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The Labrador mongrel had not traveled so far north for a long time, and he found himself taken aback by the growth of packs in the northern lands. He was quick to note that two had taken up residence on the isthmus, although he hadn't been in the loop long enough to recognize them all by their names, even if she was sure he'd heard of them before. It was somewhat troubling, however; two of them were so close together, edging a great lake, that he wasn't sure where he'd be able to pass through. A mountain loomed in the distance, wreathed in clouds, and Wayne knew that his journey to the Outpost would take an additional couple of days if he worked to head around it -- days he wasn't sure he could spare. Even though he'd set out on this trip with the secondary goal of spending some time alone, every step away from Casa di Cavalieri made him ache for home, for his horses and his smoke-stained room and his nasty old mattress stuffed with straw.

He sighed with regret and reached up to adjust his hat, standing from where he'd been leaning against an old tree apparently struck by lightning years ago. He clacked his tongue to get his mare's attention, and walked over to Fern as she lifted her head from grazing along the new shoots of green grass. She looked somewhat weary from their long travel, but the mild horse didn't protest as he re-tacked her and piled the saddle blankets and other goods onto her broad chestnut back, remaining on the ground beside her for now to give her another long break. He didn't expect the horse to walk more than he did with all the things they'd brought to trade at the Outpost.

Wayne had given his passage to the New Brunswick camp considerable thought as they rested, and he decided that his best bet would to be to simply ask to be escorted through one of the pack territories. He believed that one was Sangi'lak -- but while he knew that one of its members had participated in Casa di Cavalieri's march to Anathema, he didn't trust that their borders smelled so wolfish. It had been a long time yet, but he was no stranger to discrimination and simply didn't trust that musky reek. He opted for the other border instead, and hoped it might be friendly and that this wasn't a mistake.

Horse and cowboy approached the scent markers and stopped, overlooking the beautiful forested lands of the pack, before Wayne let out a doggish howl to call for anyone who might offer him passage.

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Bran looked up at the ground as he popped some black coloured berry into his mouth. The Raven charm rested on the caramel pelted male’s lower jaw as he swung gently in the spring breeze. His patrol was over and he’d found a tree that supported his weight. Deciding to indulge his inner cub, Bran had laced his legs through two branches and now hung upside down, feeling the blood pumping in his head, but still enjoying the odd sensation. It also made his vision go crazy when he hummed, he couldn’t remember testing his condition out upside down before, really quite disconcerting.

His ears twitched when he heard the howl and his vision went blue/brown. Bran was pretty hot on howls and that was definitely not a wolf. It was however issuing from the throat of a stranger, polite enough to knock as it were, but still a stranger. Popping the last berry into his mouth, he hauled himself up, and after the initial blood rush, dropped to the ground and began jogging towards the source of the call.

As the caller came into view, the caramel pelted male slowed and took in the other. The yellowish fur, broad features and with the look of one who did a lot of lifting. The floppy ears were a testament to a dog heritage, and Bran hadn’t seen many people sporting them before. He grinned, his manner relaxed, but he kept some distance between them.

”Nice hat.”

He said, his crooked grin broadening, his Irish accent clear in just those two words.

”What can I do for yu?”

As he said it the other’s scent drifted to him. It made him think of Seb. Was this guy a pack mate of his teacher.

”Pretty far north for a member of Casa aren’t yu?”

Never being a diplomat, he realised he’d not introduced himself yet.

”I’m Bran, A Guardian of Vinatta”

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It did not take very long for someone to appear -- a testament to the watchfulness of the pack, Wayne supposed, or someone just happening to be in the right place at the right time. It didn't matter to him, however, and he merely turned to look at what sort of canine was approaching him. Wiry and confident, he seemed to have a warrior's stance much like those within Wayne's own pack, though he was friendly rather than overly wary.

Wayne smirked slightly at the other's remark, thick with an Irish brogue, and tipped said hat lightly before straightening when the man asked his first question. Before the Labrador mongrel could explain himself, however, a second question followed -- and the smile on the cowboy's face shifted with surprise. He supposed he shouldn't have been that shocked for someone this far north to even recognize the scent of his pack, though; just because he wasn't fully up to date on what scent belonged to who didn't mean that others weren't a bit quicker on the uptake than him.

