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WC: 214 OOC: Is short buuut /shrug. Jiva is in optime, near the stables :D

It was wet outside. That’s what Jiva hated. The wet weather just made him want to groan, and he did, but he had to be out and about but to do what, he didn’t know. He just wanted to do something to get his mind of the things that were going on in his home. It was not feeling like a home right now, but he was doing his best. An idea occurred to him but he didn’t know about how he should do it. With wood of course, but to make a chair... well that took expertise. He helped Sanga’lik with their fence and barn but that was help, he didn’t do it by himself.

He found himself wandering about, and found him out near the stables. Biting his lip he remembered that Cour des Miracles usually stored wooden planks of all kinds in theirs, it was where his father worked with both his birds and his wooden projects. So perhaps Vinatta did the same. He found himself still standing outside. He was weary of the large animals that lived inside the stables. He was not a horse wolf and never worked with them, and since going to New Dawn rarely saw the large animals and never had anything to do with them.
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Teme Chibi is by Titmouse!

As usual, the dark Stormbringer chose to swing through the trees instead of walk along the ground. He didn't know how this had really worked out, but he often found himself swinging, running and jumping through the trees at a speed that should have been dangerous. His hands were confidant however, his feet gripping steadily to the branches as he tucked and tumbled through the branches. He was thankful that the majority of the trees in Vinátta were pine and didn't shed their leaves in the autumn and winter, as he'd been told many trees did. He was able to move with ease through the branches without being spotted, which made this rather unusual technique great for hunting.

His destination today was the stables. He'd been seeing Helexia every day, getting her used to the make-shift head collar and leading her around wherever he could. It would be years before he could ride her, but he was developing a bond with the filly that was important to both canine and equine. With a final swing, the male dropped out of the trees not too far from the stables. The paddocks around the building was beginning to fill up with horses and the stubborn donkey. Blue eyes, however, were drawn to a cream coloured wolf stood close to the stables, looking a little unsure. "Can I help you?" He called out, walking forward to try and help the male out.

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