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Haskel/Catori Kids: Unless you guys don't like this idea, please assume that Lotte came to her brothers and told them privately of finding their father's body dead, but she omits any mention of Noah or how she brought his body to where Ayita is buried, and then together they did the funeral thing? I just don't really want to thread this out, unless you all want to...
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and a voice, with the fear of a child, answers

Charlotte had not had the heart to call the pack together for two days. She knew there was a difference in the air, and perhaps the pack could feel it, too. She knew she could not wait any longer than she already had, but the time had been needed to be spent with her family. Lotte had needed the time to freely grieve before fully assuming the role of Queen. She had spoken to Silvano briefly about what had happened so that he would not be surprised, but otherwise, it was only her brothers that were aware of the King's death. The borders were not going unprotected during her family's time of grief, of course; Noah had told her he would remain in the area for a few days to keep them safe until she was ready, and she trusted him, despite having only just met him.

The meeting could not be put off for any longer, though, and Charlotte had felt confident as she had called them together and as she had watched them arrive. Now that she was looking at them all, though, her confidence was waning—fast. Though she had been born here and raised with the possibility of this future, made real by her close proximity to her father in a time of desperate weakness, she worried about their reactions. So, she knew, was Liam, and that did not make her feel much better about it.

"My father is d-dead," she announced, a slight hitch in her voice at the word. It sounded so final, even in the open air outside in the courtyard of the hotel. "He was attacked, but by the time he was found... They were gone. As my first act as Queen," she continued, hesitating only briefly to see if there would be an outcry or lashing out by anyone, "I have spoken with a trusted loner, who has agreed to watch our borders from the outside for a few days longer. We must be extra vigilant, even inside our borders." The words were spoken with passion, a pleading gentleness to her tone.

"Strelein has also passed... Our pack has suffered many great losses lately: my mother, Ayita; Strelein; and now our King. But we're strong and we'll be okay," she encouraged, looking to the young pups of the pack with the unspoken message of thinking for the future. With a yip, she encouraged those around her to join her in a howl, her song sad, mourning the loss of those she loved. She could hear the other voices joining in, one by one, slowly but surely.

440 words
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men weren’t meant to ride with clouds between their knees

His father was dead.

The Haskel boy—no, the Haskel man—sat at the gravesite, alone in spirit if not body, for one of those two days after his sister had delivered the news. His vigil had been silent, but his green eyes had burned with all the emotions surging in his heart. It was not proper sorrow, not like with his mother; it was a grief full of anger, bitterness, even something close to hatred.

Skoll hated Vigilante for crumbling when they had needed him so much, and he hated Charlotte for delivering the news and being there with the King when no one else was. He hated the rest of his family for not being able to do anything. He hated himself, an orphan who hadn’t been able to fucking do anything to save them all.

The day after his vigil he had been in a very dark place, and it had scared him. He sat in his room, holding a book about princes and kings in his large hands. He’d stared down at the words, finding them blurring together, and blinking away tears he’d ripped the pages out. Snarling, Skoll hurled the destroyed book at the wall, and when Keziah peeked her head in to see what was going on, he’d screamed at her, too. He’d no doubt that she’d fallen back into a dark place of her own, afterward, because when the rage fled his body he’d come in to see her curled in a ball, weeping when he reached out to touch her and apologize for what he’d done.

His fear had managed to drag him out of that darkness, but it burned under his skin as he heard his sister’s voice calling the pack together. Her voice warbled with false strength, nothing more than a princess’ parody of a monarch’s summons. It was wrong, it was too weak, it wasn’t his, but Skoll followed out of respect for Court custom and nothing else.

The normally bright yearling stood at the edge of the gathering, his green eyes hard as the precious stone set into his sun pendant. He ignored any glances his way and crossed his arms, staring at where his sister stood, her chocolate brown body lithe and delicate.

His features betrayed nothing as she announced the death of the King, but his ears tilted back and his lip twitched when she announced her queenship, and then spoke of a “trusted loner.” He’d no doubt that a loner killed his mother, killed his father—how could she trust one not bonded by pack blood? She was a fool, and if his body didn’t feel so weak after all his spent rage, he could go out to the borders and strike the loner down and show his sister how to set real patrols around her pretty little kingdom.

The Queen ended her speech with a clumsy reassurance, a lie, and led the pack’s voices into a howl of mourning, a last cry of grief for the souls that had departed, the old ones, the done ones. Only new blood was left in the pack, but it was all wrong.

Skoll was closed-mouthed and immovable during the howl. He stared hard at the curve of his sister’s throat as she lifted her head to guide her flock in song. He inhaled, exhaled, shifted his weight. He didn’t even need to try very hard to hide his tears anymore.



