Testing Thread

POSTED: Sun Oct 21, 2012 12:50 am

Testing Thread

Please post all of your tests here. If you preview your test before you post it, you can see how your table looks without posting. If you want to view your avatar or signature, navigate to an older post of yours -- on phpBB, all signatures and avatars change when you update them.

  1. HTML broken? Make sure you're using the [html*][*/html] (remove the asterisks) tags. If you have not been accepted into the game, you will not be able to use HTML anywhere: this feature is enabled for current and former game members only.
  2. All tables should adhere to the 'Souls Graphics Guide. Make SURE your table is readable!
  3. This thread is not storage. Save before you walk away, or else it may end up deleted! If you no longer need your code, erase your post and replace it with "delete" or an indication that we can delete your post. Thanks!
  4. Do not use BMP files. Ever.
  5. Different forum skins have different background colors. Therefore, please use PNG transparency rather than using a certain color for as a transparent background.
  6. Use a # before your hexcodes for colors. "color:ff0000" or "color=ff0000" will not work in some browsers. It must be "color:#ff0000" or "color=#ff0000".
  7. COUNT YOUR <div> TAGS! Make sure you close the exact number of <div>s you open!
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When the feline had finally gone away, he had quickly finished up with Maschine and headed inside after he had rushed with his brushing of the stallion. Till had quickly assessed his stash of vegetables, and meats that were saved from a day or so before this day. He spent a good portion of the afternoon preparing food, and once he had started a fire to boil the stew over, he stoked the flames for only a little bit before he started to clean himself up. He sighed as he cleaned himself up, slowly brushing at his hair as he looked at himself in the broken mirror on the vanity. He could swear that he was starting to see white hairs sprout from his darkened hair, but he chose to ignore it. Till was only going on his fifth year, and he didn't think that he was old enough to start turning white, and he hoped that he didn't. It would be a silent way of letting others know that the stress was getting to him, and he didn't want that. He brushed his hair until it lay as flat as it would, though it was fairly impossible for the dark ends to be straightened, and they sat curled at his shoulders.

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