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POSTED: Wed Apr 03, 2013 3:17 am

Ostara Spring Festival
Date: March 31st, 2013.
Setting: Vinátta Pack Lands, Jordheim Village
Time: All afternoon
OOC Info: This thread is mandatory for all characters, you have to post at least once or your character risks demotion. If your character has an IC reason not to attend, PM the VN account to let us know. There is no posting order; you may reply as often as you'd like. Closing date will be April 30th. Currently exempt: Bran Stormbringer, Cody Rhiannon

IC Info: This event takes place over an afternoon, so you do not have to specify your character's arrival or departure. Your character is free to wander around Jordheim at their own pace, and if they would rather mingle and not participate in any events, that is fine. But! Each of the following pNPC prompts is worth 5 bonus game points, so it is recommended that you check them out! You can only complete one prompt per post, but you're free to post as many times as you like. :) Pack NPCs can be controlled by anyone, so don't be afraid to involve them! Your character can offer to help out, as well as simply taking part.

  • Storytelling with Miskunn! The Godja is willing to tell stories about springtime and specifically, the Pagan tale of Ostara and Lepus. She will pass out carved wooden eggs, and instruct her listeners to paint their hopes and dreams onto the egg before symbolically burying them. Young and old are encouraged to walk with her and enjoy the culture of this celebration!

  • Hunt for eggs with Axle! The Vald cleverly hid painted bird eggs all around Jordheim, and is offering prizes to those who bring them back to him. Axle will offer hints to those who ask him, and his prizes are rabbit-related items scavenged from the city of Amherst, such as books and plastic toys, as well as rabbit furs. The activity was intended for puppies, but some of the eggs are in very hard to reach areas, so they might need an adult's assistance!

  • Plant seeds with Grit! Colibri, the pack Gardener, gave Grit some packets of herb and flower seeds from last year and instructed him to pass them out today. But Grit doesn't know anything about gardening, so can someone help him plant them? Ostara celebrates fertility and the beginning of a new life and planting seeds is the perfect way to do that!

  • Petting zoo with Joondalup! Joon has set up an area with three newborn lambs for anyone to pet and play gently with. He is giving away balls of yarn to crafters and cat owners. He has also harnessed Aniki the donkey to a cart, and will give any interested packmates a scenic ride through Jordheim to watch the spring flowers bloom!

  • Lamb Tail Stew with Jindabyne! A peaceful area is set up with benches and tables for those who wish to take a break and partake in a hot meal. The newborn lambs just had their tails docked, but they will not go to waste. Jin cooked up a big pot of lamb tails, rabbit meat, wine, and some fresh spring veggies, plus some sheep cheese to sprinkle on top, so grab a bowl and enjoy!

Colibri Haki

Spring felt like something that needed to be celebrated. For Colibri, the snow melting and the warm sunlight returning was such a relief. Winter was as cold and harsh as ever, and she sequestered herself indoors as much as she could. She had already mulched the gardens in autumn to protect them from frost, and collected all the seeds to dry and save for the growing season, so there was little more for a gardener to do but wait it out. Now the cold had not completely retreated, but spring was in the air, and it put the Sannindi in a rare good mood. There was so much to be done! Last week she and Saul began work on the communal herb garden, and she was pleased with the progress so far. There was time to set aside to enjoy the peaceful festival taking place in their Jordheim village. It was all new to her, as it probably was to Saul and Lilin as well; this was something Miskunn put together, and they would all thank her for it later. Some of their members surely needed the boost of morale; they had lost several packmates recently.

The Godja had spoken of an Ostara celebration honoring the new life and fertility returning to the land, and had instructed some of their packmates to organize activities. She wanted to conduct it on the vernal equinox, but the weather did not cooperate until today. Coli wasn't familiar with the story behind all the eggs, but when she casually asked Miskunn, the Godja replied primly that she should join the storytelling session that afternoon and then she would learn it. Perhaps she would, but for now, she was distracted by the sweet aroma of cooking meat and wine wafting in the air. One of the twin brothers, Jinda or Joonda, was cheerfully stirring a pot of stew over a crackling fire. Coli could never resist free food for long, though she was determined to check all the events out first before taking part in them.