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omg can't believe me and raze both missed that!! sorry gen~~ D: | WC: 429

Numb. Hati could grieve no further, pushed beyond his emotional capacity by tragedy after tragedy. He stared with dead eyes, listening dully as his sister informed the Courtiers of what he had known since the funeral two days prior. His father had followed his mother to the grave, and their pitiful family dwindled even further.

His father had been a stranger in the last months of his life. More than that, though, the King had always been distant to him, and Hati had always been too meek to try and close the gap between them. Perhaps it was the fault of the war with the tribe, calling Vigilante to defend the kingdom instead of bonding with his youngest litter when they were first born. Maybe he could blame the memory of Noah, the eldest brother he had never met who betrayed his parents by deserting them and breaking their trust. The Court itself could be to blame, the burden of leadership grinding the King into dust. Or it was the simple fact that father and son were too much alike in their private, quiet ways. They did not know how to connect, and now they never would.

Now Hati found himself staring at his littermate Charlotte, and realizing she was a stranger as well. She alone had devoted herself to Vigilante, shadowing him, emulating him, absorbing his lessons, and now assuming his mantle of royalty. This loss must be the hardest on her, coupled with the effort it would take to run the kingdom, but Hati was too numb to empathize with his sister. Everything was unraveling too quickly for him to keep up with. He turned his weary gaze until he found Skoll lingering at the edge of the crowd. He wanted his brother to be strong and brave, someone he could look to for help and comfort. It felt like Skoll was the only family he had left. And yet, what he found was a hard glare, as immutable and pitiless as stone. Hati quickly looked away, before the numbness could be replaced by pain. On their mother's deathbed, Skoll had embraced him, and they both wept together. Hati wanted to reach out to his brother now, but he did not know how to, and so he did nothing.

He realized Lotte had finished speaking, and he had not truly heard a word of it. When she tilted back her muzzle to howl, he automatically joined her, low tones of his wolf song lingering in the crisp morning air. He would sing in mourning, and feel nothing.

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It seemed as though everyone around him was dying. First Ayita, a woman he did not know well at all but knew as one of the matriarchs of the Court, passed away from her wounds. He was saddened that they knew so little and could not help her in her time of need other than to let her rest or feed her numbing herb blends. And then went the former Dauphin, the man he had himself disposed of from power and watched slip away from public eye like a cat slinking into the shadows. But he had wasted away and he had died of illness, and it seemed few were truly surprised of its coming. He had been ill and Silvano knew it had been time, young as he was. And then Vigilante. He was gone too, his King, the man who had taken in him and his mate when his own family had left for a far away land. And he was gone.

In his heart he was glad they were at rest now and suffering was no longer their enemy, peace now their ally. But the loss of two experienced - if wounded at heart - leaders was a blow. He was without a safety net and the new Queen would rely on him until she was caught up to speed. For now, he was the experienced one. Had he wanted to, Silvano knew he could have taken the rank of King, though it was not his rank to take. Vigilante wanted his daughter to have it and he honored that desire without a hint of remorse. Even though he was subservient to the new Queen, he understood that they were on mostly equal footing here, especially with the rest of the court at hand.

Silvano said nothing as the Queen ran through her shaky first speech and felt pity blossom. Here was a girl fresh out of youth really, and she was trusted with all the safety of their home. Silvano would help. He would always help. He even smiled weakly as she looked at the children in the crowd, his own landing on his two, perfect little boys. Yes, this was all for them, for his sons. For his future children. For his bloodline. Without a word, the tall, proud, straight-backed Constable raised his maw and joined in with the Queen, and let the ringing of all their howls mingle in a mournful cry.

Now, I've learned it's better living in the moment. Enjoy youth, cause it doesn't last.

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i waited gen!!! love this draft feature!

Another call, once again voice by someone Alder did not know. It was to the pack and he knew that he needed to return it with his presence. He was slow moving, despite his history of being loyal and vigilant when called. He took Hawthorn, riding to the center of the pack lands and gaining comfort by his friends company during the travel. On the outskirts of the gathering he dismounted and allowed the horse to forage through the dead autumn leaves while he attended the meeting.

His Optime form wandered closer at a slow moving pace, eyes watching the others as they all trickled in. Who was standing before them now? His thoughts went to the day Silvano took up his place among the leaders of the pack. Her figure was familiar, and he knew her only from the other pack gatherings that he had attended. This was not who he had expected to see here, it was not what he had wanted. The daughter of their King. Alder looked for the shaggy wolf-dog and could not see his face among the crowd. His heart sank, the day was not to be a good one.

