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The 'Soulschat

Table of Contents

Chat Rules

  1. All board rules apply to the chat. If you wouldn't say it in public in the OOC Garbage forum, don't say it in public in the chat!
  2. Subject matter should be PG-13 in all public channels.
  3. Excessive spam, capslock, etc and other irrelevant or nonsensical messages should be kept to an absolute minimum. While chatting, it is highly recommended that you slow down and send longer messages at a slower pace -- this is especially true in large chats, where it can become overwhelming very quickly.
    1. Don't abuse the dice rolling function.
    2. If you change your username, keep part of your login name (Sie-BRB is acceptable; BRB is not)
    3. Don't embed large image files into the chat -- link them.
  4. Roleplay may occur ONLY in private rooms.

Rule Violations

Moderators and administrators are marked by differently colored usernames (generally green and red). Both moderators and administrators have chat kick/ban powers and can remove you from the chat for a period of time (or indefinitely).

If there are no administrators or moderators present in the chatroom and you feel someone is in violation of the game rules, you should check the online list see if anyone is online there (moderator or administrator). If not, Private Message an administrator with a log or summary of what happened, the date, and time.

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Channels and Controls


There are three public channels; each user additionally has a private room of their own. Users cannot be in multiple channels at once. To join a channel:

  • Click in the upper left hand corner, next to the log out button and selecting the desired channel
  • OR type /join ChannelName, replacing ChannelName with the name of the channel
  • OR type /list to access a list of current channels -- you can then click on the name of the channel you wish to join in the list.

Public Channel

This is the standard channel, available to all registered users. All standard rules of the chat apply here.

Member Channel

This secondary channel exists primarily so the chat can splinter into two separate rooms, should the discussion become overwhelming for some, etc. All standard rules of the chat apply here.

Help and Discussion Channel

This tertiary channel exists primarily to help newcomers become acclimated to 'Souls, as well as so that established members may have a quieter place to discuss plots, ideas, plans, etc. An extra rule applies here:

  1. Random discussion should be kept to an absolute minimum -- it can be difficult to concentrate on a single subject and absorb information with ten concurrent conversations. On-topic discussions are a priority in this room -- users interested in chitchat or the like may be asked to leave or take off-topic chatter to whisper.

Private Channel

Each user has a private channel named [P*Yourusername] Private rooms are the only place where roleplaying is acceptable. You can invite a user by typing /invite Username.

Controls and Commands

  • Clicking the blue question mark symbol in the lower right-hand corner of the chat brings up the text-based chat commands.
  • Clicking on the screwdriver and wrench next to this symbol brings up the chat settings. You can play with these at will.
  • It is recommended you leave Maximum number of messages in the chatlist: alone unless you plan on doing a roleplay or want a longer log of the chat -- setting this number very high can cause your chat window to lag.
  • You can PAUSE the chat if you want to nab a particular piece of conversation to save it -- click the double arrow in the lower right corner entitled "Autoscroll on/off." The chat will stop scrolling for new messages -- you'll want to reenable autoscrolling when you're done saving your conversation.
  • You can turn font colors off. Click the SETTINGS (screwdriver and wrench) and uncheck Enable font color BBCode:.
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'Souls Assemblage
'Souls Assemblage

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