Coli was carrying her woven basket, and it was laden with the little packets of seeds she had made in the fall. They were herbs and flowers, everything she could harvest from her flower patch as well as the communal garden. It was the perfect time of year to plant them, especially since it tied in with the theme of Ostara. As she walked past the humped houses of the village, she thought it might be nice to pass out the packets and let everyone plant something in front of their own hill-homes. They were hardy plants and would rely on rain and sunshine more than they would need any special care.

The timid wolf jumped in surprise when she rounded the corner of the hillock and came face-to-face with a brindle giant of a dog, his muscular frame towering over her. She peered up at him before blinking in recognition - that must be Grit, one of Lilin's friends that she had tasked with patrolling the borders. She had never really spoken to him before, but he was obviously recognizable. His dark eyes squinted down at her, before he gruffly spoke.

"Sannindi. Ain't nothin' on da borders today, but I'll do another lap soon. Need me fer anythin' here den?"

Coli perked up, pushing the basket into his calloused hands. "Um... Y-yes, you are going to pass out these seeds and help your packmates plant them around Jordheim. I'll come check on you, I have to look for my daughters now!" The Vald looked bewildered, staring quizzically down at the basket dwarfed by his hands, but Coli was already padding along the path. Fiora, Farina, and Florina could not miss this!

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Okay so now what was he supposed to do? Looking back it had probably been a stupid idea, but he’d heard that Axle was giving out prizes and he really wanted one of those rabbit things. He done his best to avoid his cousins and his siblings, he didn’t want to have to share and finally he’d found an egg. The only problem was it had been nestled quite comfortably in the branches of a tree. The branches had been low, but to a cub the egg might have been on the moon. The green eyed cub had sat there and looked up at the egg for ages. He’d stood up, paced and sat back down again and looked up. He had pushed against the tree, but it had just bruised his nose. He scrabbled up a couple of times, but always he just shy of reaching the branch. He could hear his family and friends talking, but didn’t want to call in case one of the others took his egg. So he just sat there, watching it, a silent guardian of his unreachable prize.

Finally impatience and determination overcame sense and with a great deal of effort, a lot of bruising and some scratches, which had left bloody trails on the trunk, Runi had claimed his prize. Now though, he was in the tree and the ground suddenly seemed a long way down. His ears flattened against his head and he hunkered down with his egg. How was he ever going to get down again?


He called, knowing that whoever came would see that he had the egg and even if his cousins or siblings came along, it was clear for all to see that he had found it and claimed it.

Hollr (NPC)
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OOC-Here come the playful foxes! :D

"LEAF! LEEEEEEAAAAF!" Ivy howled out to the young fox. She giggled as she stared up at the bright egg resting in the rough branches above her. When his ears picked up the call, Leaf stopped himself in a mid-run to turn after the call. He howled back a reply and raced after his friend. Leaf showed a cheeky smile as he purposely crashed into the vixen. Ivy yelped and bit down on Leaf's scruff. "C'mon Leaf! Ah found a egg up darr!" She barked and pointed her muzzled up at the tree. Leaf stopped his giggling and looked up at the egg. It was a neat blue and red, nice and bright. He frowned, "An' how we gonna get up dare!" Leaf replied. Ivy's ears dropped, she wasn't so good with asking for help, far too independent in Leaf's opinion. She put two paws against the tree to sniff higher. From her height, it was about halfway. She jumped a few times, but her bouncy legs couldn't get to the colorful egg.

She stopped and panted, before glaring at Leaf. He frowned at first, but then sighed an understanding. He stood up against the tree and tried his own jumps. He, personally, could jump higher, but to try and grab the egg might break it in the process. He growled before giving up. All the while, Ivy was sitting on her hunches thinking. Her face lit up with an idea, "Stand up against da tree Leaf!" She commanded. Leaf pulled his ears back, but obeyed, placing his dark, front paws against the rough bark of the tree trunk. Before he knew it, a reasonably heavy Ivy was crawling her way over his back and placed her back feet on his shoulders. "Hey! Dat hurts!" Leaf cried, Ivy brushed her bushy tail over Leaf's nose.

