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It was hot as hell outside and in his dark coat the Sole felt the need to hide in the shade, but he had already promised Lola a party. The silvery woman was already working hard preparing clams at the reserve, a delicacy that Jazper was foreign to but welcomed. With the heat the Knight father only hoped Alister, and perhaps the two’s apprentices, were helping out. Even Alexander, who had yet to shift despite his maturity, could help hold things and retrieve items for the mentors.

The coal man carried a bag of skinned and seasoned meat that the Butcher, Isaac had made while the Butcher’s brother, Jonas walked beside him carrying a bag of bread biscuits he had made this very day. The two made their way toward the Clam Reserve smiling at those who were already at work. Lola was well on her way to ready with the clams and two fires had been started, with wooden spits set up above them.

Handing the bag of meat over to Jonas with a grin he motioned for him to set the meat up to cook. It would take a couple of hours to cook, but it was al up to the taste of the individual. Besides, everyone had fresh salmon and clams and biscuits to choose from. He wandered over to the opening of the river, where the Salmon were fighting their way to survival and to the production of another generation. Raising his muzzle high in the air he released a dark toned howl, bidding everyone to join in the feast.

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Wheeeee! (289)

Though a "party" hardly felt like Alexander's scene, when Jazper had informed him that it was mandatory in attendance, he resigned to making himself helpful so that he didn't have to think so much about how nervous he was. Most, if not every Luperci in the pack was sure to be in their Optime forms; he was aware he'd be milling about much like the family dog rather than an actual family member.

Still, he was there to help set-up the party and take his mind off his shift-less body, so the four-legged coywolf preoccupied himself with dragging bags full of miscellaneous food-stuffs that would be set out for the guests. His father arrived soon after, with Jonas at his side, and Alex waved his tail at them both in passing as he finished his duties.

For his hard work, he was given a clam to try for the first time, already cracked open since he couldn't do it himself. He lay down with it between his forepaws, off into a corner so that he could eat. However, tasting the delicacy turned out to be one of the more unpleasant experiences so far in his life.

Having not met many travesties before, the ugly taste that clam left on his tongue was certainly up there on his list of awful things—right after family disappearances and not being able to shift.

Discretely he spit out what was in his mouth, casting furtive glances to and fro as he tried to dispose of the remaining mollusc by burying it in the grass. He coughed, pushing himself out of his laying position, into a sit, and moved away from his discarded clam—eager for some water to wash away the taste.

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OOC Wheee have Stormie babbles!

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Of course he was helping, Alister hadn’t been able to escape the upcoming party. It was all Lola talked about these days, and when the day finally came, he felt relieved. He’d carved out plates and platters, sanded their surfaces smooth, and was now working on carrying a couple tables outdoors for serving purposes. He borrowed Isaac for the task, each male playfully trying to one-up the other by seeing how far they could lift their ends off the ground. Alister was winning at the moment, heaving it up to his waist, though Isaac wasn’t making it easy. The butcher had built himself up over the years, cleaving through bone. He wasn’t giving in. It didn’t necessarily make the job, easier, but they were enjoying their little game, anything to get their mind off the day’s heat. By the time they reached the beach, both were panting. “Drinks later?” Isaac asked, his tongue lolling sloppily out the side of his mouth. “You read my mind.” Alister grinned, his tail swaying behind him merrily. He’d taken more to the drink lately, having downed a bottle of whiskey with Kaylee a few days previous. The woman herself was present, doing something or another to help, though her train of thought often got derailed as the various foodstuffs were brought out. After inspecting each new item she became determined to catch one of the migrating salmon in the lake. Strangely, enough, apart from the Luperci, yet another guest lingered on the horizon- no more than a black silhouette, glancing over the spread with curiosity. The newest addition to Alister's entourage it would seem, the gelding Alister aptly named Merlin appeared to follow the hybrid wherever he went, though was far too proud to come too close, unless he was called.

Satisfied that the tables were properly arranged, and the platters were all assembled Alister caught sight of Alexander keeping to himself in a patch of grass a little ways off. He watched his apprentice’s face as he tried his very first clam, doing what he could to stifle his laughter at the look of utter disgust that crossed his thinner, more coyote-like muzzle. He stepped up beside him, trying to make enough noise so the boy wouldn’t be caught unawares. “Try swallowing it whole, next time.” He advised. “You don’t get the taste as much.” The wolfdog had nearly had the same reaction to his first clam, but, had somehow managed to swallow down his distaste for the chewy sea creature, and convince Lola that he’d liked it. He couldn’t afford not to, after all. She was always eager to share the delicacies of her home village with her tawny lover, who had always insisted he was more for turf than surf when it came to food. But, he graciously sampled whatever was offered him, and managed to look happy doing so; which, at times, proved to be quite a feat. Seeing her happy, however, was more important. Ah, the things men do for the women who love them.

The tawny knight squatted down beside Alexander, seriously beginning to regret his wardrobe decision for the day. The black satin shirt was handsome, but it attracted too much sunlight. He could only imagine Jazper’s grief with his raven black pelt. And, instead of his cloth and hide pants he’d found a pair of jeans, having clumsily altered them to cut off a bit past his knees. The sword belt was there, though more for style than anything else. His bastard sword rested on the weapon’s rack in his and Lola’s home. It’s empty sheath dangled at his left side, though his small dagger remained at his right in case he needed to cut something. The purple flourite pendant dangled as he squatted next to lupus apprentice, the small crystal catching the sun’s light and glittering pleasantly.

“Still bummed, huh?” Alister spoke quietly, well aware of his newest charge’s anxiety at still being unable to shift. His hazel eyes were empathetic and warm as he fixed the young boy in his friendly gaze.