The masked wolf was silent through her speech, a true disheartened feeling arising in him. Vigilante was dead. Blue eyes fell to the ground at hearing the words. Their King, the one that had been left to hold them together was gone. The dog-King had been a good creature, kind and just. He had been strong and as his name spoke, vigilant. Alder had never known the Court being led by any other, and he was gone. Never again would they see his face or hear his deep voice. His reassuring tone.

Fear crept into him, for the King had left them with his child. He looked at the lithe woman, nothing of her reminded Alder of their king. Her eyes hardly the deep green of their fallen leader, they were something softer. He was even discouraged by the lack of Strelein among them, experience in leadership falling away from their ranks like leaves on a tree.

When the mourning voice was brought up towards the sky Alder tipped his nose in unison and added his own deep tone to the chorus. They would be okay, she had told them. The Marshal did not know how they would recover from the loss. But at the least Charlotte was right in one aspect; They were strong.

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Who was calling? It was no one she recognized to have the right to call the pack that way. Terra's voice was sharp calling Ananse and Loki to her side. The family entered the clearing, Terra's green eyes looking over everyone that was there. The pack filtered in slowly. Skoll and Hati both look devastated. Something new had struck the Haskel home. Grimacing she searched for the threat, wondering what family member had been harmed this time. Charlotte was given no more than a passing glance despite the fact that she was the one that had called the group together. She wasn't important enough.

The announcement did bring Terra's attention back to the young female. She listened, features indiscernible as the words were spoken. So the king was dead. It was a tragedy. Skoll was left alone now. Terra moved to comfort him, nuzzling him briefly before the more heavy words were spoken. A low growl broke from Terra as she straightened up. What? It only took a moment for Terra to shift to her secui form. It wasn't much. There was more muscle over her frame, but Terra still lacked the strength it would take. She was a small creature, and couldn't truly face against anyone in the pack.

Boldly the female stepped forwards. The pack was grieving, and they were given a pup to lead them through this? To somehow make the fact that they lost two trusted leaders in such a short period of time? Terra had struggled with trusting Silvano, and now this. You think you would make a leader for this pack? You lack the strength, and the experience! One might think it was a challenge, but Terra knew better. She couldn't be a leader. Terra didn't have the strength for it either. You think you can heal this pack, make it better somehow? Heal it to be better than it was when Vigilante, your father, ruled it? With what knowledge?

Twisting Terra walked out of the clearing. I'm not staying in such a weak pack. I won't risk my family. The coyote didn't linger. She didn't look at any of the friends she had made, or pause at anything that was familiar. The lands she now trod would become a mystery to her. The female didn't bother pausing to collect anything. Her magic supplies, her cloak, her stolen goods, all were left behind as she walked past the border to search for a better place to live.

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Word Count → 466 :: idefk.... ;.;

No one said that this would be easy
This is never easy.

A vaguely familiar voice called the pack. Mars had been feeling antsy lately, as if there was something wrong in the air, and behold, there was something terribly wrong with his home. His leaders had fallen, and the wolf dog did not know it yet. He gathered his family, his wife, his child, and his extended family, his other older children, and their mother. The Russo clan slowly got together, each of them taking their more comfortable forms, the children in their secuis and lupus', while the Adults took their Optime forms. Mars and Orin rode on the back of Vox, while Senorita was ridden by Krystalle. The thundering of hooves were the only sounds made between the large clan. Even Paz, one of the more talkative of the group knew that there was something wrong, and there was no reason to speak. They quickly made their way to the meeting, and once they were there, they hitched their horses in the back and they found seats respectfully. They looked up at the woman who stood before them. Mars recognized her as Charlotte. Bartholomew let him know this woman, to realize that there was a reason he knew her, because he was the reason she was still here today.

Mars watched her and listened to her words. The king was....dead... Mars' heart stung, and his ears fell back on his head and he sadly looked at Charlotte. How could the King do this to him?! Not only did he let the Sadira become a constable, but he also went off and got himself killed! He didn't even let anyone know he was at the borders and needed help! Mars bit the tip of his tongue, and it started to bleed. He couldn't help but let his gaze drop down to the ground and silent sorrow go through him. He wanted this to be a dream. His children were also sad, but not as sad as he. Mars let out a growl, and then a voice was thrown into the air that was defiant. Terra. His ears flipped up, and he snarled at Terra as she spoke. He did not move. He did not speak, just a bloodied snarl was given to the woman as she finished and then walked away from the mourning pack. Once she was gone, Mars looked back to the Queen and he and his family rose their heads to the skies and let their own doggish songs fill the air.

The Russo clan had no where else that they could go, so they would stay, and they would protect their Queen, because they had failed to protect their King....

