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POSTED: Wed May 15, 2013 4:45 am

sappy fluff ensues! :) [+800]

"...And the prince married the princess, and they lived happily ever after. The end." Hati closed the weathered old book, setting it aside. The light was fading fast as the sun set, so he could not read another fairytale even if she asked him to. And she probably would. Esperanza was snug in bed, cuddled up to him with her chin resting on his chest. She sighed when the story ended, her eyelids fluttering drowsily.

His niece had lived with him for a few weeks now and was growing fast, so there was barely any room to spare on the bedding. He had told her on multiple occasions that he didn't mind sleeping on the floor, or setting up another sleeping area, but she stubbornly insisted on sharing his bed no matter what. He would have been embarrassed if Skoll walked in on him acting like a mommy and reading books about princesses and fairies, but fortunately his brother hadn't come around the house recently to see Hati the nursemaid. In all honesty, though, Hati was secretly enjoying the attention. Maybe he would make a good parent someday.

"Can I try on your necklace? It's really pretty," the wolfdog mumbled, violet eyes trained on the silver moon pendant. Hati smiled obligingly, gently removing the necklace to place it around her fluffy throat. He handled the chain with the utmost care as though it were fragile enough to disintegrate, being his most treasured possession and all. He never took it off, but Esperanza got to be the exception.

"It was a gift from Maman... from your grandmother, Ayita Catori. I don't know if your mom mentioned her... Ayita passed away last autumn." His voice was soft, tinged with a sadness he would never be rid of. He would always miss her. She nudged it with her nose, marveling at the way the silver flashed in the dim lighting of the room. "...I wish I had a pretty necklace from my mom." The red husky pouted, ears falling back grumpily.

Hati smiled halfheartedly, feeling the familiar twinge of guilt whenever Amaranth was mentioned. He had saved Esperanza's life, but only to drag her from her true family; he owed her the safe return to Green Wood. "Esperanza..." She let out a sulky growl. "Don't call me that! Esper, or Essie. My name's too long." Hati chuckled, amused by her indignation. She looked so much like Amaranth, and when she acted stubborn and temperamental, she was even more her mother's daughter. He wasn't sure how to phrase the apology, but he felt he owed the puppy one anyway.

"...Essie. Um. Look, I know you miss your mom, your siblings... I'm trying to arrange a way to get you back to Green Wood, it's just going to take a little longer. I'm sorry." Hati blinked in surprise when Esper rolled away from him, hiding her face. He assumed she was still sulking over her family, but the words she muttered weren't what he expected. "Uncle Hati... it's okay if I don't wanna go back right away... right? I mean... I kinda like it here. Maybe... maybe more than Green Wood. You guys are nicer here. Some of the kids there were mean to me because of my tail."

Hati exhaled slowly, absentmindedly stroking her terracotta-red fur. Of course there might be some lingering prejudice in a traditional wolf pack, even if they were consciously trying to accept Amaranth and her litter. Cour des Miracles had always been a haven for dogs and hybrids, and Hati was slow to realize that there were few places like it here in the north. "You can stay here as long as you want to. I just thought... I mean, you said you wanted a memento from your mom..."

Esper rolled back over to face him, the gleam in her vivid purple eyes daring him to say otherwise. "Necklaces are pretty. I want pretty shiny stuff. Is that wrong or something?" she challenged. Hati stared at her, almost wanting to laugh again but knowing she would throw a fit if she thought he was making fun of her. He cleared his throat, tilting his ears back to placate her. She was the boss. "Of course not. I... I'll try to find you something shiny the next time I visit Halifax," he promised.

The wolfdog pup yawned, settling back down in the crook of his arm. "You better... I want a necklace, and... a bunch of earrings, and... gold and silver and gemstones..." Her head slumped down, and Hati gently reclaimed his silver chain, worried that she might get it tangled and choke. It was good to see her so spirited after her battle with pneumonia. She deserved some reward, didn't she? He would try to find some jewelry tomorrow.

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