I'm Wayne McCoy, the dog hybrid said as the other introduced himself as Bran. An' yeah, purty far north. He grinned a bit awkwardly and nodded his head in the direction of Vinátta's territory -- and, beyond that, the Outpost. Came up here all this way t' trade; heard about the new Outpost 'n' wanted t' check it out. Problem is, though, he muttered, reaching up to scratch the back of his head, it's a long way around you two packs 'n' my horse is right tuckered out. I wanted t' ask if I could take a shortcut, if someone could escort me through your lands. He spoke in his usual southern drawl, a bit awkward with his unfamiliarity of speaking to others, especially strangers -- but he hoped he sounded polite and gentlemanly enough. He didn't want any funny business, just a more convenient route to his destination. He supposed that, if Bran didn't allow his request, he'd have to try his luck with the wolf pack -- though he already thought he preferred this wiry Irish stranger.

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The caramel pelted male spotted the fleeting look of surprise on the hybrid’s face when he recognised the other’s scent. He stayed quiet though, letting the stranger introduce himself, and noting the unfamiliar drawl. The young Stormbringer’s each twitched as he listened, his tongue rubbing the roof of his mouth as the taste of blue/grey/brown floated across his tongue. Tasting the Casa wolf’s voice and measuring his words. Chocolate brown eyes shifted to the horse as the hatted wolf made his request.

”Good tu meet yu Wayne, yu definitely made a long trip already. I’m happy tu take yu through the lands towards the outpost.”

He knew the route he’d take already as well, making sure to avoid where he knew the kids would most likely be. Not that he thought anyone from a pack like casa would be any kind of a threat, but his family was too precious to take any chances with.

”Two things though, horses don’t tend tu like me that much, I think I make ‘em nervous. Smiling and talking softly doesn’t seem to work either, so just be warned. I would appreciate it if you’d let me take a look at what you’re taking to trade.”

Again the caramel pelted male doubted that Wayne was a threat, but just taking a peep at his stuff would make sure there was nothing nasty there.

”If yur horse needs a drink though, I can take you to a stream, you can water it there.”

His manner never ceased being friendly. His words came easily and his face and body language wear clearly relaxed, he was just making sure before he let someone into his family’s home.

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Bran eyed the horse as Wayne explained his situation, and quickly agreed to take him through the pack lands to his destination. Wayne uttered quick thanks and dipped his head in gratitude, reaching up to rub along Fern's chestnut neck and feel the sweat in her fur. She was definitely ready for a good long rest, though she looked attentive and friendly in the face of the kindly stranger, as always wary of her surroundings though not in a panicky way. Had Bran responded to the intrusion close to the borders aggressively, she might have bolted -- and Wayne didn't want to think about how long it would take to calm her down and gather up all the goods likely to be jostled from her back.

Bran warned Wayne that horses didn't like him, though, which caused the cowboy to blink and glance up at Fern -- who wasn't exactly running forward to kiss him, but seemed at ease enough. He wouldn't question what the man said, however; there might have been something in his body language that set them off, or there was the more believable matter that it was Bran who didn't like or was uncomfortable around horses. Wayne only nodded. Fern can get antsy 'round folks she don't know, if they're loud, but she should be fine. Ain't a warhorse like my other one.

The Vináttan also asked to see the goods, and Wayne understood the unspoken message there -- that Bran wanted to make sure he wasn't carrying anything that might cause harm to the pack. He held Fern's reins steady and nodded for the other to come forward. Got a club up near the saddle horn, he told the other, just to be upfront about the weapon he had on him -- a necessity with so many things to defend out in the wilderness. Other 'n that -- lots of horse blankets, some tack, that sorta thing. Maybe a fishin' knife. He spoke casually and worked on rubbing along Fern's cheek just in case she grew uncomfortable at having a stranger so near her.

The other's offer made Wayne grin, however. That'd be much appreciated, thank ya, he said sincerely, and nodded for the other to check his goods then lead him onward through the territory where he saw fit.

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Bran was grateful that the Casa hybrid understood the need for the Araedi to search his goods. It was something a few people could get prickly about, but it was a deal breaker, it was just that simple. The caramel pelted male stepped towards the chestnut mare and with quick hands began feeling the pouches and the through the blankets. His nostrils were filled with the horses musky scent, the scent of a prey animal. Of course Bran would never eat another person’s horse. It was unnecessary and not to mention impolite. Shaking off his thoughts, Bran finished up, finding the club and the knife, but nothing else he considered dangerous.

”Fantastic, thanks for that, follow me, we’ll hit the stream first to let her drink.”

He began to the lead the way through the woods, humming tunelessly as he did so in a deep voice. The trail was twisty, but not challenging, the lands were covered in green with purples, blues, reds and yellows, scatter throughout. Bugs buzzed and the smell of spring hung light but persistent. It didn’t take the young Stormbringer to bring his charges to the stream. The water was clear, and a rock in the middle of it made a pleasant sound of gentle rushing.

”Here you go, enjoy. Do you fancy any food? Long journeys are pretty hungry work.”