"Don't be chicken, Leaf!" Ivy said through grunts. Carefully, with a few wobbles, Ivy reached her front legs up, pulling herself to her full height. She panted, sticking out her little pink tongue, before locating the bright egg and placed her teeth gently around it. She grunted to Leaf, which he frowned at and ignored before, with elegant grace, pushed off the tree and landed, feet down on the dirt below. Leaf looked, wide eyed, at the vixen before smiling. "Nice one Ivy! Bags I get da next one!" Leaf said and licked Ivy's check playfully before running off into the trees to look for the next egg.

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omigosh adorable foxes and puppies everywhere~ WC: 502

Florina Soul

Florina barreled down the pathway at full speed, breezing past her mother without stopping to see what she wanted. She was hunting eggs! Nothing else could be as important as this. There were prizes, and it was a game for everyone, meaning if she got the most eggs she was the best hunter in the pack! Silver eyes darted this way and that, but she was running too quickly to look thoroughly, impatient as always. They could be painted like anything, so they probably blended in like prey did. She slowed to a trot, swerving around her packmates with her nose to the ground. What did they smell like? There were so many scents all mingling in the air, flowers and stew and wolves.

The bleating of little sheep caught Florina's attention briefly, and she looked up to see the trio of curious lambs in a small enclosure. The urge to chase them made her tail stir... but the dingo shepherd watching her cleared his throat knowingly, a warning in his dark eyes. They were not for chasing, despite the tantalizing way they skipped about and made their little noises. She huffed a sigh and padded on. Maybe if someone distracted that guy, she could chase the sheep later. Sólieri might be up for the task, if she could find her sunshine cousin.

She perked up when she heard Rúni's voice, but after peering around, she still couldn't spot him. Had he found an egg? She could probably overpower her green-eyed cousin and steal it, or so she figured. Flori trotted off the path and toward the trees, where she was certain she heard Rúni. She drew up sharply when she heard the giggling and yipping of Leaf the fossker - wait, now there were two of them? Florina stared in confusion as she watched the two kits bounding away, unable to distinguish the difference between them. They really did grow on trees. Jiva lied to her. But - oh! She had spotted an egg!

It was a small bird's egg, painted green and cleverly nestled in the branches of a bush. It was sheer luck that she had spotted the well-camouflaged prize. Without hesitation, Florina eagerly thrust her face through the branches and closed her jaws around the egg. Immediately she regretted it as she heard the telltale crunch. Globs of yellow yolk ran down her chin, spattering onto the grass. She heard laughter nearby and whipped her head around, spotting the big black dog that was overseeing the Aeska. He was laughing at her.

"Come on, that still counts!" she barked indignantly. The task was to find the eggs, and she had clearly found one. She spat out the colorful eggshells, nudging them pointedly with her ecru nose, but Axle shook his head, laughing all the while. No reward for her. Flori bristled, turning aside to lick the goop staining her muzzle and mutter curses under her breath. Whatever, she was going to go chase those sheep.

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This time of year seemed to be just the thing to uplift the child’s spirits; she was in a spiraling depression that not even her mother seemed to know how to cure. She had felt like an outsider, casted out for some reason though why no one could understand. The strange beast was clever enough to escape from his stall and stalk her throughout the compound, though if she was luck like today she could escape away from his shadowing. The snow was just a link to her depression, whine and glittering against the sun but now the world was different. It was clear; it just felt right to the child. All she could think of was the colorful flowers her mother spoke to her about since her birth, about the soft delicate feel of the petals and the flutter of insects dancing on their stems. It was just what she needed.

Already she had set out after her mother, first only seeing her moments before she left their den like house with a small woven basket that held packets of sorts. She wondered what those packets contained, it was pure chance when she lost sight of the chocolate woman did she see almost teal colored egg nestled against two rocks. Curiously she knelt down beside it, unsure if it was safe to touch much less look at. It was not a color she had seen on a bird egg and the pattern, it was not natural. Cautiously she placed her small fingers around the fragile object and cupped it in her black hands, turning it to see the painted spots of what could only be called pink.

She had to show this to her mother, ask her why such a strange colored egg was just lying around for it to be squished by someone less carful. Another strange color caught her eye as she tried to hurry to her mother, this time it was a dark red with a purple imprint of a floral design. It was in a sapling that was not much taller than herself. Her mind tried to wrap around the concept of so many colorful eggs but something just did not seem right. Again she hurried with the two eggs nestled in her hands as she cupped them closer to her chest, she could not afford to drop them. What were they for, how could she find more? Shaking her head, she had to find her mother.