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men weren’t meant to ride with clouds between their knees

Skoll barely even felt Terra nuzzling against him, and while he would have welcomed the comfort at any other time, the comfort from one of his few true friends in the pack, today he gave no sign of that. He might as well have been as dead as Vigilante, for his stony face, one that had even failed to soften when he felt his brother’s blue eyes on him. Later, after the meeting, he knew he’d seek his brother out and allow his guard to drop, and maybe give Hati the comfort that he deserved if he could muster the strength—but not now, not during this.

The mourning howl was interrupted by the coywolf suddenly, and the golden male glanced her way though he couldn’t quite feel shock. Pathetically, he agreed with her words—or at least most of them. Youth was his flaw as well, but strength… Skoll had strength. He was his father’s son, no matter if Vigi never loved him like he loved Lottie.

It was strange, how that stupid, weak, pathetic thought could threaten to break his mask, but he took a deep shuddering breath and swallowed back the tightness in his throat. Terra was right, and even though he wanted to grab her and bring her back as she walked away without a further goodbye… He didn’t think he could blame her. With Silvano, it had been different; Silvano was a proven warrior, strong, and he’d only taken the place of the old, tired Dauphin. Though Strelein was missed, by the time he’d been usurped the Court wouldn’t miss his leadership.

Skoll knew in his secret heart that Vigilante had been weak and old, too, and he still hated him for his fall—but he knew what Vigilante had done for them, too, had heard all the stories when he was a puppy and wanted nothing more than to be King.

Hell, he still did.

“Terra,” the pale hybrid woofed after her, his voice sharp. “Don’t disappear.” It was a brief command, and it wasn’t as angry as it should sound—but he only meant that he didn’t want her to fade from his life completely. Terra could join a pack with a strong leader, a deserving leader, but she would always be his friend, and he’d come seek her out even though he’d never bring her back unless the situation here changed. He didn’t want to see her go forever.

With the coyote woman leaving with her children, the first of those to openly disagree with the Queen’s new reign, Skoll glanced back up at his chocolate sibling almost haughtily. What would she do? What could she do?

Uhm hopefully no one minds another razepost here. ;_; This is like, no action at all hardly, more introspection, and I wanted to write it because free post order? and I need Skoll posts and yeah. :B 445 words


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WC::300+ OOC::Psshh, what's ANOTHER raze post?

A familiar voice called for the pack’s presence. It was his little sister charlotte who made the request. More than just a dutiful member to the pack, but also one of the few left of his dwindled family he answered her. The male made an appearance at the gathering, same as many others had done. Kable already knew a little bit of what the young Haskel had to say. Having to hear it for a second time probably wouldn’t do much good for his mental state.

Looking about the summoned crowd he noted his family littered about the others. The new queen had said her bit. She spoke of the steps she was taking with her new leadership, appointing a loner to aid them. He wasn’t sure he agreed with that, but who was he think anything against it. He was a lowly member of the court. The ones who had been there for a long time that would always be remembered were gone from them forever. Things would be different from now on, and hopefully in time for the better.

The small coyote woman Terra made a fuss about the shift in power. She got angry and quickly stormed off with her children in tow saying she didn’t need a weak pack. In similar thought they didn’t need a member like that, someone who couldn’t embrace the change and was bitter didn’t belong with them here. The chocolate colored girl led the courtiers in sad song. One to which he physically couldn’t join. His voice weak and raspy from crying and random fits of denial and rage. The mix’s body instead began to shed tears against his will. He wouldn’t ever leave again, he couldn’t. The older Catori would follow his little sister, and be there for her whenever, however she needed him. Not that he was really any help before but he could try.


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Liam was sticking close to his sister. He was her knight and guard. As one of the few elder Catori's around he had to defend his family. He had smelt something on the grave area and a bit On Charlotte. Though he knew the scent he said nothing not wanted to cause any issues his own feelings to the side. He had to help the queen stand on her two feet. He would not waver from her side now he'd stand tall and help her to do the same.

He watched Terra Throw her fit. He snarled a bit as he tensed. How dare she Charlotte was bred to be a leader she was trust by their father. He had been teaching her for months now and he knew she'd be able to lead. He watched her storm off and he was glad that Amaranth was not here. Amaranth most likely would have chased Terra and Attacked her though Liam wouldn't hold it against her.

He looked At Raze as he heard him speaking. "Let her go Skoll. We are not weak Charlotte is not weak." He spoke his tone a growl as his bi colored eyes watched the woman leave. They didn't need her. He looked to Kable he was their lines patriarch The eldest Male Catori here. And Liam was the last eldest Haskel blood. The pair would work hard he knew to help their sister. Liam looked at Hati as he took a breath. He would have to watch him closer then before. The male was soft a bit softer then he hoped and it worried him a bit. He moved from his close spot to Charlotte and moved to Hati. Brother
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