He decided to keep making conversation, the cowboy had been polite and placid, the perfect visitor.

”Yu know Seb then?”

He put his hand up to around the height of the foxy male.

”About this tall, pair of knives on his pelt and looks like he’s wondering what yu’d look like with his legs wrapped around yur neck.”

His crooked grin broadened as he re-called the fella.

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The caramel-colored wolf didn't hesitate to approach the horse and begin to feel through the packs, and Wayne watched him casually though he was careful to watch and make sure that Bran didn't decide to snatch something for his pack -- just an instinctive thought and worry, reminding him of the last time another canine had gotten away with one of his knives. It had been a long time ago, but he wanted to be cautious enough to match Bran, even if the pair were all friendly smiles and the Vináttan beckoned for him to follow.

Wayne smiled and nodded at the other, pulling Fern along by her reins gently though the mare needed a little bit of coaxing to get around some of the twistier parts of the forest trail. It was easy going for the most part, however, and Wayne breathed in the rich smell of the woodlands and looked over the territory gladly. You've got a nice piece of land here, he remarked sincerely -- though forests weren't his thing as much, and he appreciated the diversity of land that Casa di Cavalieri laid claim to, with its beach and towns. He had to admit, however, that this forested area was one of the prettier parts of Nova Scotia he'd had the honor to wander through. He could see why the pack's founders had chosen this spot.

The stream soon came into view, and Wayne sighed gratefully as he led Fern to the water. The chestnut mare lowered her head and began to drink, her skin giving little twitches to fend off the flies that landed on her sweaty body. Wayne, too, splashed his face a little and lapped some water from his cupped palms, glad at the refreshing taste of the stream. He was careful to make sure that the mare didn't guzzle down too much cold water, not wanting her to get sick, but she seemed just as refreshed and happy as she lifted her head again.

Mention of food made Wayne smile a bit dreamily, though he merely shrugged. I don't wanna take anythin' away from you or yer pack, he said. Ain't gonna lie 'n' say I ain't a little hungry, though, he added with a snort, and looked out across the stream. He'd be happy just to duck his face into the water and swallow whatever swam over to him, whether it was a good fat fish or a little clutch of polliwogs wriggling down his throat.

The next question that Bran asked caught the Labrador mutt off guard, and Wayne jerked his head to look at him before bursting out into laughter at the description of the Italian man. Yeah, I know Seb, he answered, grinning and shaking his head fondly. I apologize for 'im if he invaded yer personal space. It's just part o' life if ya live in Casa. He couldn't think of any male in the pack who hadn't been harassed by the foxish Luperci -- himself included, though Wayne couldn't say that he really minded. It was nice to be thought of in such a way, regardless of the sex of his admirer. And Sebastian was a good friend -- he shook his head again and smiled at Bran.

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The caramel pelted male's crooked grin mirrored Wayne’s as the Casa member apologised and tried to explain Sebastian, an impossible task in Bran’s opinion.

”There’s no need, I think he was offended that I was strictly a ladies man, but love is hard enough to find without putting rules on it right? He’s a nice guy and he’s teaching me to shoot with a bow. His heart’s in the right place.”{/b]

That said, he dunked his head into the water. Water rushed into his ears and the world took on a strange alien flavour, with odd colours floating across his vision. He could hear the distortion of the hybrid’s horse drinking, of the flowing stream and the bubbles in the water. He opened his muzzle and sucked in a mouthful of water, before flicking his head back up to the surface, sending beads of glittering water scattering to the forest floor.

[b]”That’s better, arctic fur in a temperate climate is never good near summer. You ever shack up with a girl who has an arctic pelt, you move somewhere cool.”

His eyes sparkled with humour as he winked at Wayne before turning and clambering up a nearby tree with the ease of familiarity. A short distance up the trunk, out of the reach of forest dwellers, and hidden from birds, was a small, tightly wrapped packet which Bran retrieved, sliding back down quickly and walking back towards the Labrador. Unwrapping the small bundle, which had been very well hidden, he proffered the contents to his visitor. The packet contained semi-dry strips of meat, rabbit and deer mostly, although there was a little elk to.

”Here, if yu’re hungry have it. I keep food stashed about, patrols are long and don’t always get the chance to hunt. It’s not as satisfying as a kill, but it keeps yu going.”

Making conversation, and curious as well, Bran spoke again.

”Yu been in Casa long? I’ve not heard an accent like yurs before. Where’s it from?”

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Wayne grinned as the other elaborated a little more about how he knew Sebastian, unsurprised and easily able to imagine the indignant look on his foxy face when he learned of the other's preferences. Surely he would only see that as another conquest, as he treated most of the males in Casa di Cavalieri -- the Labrador man included, though he didn't mind a little attention. He'd been lonely for long enough, anyway.