Before long her goal was accomplished, her tail wagging rabidly behind her when her mother came into view. Her shy expression turned to one of happiness and joy just by the sight of her, she whined softly as she moved her small body closer to her mother’s taller one. After reaching on her toes to give her mother a soft lick under the chin she asked her question, "Momma, I found these.. eggs.." She stated more than questioned, looking up at her almost mirror colored eyes. Curiosity shinning with an almost worried expression, she just wanted to understand.

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sunshine princess
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When her father had informed his children about the Ostara event, Sólieri had been sceptical. It wasn't that she didn't believe Miskunn or the powers of the Ostara event. It had more to do with the sheer excitement and disbelief at having an egg hunt and all the fun that could be had when the pack was together. Last time, at the Ausa Vatni, the whole pack had been calm and celebratory. But Saul had assured his daughter that there would be festivities and excitement abound for the activities that were planned. In truth, the sunshine girl had been torn between her desire to hunt all over Jordheim for little eggs and prizes, or sitting down with Miskunn to hear her story. In the end, the girls excitable nature won out and the afternoon had dawned sunny as the girl had charged from her house. Now six and a half months old, the girl could no longer be likened to a harmless pudgy puppy racing around; her adolescent body was bulky and gangly even if she was smaller than her brothers and there was real force behind her tumbling about now.

Unlike most days spent romping around Jordheim, there were puppies everywhere. Sóli caught sight of her brothers tawny pelt and was tempted to track him down and steal his eggs. Before she could act on the impulse, the creamy pelt of her favourite cousin dragged her attention away. Florina had been distant recently and the princess had spent little time with the youngest of her older cousins. Despite her desire to play however, the girls attention on the eggs was not waning and she silently promised the older Soul girl that she would find her soon. As she rounded a corner, blue eyes caught sight of the much larger Fiora, despite the minimal age difference in them. Nearby, her Aunt Coli stood and her cousin spoke with confusion. "You's supposed to get the all Fio!" She exclaimed before excitement and determination propelled her forward and away from the two Luperci relatives.

A familiar scent caught her nose and for a moment, confusion swept over her. She could smell Rúni clearly but couldn't spot him. Unable to stay still for longer however, the girl tumbled forward, blue eyes having spotted a deep purple egg wedged between two stones. Carefully, the girl picked it up in her mouth, breath snorting through her nose as she returned the egg to its hider; Axle was laughing a lot but at the impatient squeak from the girl, he dropped down and held out his hand. "Im gonna win this!" She told the male firmly, a grin stretching her lips. As she whirled around however, a dark brown blur caught her attention. "Swamp monster!" She called out sharply, darting forward to try and stop Valérian's flight through Jordheim. "We can team up, if you want?" She posed the alliance with a mischievous grin to her lips, whirling around and rushing off to give the younger pup little choice but to follow.

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The somber mood in the Darkfire/Kurosoul household had begun to lift ever since Palaydrian had run into the topaz eyed male. The heavy heart she had carried since her mate’s death had lightened and for once, things were beginning to look up again. The fae had returned to her tasks of training as a hopeful Vald in full force. Increasing the distance she travelled each day to scout and mark the borders with her scent. Vinatta had another pair of watchful eyes on them now and the burden of her sorrow was starting to slip away, once again replaced with the importance of keeping all the little Aeska within the viking territory safe. Her boys had been receptive to the sudden change in their mother, embracing her bubbly laughter and the smiles that would grace her face. Mommy was returning to her old self, this was the dulcet woman and mother they loved.

The morning started off rushed. Leaf and Ivy, her adopted son’s newest friend, barely even ate their morning meal, much too excited for the festivities and the celebration of Ostara. Drin could blame them, bidding them goodbye with affectionate kisses atop their heads, only to see their russet coats disappear into the thick of the bustling Jordheim. No doubt they’d be out hunting eggs all afternoon. Tyris and Taro were more than happy to take their time eating raw and cooked strips of rabbit. The outside world was daunting and without a father figure, they were beginning to cling more to their mother. Not that she minded, but it was a little heartbreaking to see her once so brave and reckless Tyris, cowering between her legs. Courage would return soon, that’s what everyone said...the twins were simply adjusting.

