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Things were heating up in Vinatta. Apparently, a lone pack of wolves had begun to cause trouble around the borders. Leaf's ma had even been in the fights around the pack. Despite his naturally timid and worrisome nature, the fox had to come to the borders. His vixen friend was out there, and Ivy needed to be warned of the dangers. The fox bounced quickly around the borders, tail and nose low, as he shuffled across the dark forest floor swiftly. The young fox's mind was buzzing with fears. What if Ivy had come already, and was now captured by the mean wolves. But he couldn't think like that, Ivy dying made his eyes grow watery and thick.

The small clearing where he'd normally meet the vixen was quiet, the rustle of trees as they spoke to one another had seized. The fox lifted his head, nose poised forward, snaking it's way through the bushes and underbrush. Ivy's scents were old, so she'd yet to arrive. Leaf mumbled to himself, before jumping up to rest his legs on an old tree stump, cleared of the towering trunk years ago. The fox's hazel eyes glared forward, hoping to see the bright and happy shape of Ivy come forward soon. He waited minutes, circling the stump he stood on, as if marking out a dance. His bushy tail swiped around, eye constantly wondering to check for the vixen.

"Leaf?" Came a tired voice. Leaf smiled with relief as he saw Ivy's colorful coat break through the green. She looked wary and tired. Leaf jumped down from the stump and nuzzled her check. "You ok Ivy?" He asked with concern. Ivy nibbled his ear, growling slightly, "I had a tail, these wolves I think, they were followin' me back there. I lost them in the underbrush though, don't think they could make it across." The vixen panted a bit, before smiling at Leaf. He returned the look with a drooping brow, as much as he was relieved, what if they'd caught her? "Ivy, maybe you should stay in Vinatta a bit, there have been rumors about some nasty wolves around the borders." Blue eyes looked at him, frowning as if offended.

"You think they could catch me? Ha!" Ivy said proudly, "I'm the fastest out there Leafie! I'd like to see them try!" The fox tried to stay fixed on concern, but her funny ways always seemed to break through him. Leaf smiled, nudging Ivy's cheek before looking back at the under-growth that marked out the borders. Ears twitched as he thought he heard a noise of treading paws.

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Normally, Farina was the one that was causing problems. Her habit of running away and becoming a vagabond was one that frequently took up her day. It was almost as if her genetics coded escape to be in her body. She felt the incredible urge, daily, to try to escape from the confines of Vinatta territory, to see the world and experience everything she could in the embrace of a day. It wasn't as if Vinatta provided any sort of distaste to her, but she longed to feel the breeze through her hues of fur, and she wanted to see everything that she could with her own eyes. Every experience made her that much more grown-up, and she loved being able to learn about everything she wanted.

She lifted her dark gray eyes to the sky, taking in the surroundings around her as she breathed in the warm summer air. It was so warm as it entered her nose, but it was beautiful and she loved it. Her pupils settled on the forest tops that were near, and a mischievous smirk appeared on her face. "Target acquired," she said to herself, lowering her body to the ground. She shook her butt in the air for a second, and then sprang into a sprint, heading for the forest. To adventure! She ran, as fast as she could. Adventure was calling her! It was pulling her as if her heart was on a string, and she was being led with her emotions and her excitement. As she continued to sprint, her tongue fell out of her mouth, her breathing became hard, but she kept going. This is what living was about! But the forest scene so vanished as she came onto the borders, almost running over the two foxes that were standing there. "WOAH!"

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There are moments in life when staring at each other in silence allows a pair to talk without words. As Leaf stared into the light blue eyes of Ivy, he felt something. Any friend in danger would cause him to feel scared and worried, but this was different. It felt stronger, like a burning flame inside of him. The fox blinked and smiled, and Ivy mirrored him. They sat in silence, the worrisome of the near past floated away, and Ivy shuffled to lean on Leaf. The fox remained still, ears turning, resistance to lie still. Every rustle made him jump, and his vixen with him.

Ivy nipped his shoulder, "Come on Leaf, they, who ever they were, didn't follow me." Leaf glanced at her, trying to smile. Was it some sort of instinct that kept him from resting, the urge that ticked in his mind that something was wrong. The forest grew quiet again, and Leaf was tempted to move and stand, walk back home with Ivy. But then a distant, weak rustle became like a wave. It grew closer and stronger, and Leaf's ears pointed up to the heavens, his brown eye burning the trees.

Suddenly a flash of coal black rushed past. Like a stick, the pair of foxes split and scattered into the bushes either side of the opening. They didn't dare look back, not until the brush hid their flaming orange hides. Leaf panted as he turned to see who had run through them. He smiled, it was a young member, Farina. He jumped out at the sight of her necklace, yapping quietly before sitting in front of the wolf. "Heya Farina," He said through pants, "You scared us yah know!" He smiled to clear some tension, before realizing he stood alone. His head turned to Ivy's section of cover. His heart dropped slightly. "Ivy? It's safe out here!" The vixen back out of her green cover, looking as disturbed as Leaf had been a few moments before.

She walked up to them, nodding to Farina. "Sorry, I thought I saw someone in the distance over there." She said, a certain essence of fear in her tone. Her blue eyes gazed into Leaf, expecting comfort from the male.

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