Across the lake.

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This is set after Claudius visits his family in VN. That thread isn't up yet, but I was itching to post with him, so here you go! c:

He's in his optime form and he's being accompanied by Tiva Ajila, who's walking with a horse and cart.

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Claudius was curious to learn more about the new northern pack, the likes of which he had never known until the day prior. Since journeying through ‘Souls, he’d come across another new pack, New Dawn, some distance to the southwest. He had been certain to avoid Anathema, as he was not interested in a fight with any of their members, and continued north until he’d turned to find his mother’s pack. He was still astounded with how much his family had grown: not only did Tayui and her mate, Anu (he had not been expecting that) have four puppies of their own, but his uncle, Honoré, had a daughter of his own! Tayui said that she had been looking for AniWaya, so Claudius hoped that he would have the opportunity to meet her soon.

All in all, Claudius was a bit overwhelmed. But his curiosity had been piqued when his mother mentioned the pack across the lake, who supposedly followed some customs like AniWaya. Another tribe? Claudius knew he and Tiva would have to investigate.

Although he often thought this, he was very glad to have Tiva accompanying him. She knew a great deal about Cherokee customs and was already proving to be a valuable source of knowledge. In addition to teaching him a bit of Cherokee, she also told a number of stories, some of which he knew, and some of which were new to him.

When they finally neared the pack’s southern borders, Claudius paused and got Tiva to slow the horse. Although he was still rather uneasy around horses, his trading trips were certainly helping him see that they weren’t just food or terrifying beasts.

He howled for a leader or a trader, alerting the pack of his presence and his peaceful intentions. He was giddy with excitement and was curious to see what this other tribe was like.
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With the frost of the winter gone, there was plentiful ground in its stead Nutrient soil for the toil and lush flora to pluck when needed. Greens became common place again, acting once again as a lure for fodder to cross into the claimed lands and nibble on the tender shoots. Temptation to reap these animals had become an all too common one as of late, and it was such that plagued the Shepard now, watching as a young fawn wandered into the territory as if it did not fear the smell of pack.

From her perch upon a lip of the mountain, she watched with peaked anxiety as the creature grazed without care. Lost perhaps, or an unfortunately simple thing. Whatever the cause, its willing presence made her nervous. But she did not run to it just yet, rather she remained as she was with dark feathered avian upon her shoulder. Dual pairs of golden eyes peering intently upon a single spot, til an elated voice from their borders startled the pair into action. Autumn ears snapped forward, joined swiftly by a descent from her reclining surface and onto level ground again. She gave a final glance to the young deer before turning south toward the borders, her muzzle ascending with a reciprocating call as she began the hasten march on Optime limbs toward the call.

From her shoulder her companion took to the air, gliding upon a gentle wind to bring him closer to the boundary line to survey their guest. He was silent in his hover above these strange travelers, this horse accompanied pair. And silent he remained when his handler came forward holding out her arm for him to return whilst gasping softly to catch her breath. Her crown dipped politely in greeting, inviting the wild tresses of red to spill forward from the shift. She left her forelocks be, concealing her golden gaze, but none the less fixed them upon the bridge of a pale muzzle. The end of hers twitching with the faint, yet noticeable sent but he and company carried.

“Goodday to you.”

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Claudius could smell the tribesmember before he saw her, and even then, he himself was first spotted by a bird. Claudius wondered if this northern tribe had spirit guides, too and if this bird was the leader's. Either way, he could tell that it belonged to a member because just as soon as the bird spotted him, it changed its course. When the member did appear, the bird was perched on her arm. Claudius wondered if indeed this was a spirit guide, whether she had gone through a particularly long spiritual journey like he had, or if her guide had been quicker to reveal him or herself.

The wolf, a ruddy brown with red accents in her fur, spoke once she arrived. Claudius was curious to know her name, but since she did not offer it, he supposed that he would be the first to volunteer the information -- and his purpose.

"U-u-unalihelitseti, guh-greetings," he said, "I a-am C-c-Claudius A-Aston, sub-luh-leader o-of the suh-southern tribe o-of A-AniWuh-Waya. Thuh-this i-is tuh-Tiva A-Ajila. Wuh-we a-are huh-here t-to tuh-trade a-and luh-learn muh-more a-about your tuh-tribe, i-if you ha-ave the time."
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