The trio set out shortly after the two fox kits, finding Miskunn and a small gathering of packmates already forming a circle around their Godja. She had the excited looks of storytelling on her face, welcoming her brothers and sisters, young and old to come closer and hear her tale. Palaydrian took a seat on the ground, allowing her growing sons to wrestle for the space in her lap while she listened to the Godja tell the tale of Ostara and the little bird she had saved from certain death. The boys faces widened in delight and wonder, gaping at their mother now and then as Miskunn went on to say Ostara turned the little bird into a pristine white hare because he could no longer fly.

Ah’m Lep-pus! Squealed Taro, leaping from his mother’s lap to bounce about as Leaf had taught him. Shhh...little one, Drin chuckled, beckoning her rambunctious child back, the Godja hasn’t finished her tale, she whispered as the squash furred Aeska came bouncing back. Yer not can’t lay dem eggies, Tyris grumbled, having taking the absence of his brother to snuggle even closer to his mother, much to Taro’s dismay. Mah, I was der first! He pouted while the Godja walked around and began handing the families wooden eggs.

Boys, what have I said about sharing? She asked, taking three eggs from Miskunn and thanking the Godja with a friendly nod of her head. Tyris sighed, rolling his eyes at his brother and sticking his tongue out before his mom could notice, Fine...we ken share Ro, come on up. Taro snorted in response, angrily plopping back on his rump and turning his head away from his twin. Look what Miskunn has given us, Palaydrian interrupted the squabble, holding out the carved eggs for them both to examine. Their inquisitive noses sniffed at the things while the Godja instructed them to decorate the eggs, painting them with their hopes and dreams for the future. Think we can do that sweets? She asked, seeing that the little argument had passed. The twins nodded enthusiastically and Tyris joined his brother on the ground, both scampering forward to begin rummaging through one of the basket of paints Miskunn had provided.

What were Drin’s hopes and dreams? She joined the boys at the basket, calming their excitable bodies with the affectionate touch of her hands. Now, let’s makes sure that we leave some colors for everyone else. How about we each pick two? Seemingly happy with their mother’s executive agreement, Tyris chose yellow and Taro chose blue, unfortunately they both went for green as their second color. Preparing to intervene once more, the Hollr held her breath, being cut off by the lighter hued son. Les both use et Ris? Tyris studied his sibling for a moment before a grin spread across his muzzle. Okay Ro! Pleased with their actions, Drin beamed down at her sons, selecting a rosey paint and an aqua for herself. The trio returned to their eggs and began to work on their masterpieces, both boys haphazardly painting by holding the brushes in their mouths.

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Soli and Val gonna kick butts at finding eggs, yo ~ [340]

Everywhere he looked there was bustling pockets activity and life; pups and adults alike mingling and darting from place to place with excitement and impatience, the games and fun well under way. Being one of the smaller pups he hadn't quite managed to out smart or beat the others to the eggs for awhile, despite his best efforts problem solving wasn't a skill the pup had grown to possess just yet. However, the rather vibrant egg before him was practically impossible to miss and hidden at a lower level that matched the Coeur's line of sight perfectly.

With a paw on either side, the brown pup practically vibrated with sheer joy at having successful managed to find one, but unable to quite calm himself down enough to pick it up just yet; with tail swishing so fast his rear end was tossed from side to side, paws dancing lightly across the dirt in place.

Taking in short, shallow breaths he closed his eyes, picking up the egg as carefully as possible and running full pelt back to the adult he knew he had to given them to; that of course was the game. As he moved his tongue fell out the side of his mouth, awkward due to the egg within his maw but he cared little. Sighting the specified adult he passed his egg over, not pausing for a moment he span round, darting back into the madness once more.

A few of the pups he passed seemed familiar, occupied with their own friends and family, thus making them horribly intimidating to approach; resigned to this, he had planned to continue on his own, when a certain horrid nickname had his head swinging around, ears perking up alert as an amused smile spread across his maw. “Soli and me gonna kick all da bottoms!” he announced loudly to anyone and everyone within ear shot, spinning once in a sharp circle barking with laughter to express his excitement. “Where to go look next?” he asked, deterring to the golden girl.