That is is, he agreed on the matter of love and the Italian archer's heart, before Bran submerged his head in the water.

Wayne waited for the other to come back up before grinning and nodding at the other's remark about the weather -- but mention of a girl with an arctic pelt made the smile fade somewhat, bit by bit, until he excused himself by walking over to Fern and rubbing her neck. Dixie-May had never been too bothered despite the thickness of both parents' pelts, although the double coat of a spitz dog kept one cool as well as warm when needed. He shook his head and rubbed his nose against Fern's cheek when the mare nickered gently at him, sated by the drink. It was strange how close to mind the woman was lately, he thought, and knew the acute loneliness didn't help when thinking about the few friends he had in Casa. The memory of the black she-wolf from Harlan, Kentucky was quick to rise, also. He wanted to get back home.

Leading the chestnut horse by the reins again, he came to stand underneath the tree that the warrior had scrambled up into. He squinted up into the branches to try to see what the caramel-colored wolf was doing, but his answer came soon enough as Bran landed and unwrapped a bundle to reveal strips of meat within. His face brightening, the dog reached out and took the proffered food. He nodded his gratitude before sticking a piece in his mouth, glad for the simple flavor of meat even if it wasn't anything fancy.

It's a good idea, the Cavallo told him. I tend to patrol on horseback, though, so I've got saddle bags to hold food aplenty. You ain't worried about a kid or somethin' scramblin' up into those trees, though? Or a raccoon? He had no doubt that it was well hidden to remain there for the guardian to find on one of those lengthy patrols, but it was just a thought to make conversation.

The topic turned back to Wayne after a moment, though, and the dusty-furred man smiled as he nodded for the other to walk ahead first so that they could cut through the territory again; he knew he would continue to need to be led for the sake of security and his own cluelessness as to how much land Vinátta claimed to the south near the beach and Outpost.

I was one of the founding members, Wayne said. So -- purty long time, I'd think. He grinned and shrugged, not ever one to boast of his longevity within the pack unless he needed to to make a point. He almost didn't see it as counting as anything special, either; he wasn't the one with the vision like Jazper and Anann had after the conflict with AniWaya. He'd only been a cowpoke deliriously in love with his best friend and glad to settle down wherever she was, doing little more than helping care for the quickly growing horse herd and helping construct and repair the buildings in Fort Kingsbury. It wasn't until later that he started to consider himself a true Cavalieri in spirit rather than a man who simply worked there.

I'm from down south -- 'round New Mexico and Texas. Not sure if you know where the old States are, but it's a long ways. Dry 'n' arid land, that, but good pasture and good opportunities for ranchers like my father's family were for generations. He smiled and considered the other man thoughtfully. Yours I can place a bit better -- from across the water, right?

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The Araedi had paused in the branches, while retrieving the food parcel and watched as his last words had effected the hybrid from Casa. It seemed that males were fools for love, and no matter how much males knew, they kept falling in love. The sombre thought lasted only a moment and Bran quickly made it down, Wayne and his horse waiting for him there.

”Nah, yu can’t smell the meat from down here, so no kids are going to clamber up. Even if they did, they’d be older kids to be this far out of town. And little creatures tend to stay away from something that smells of luperci. Besides, a horse is not an option, I don’t like sitting on something my lower brain is telling me I should be chasing for dinner.”

His crooked grin flashed at his last comment. That said Bran waited for the other to eat and indicate his readiness to continue, before pointing them in a seemingly random direction in all the foliage. The woods were beautiful, there was no doubt about it, but they also served a good purpose, to confuse and confound an intruder. Game trails criss-crossed all over the place, and the scent of Vinattan wolves was stamped into the soil in many contrary directions. Of course the woods were a double edged sword, they provided cover to invaders, but that wasn’t a big issue in Bran’s opinion.

The caramel male’s ears flicked back as he heard the well-mannered, and pleasant stranger reply to a question. A founder member huh? That was pretty interesting. The Araedi let the conversation trail off and a companionable silence develop between the two. The sounds of the woods and the horses heavier footsteps filling the air. The going was easy, and the cool shade made it easier. Bran had a vague notion of the locations attached to the names Wayne mentioned, but his experience of geography wasn’t that far reaching.

”Think I’ve heard of ‘em, but don’t ask me to point to them on a map.”

He smiled as the Labrador placed his accent.

”Nice one, yeah across the sea. I’ve never been, but I was pretty much raised by an uncle, his accent stuck and the rest is history. Why’d yu leave your ranching life to come to the cooler climbs then?”

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