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Beds were rarely large enough for the King and the small rooms in the basement did not aid his massive body in it’s rest, but as his soft brown mate slipped past the door and into his view he could feel his body begin to relax. Her frame looked even tinier as she took her place beside the giant warrior. A soft smile spread across his muzzle at her touch and he did not hesitate to wrap a strong hand around her’s, bringing it closer to his torso affectionately. Her soft voice drew him in, his golden eyes looking into her sea foam green’s with as much calm as he could gather. With so many around and so much to take care of the chances were slim that the new couple would have much time alone, let alone a peaceful moment.

Her hand tightened as she spoke of news and his brow frowned with concern and curiosity, but nothing she could do could prepare him for the quiet mumble. Instantly his hand relaxed from its grip on his mate and his Jaw slacked briefly before turning upwards in a wide grin. In a swift movement he rose to his feet and pulled Alyssum up from the bed in a hug. “That’s great Aly!” He exclaimed before releasing her slightly and allowing her to breath once more.

It felt so strange to the Sun King, who now looked from his mate’s belly to her face excitedly. They had only been a mated pair for a very short amount of time and Fenris knows they hadn’t been particularly safe since, with the male’s urges driving him crazy since the afternoon of their mateship. “Pups…” he spoke softly with a grin. He had already been blessed to raise two litters in Crimson Dreams and now he had two little ones running around the Artisan pack…but to have pups of his own within Casa, within the pack he had created, was a dream come true. Suddenly he remembered the current circumstances and his brows frowned once more, “Have you been eating enough? You can have my portion for the day.” He could easily go a day or two without meat if it meant his offspring would be better fed.

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As she sat close to the man, she felt could not help but feel a moment of comfort as she looked up into his eyes, and somehow knew that he would not find what she would have to say displeasing. They had wanted this; maybe not this way, with threats from the hurricane looming above the courthouse and their heads, but never the less, they had them, the tiny ones now growing within her, and not even a storm could change that.

As the words slipped out without a beat missing, she felt her hand being smoothly released and the man's face fall into utter surprise. This did not raise any fear in her though, for she had expected it, and she waited with bated breath what he would actually say. Rather than words his motions spoke for him, and the woman was easily swept into a big hug, which she responded with clinging around his back, her heart racing with a momentary happiness at his eager acceptance, and kept a giddy laugh from escaping her from the relief that overwhelmed her. "I-I'm glad," was all she could make out as she was let go, though she kept close to him.

The word that seemed so magical and special danced from his mouth, and could not help but for her mind to wonder about them. Maybe they would all be little boys, all with dark coats and yellow eyes. But how many? Two, maybe three? Would they look like anything like her, perhaps? So many unanswered questions came and went, and was easily lost with numbers and looks, personalities and futures. But, the king's voice reached her again, and pulled her out of thoughts.

"Yeah, of course I have been gettin' enough..." Just as much as everyone else, she supposed. Though she could not speak for the few days before, where she did cut back to hand out more. "You got to eat, too, though," she added sternly, "I can't have you not eatin', you need your strength to help the pack."

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