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saul stormbringer
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The air hummed with celebration and the Gods had deemed fit to allow the Vikings a day of relative warmth. It had been Miskunn's idea and they'd managed to pull together various activities that their members might be able to participate in. Saul had helped Axle paint and hide some of the eggs the dog was using in the event for the pups and similarly the grey male had taken pleasure in watching over the three newborn lambs that the dingo had penned in. They would grow and become part of the flock that was slowly accumulating in Vinátta's borders. The small group of goats that had been rounded up from the mountains by Sky and himself were still a little stand-offish against the wolves and it had been agreed that they would exclude the female kid that they'd bought back in the celebrations of spring.

While Saul found it hard to relax, he'd meandered through the activities, pausing on the outskirts of Miskunn's story telling and giving his aunt a warm smile before moving on once more. The hub of activity centered in Jordheim, where his children, nieces, nephews and all manner of other puppies charged around with apparent abandon. Green eyes twinkled with content as he witnessed Florina's mistake and the subsequent goopy mess on her muzzle. He still worried for the girl and wished to test his theory out further, but had stayed away from trying to see if she felt various temperatures and pressures against her skin. She was an enigma, but she was Colibri's daughter and his niece to boot and he wouldn't deliberately try to hurt her to satisfy his own curiosity.

His wanderings had found him moving towards the cooking pot however and he stopped here, pride in his pack swelling in his breast. The previous moon had seen tragedy for two of their members and his heart truly went out to Less and Drin. But perhaps these celebrations would help them move on, to accept the fate handed to them and lay to rest the disquiet in their souls. Of course, it was impossible for Saul to empathise; his mate was still living even if a rift had grown between the two of them. Thoughts of Lilin caused him to swallow convulsively; she'd left Vinátta recently for a trip south and Saul hadn't been able to watch her go without the instinctive need to bring her back. But unlike last time, he hadn't followed her and had allowed her the space.

With bowl in hand, Saul allowed a small smile to grace his lips as he glanced back up to Jindabyne. "The sheep are doing well here?" He questioned, gesturing towards the cheese laid out to supplement the meal. It was an assumption, based on the lambs born and the products produced by the foreign brothers. But the dingo grinned, a nod returned. "They're doin' great." Came his quiet reassurance and Saul felt grateful that the dingo was not one to fill silences with mindless chatter. Content to survey his pack, a proud father to all, Saul took another mouthful of stew, humming in pleasure at the taste.

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Carrie was wondering around lunging back and forth from rock to rock. She found two eggs, they were hers though. With one large gulp she had one set gently in her maw, and with a lunge towards the large adult who they were supposed to take the eggs too, she smiled up at him, and dropped the egg into his hand when he held it out. She returned to the other egg, and before she passed it by though, she ran quickly by her brother and Soli, who seemed to be tag-teaming the egg hunt. Was that even legal? She grinned and ran by her brother biting at his tail, and laughing. I'm gunna wins, Val! She escaped spotting a pretty teal colored egg near a tree, as she lunged towards it, her paws slipped and landing face first into the egg, she had yolk covering her maw and lapped at her face, with an awkward smile.

She grinned turning to capture another egg, and bring it to one spot, if you hit the eggs and didn't let anyone else find them, then you could win right? Right. That was what Carrie would do. She brought two eggs back to a near by rock by that tree, and placed them securely into a hole that she was sure no one could dig into, but just to be safe she covered it with two twigs. Then a hello came over to her ears and she twitched them, turning her head back and forth before sniffing the air, as she followed her nose, it led her to the tree she had broken the egg near that was now awkwardly caked into her fur.

Facing the tree, she smelled blood and another smell that was vaugely familiar. A smile was put on her face as she put her paws on the trunk of the tree, and stretched her head as far back as she could manage. Hi there! she yelped out to him, smiling cluelessly. Was ya doin' all the ways there? she questioned cocking her head, blue eyes staring into his green ones. hey, wanna team ups? wes could has dou'le the eggs den! she exclaimed hind-end wriggling furociously.

thought i'd throw Carrie in here :)
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