - she had always been with her sister.

A pang of regret went through her and her smile faltered just a little, she would miss her sister dearly and hoped she stayed true to her promise of coming to visit when she had time. The thought of her sister staying all alone in her home after the death of her mate worried her, but the worry melted away as she re-focused on Helotes. He spoke about his children and she beamed, genuinely happy at how things were working out for him. The last time she had seen him however, he had only two babies - now he had more? Silently, she considered this and allowed her eyes to roam over him again. He was a strong male, no doubt he was sought after and she let the tiny bit of jealousy that had sprung up fade away.

“ I am very glad to hear that, I should like to meet Azucena and Basilio now that they are grown. Has Myrika given birth yet? “ She asked, eyes twinkling now. Vesper had told her that Myrika was pregnant and she hoped the birth had gone smoothly and the two females were happy.

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Helotes was quick to help Emmanuelle atop Potra and began to lead them towards the mansion, just as Emma mentioned how it made her feel like a princess. Helotes could not help to smile all the more; he forgot how lovely it was to make a woman smile and laugh in such a way; he suddenly became very aware that he had not been doing much romancing as of late.

The golden haired gal made mention of wanting to meet his children and he nodded, You’ll be surprised how much they’ve grown; both Azucena and Basilio have made me so proud. He smiled softly to himself, his chest growing warm with emotion, before turning to look up at Emma, And you? How were you fairing in Vinátta? How is your sister? He was making small talk now, trying to get a feel of what she’d been up to in the time she’d been gone from Inferni. Either way, he was glad to have her back, Oh! he said suddenly, realizing she had asked him a question, Yes, Myrika gave birth to three healthy pups. Her and Vesper sure have their hands full with them. He said with a chuckle.

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