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~600 Form: Secui/Optime — OOC: Ahaha what a coincidence! I was just at a clam bake type thing this Friday!

It was too hot. It was always too hot. Of course, the thickness of her fur didn't help in the least. It trapped in the heat in like a second layer of skin, letting nothing escape. Some days in the summer, she felt as if she could barely even move for the heat pressing down upon her skin. Some days she didn't venture outside at all for fear of catching fire. (Or at least feeling as if she had caught on fire.) But after so many days of staying inside, she couldn't possibly stand to be contained within the walls of the fort much longer. She grabbed her bow and quiver, and set out.

Once outside, the archer mostly stuck to the shadows where it was coolest. Today's heat wasn't nearly as crushingly hot as some of the worst days had been, and the lady even allowed herself a to break into a trot, her strong Secui legs carrying her quickly across the land. It felt so good to stretch her legs, as she had missed the outdoors. Everything outside was so much more alive, so much more bright and enticing. Finding a small pool of water, she stopped to take a drink momentarily before continuing along her way. Without a destination in mind, she wandered across the pack territory, eventually coming up to a beach.

She bounded into the water, splashing about but never going in far enough for the cool liquid to touch her belly. It felt so good, and relived some of the heat that previously saturated her body. In mid-splash, she heard a howl rise into the air not far from where she was from. It was most certainly the howl of a leader, and it spoke of a feast. Nyla was all to happy to comply, as all her running about had worked up quite an appetite. She decided to shift into her upright form as she traveled towards the occasion, realizing halfway through the process that she haddn't any cloths to wear. After contemplating whether or not to travel back to Fort Kingsbury and grab a change of cloths, she decided to go without them. She wasn't as self-conscious about nakedness as some other canines were, though her preference was to wear cloths. Ah, well. You'll probably be going back in the water later anyways. Cloths would just be another hassle. she thought as she padded within sight of the festivities, now fully shifted into her Optime form.

The lady nervously twirled a lock of fire-like hair around her fingers as she spotted a few other canines. As excited as she had been a few moments before, now she was beyond nervous at approaching one of those already present. As her mismatched eyes surveyed the crowd, she spotted a few people she recognized. Oh, and there was Jazper, the leader she had yet to meet. She'd stay away from him for now, surely he was already busy with someone or something far more important than she. She slunk around the edge of the area for now, avoiding eye contact with all these friendly strangers. Eventually she decided to snatch one of the clams of the table, making her way back down to the water. As she walked, she caught a glimpse of Alister in her side vision, and her heart beat a little faster, though it slowed when she saw him already engaged in conversation with a younger lad. Once down on the beach, her gaze went out across the sea, watching the never-ending motion of the waves. Perhaps this would turn out better than originally thought.

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Ooc optime. ^w^./wc 836

A party. She had no idea what to do for this kind of...event. She watched from the shadows of the trees as the other canines set up the food, the seating. There were so many here, more than she wasn't sure she could ever be truly at ease with. She'd gone from knowing one, living with one, to knowing two, then three, and now...she didn't know how many. She jumped a bit when Jazper let his howl ring out, calling any others to the party. She sighed and took a few uncertain steps forward into the light. She only wanted to be here for as long as necessary and hoped fervently that no one spotted her and tried to make conversation.

Not that she'd tried to slip away if someone did, she wouldn't be rude, she was just very shy and timid, and especially around so many people. However, if she saw three certain wolves she wouldn't mind talking to one of them. If they were here, she wouldn't feel so alone. That was a big if. Veri tipped her nose up and sniffed, blinking in surprise when she smelled an old, familiar scent. A memory she didn't consciously remember, but a memory. The smell of fresh clams. She wandered forward to the table they were sat at, tentatively looking around to see if someone would stop her or punish her for doing something wrong. She saw no one heading toward her with either a stern face or an enraged one, so she snatched one and retreated back to her shadows.

The cream wolf held the delicacy up to her nose and inhaled deeply, a soft smile touching her lips. It smelled so good, though she had no idea why. She bit into it eagerly, almost wriggling with joy at the familiar flavor. She gulped it down quickly and licked her lips slowly, savoring the taste in her mouth. Her stomach growled with hunger, making her ears drop with fear, worried another member of the pack would overhear. She wrapped her arms over her abdomen to help muffle the noise, her face flushing a bit and making her feel even warmer than the heat of the day provided.

She turned away from the food to distract herself, thinking of other things to draw her mind away from her nearly empty stomach. She closed her eyes and thought of the sun. Of the heat over her foot, which was still set out of the shade. She took a step out of the shadows and let the sun wash over the front of her body, lighting her cream colored fur with shimmering life. The sheen of the sun’s rays playing over her hid the scars over her chest, belly, sides, and above her groin. They blended in more. She opened her eyes and looked down, noticing this for herself. Her eyes saddened. She wished it were that easy to erase scars. She stepped back into the shade completely, rubbing her arms. It was a good to have a party. Beautiful, really. She just wished she could be more into it. Despite all the other canines present, Veri felt alone, isolated, like she was in her own little bubble.

She shook her head, realizing she was withdrawing, sinking again. She had to stop that. She rubbed her arms and looked around, not exactly sure if there was anything left for her to do. She eyed the salmon and pursed her lips. Maybe she'd try her hand at those later. Back home, she had fished with a net, and she didn't see one around to be handy, so if she fished it would be by hand. Should be easy enough. But she'd try later. Now she was trying to look for a way to be useful to somebody already here.

Tentatively, knowing no one else here and wary of approaching a stranger (to her), she padded a few steps behind the black giant leader. Her ears folded down against her skull with not so much fear as timidness. He didn't seem like the harmful type, but he was so -big-. She cleared her throat softly, her tail snaking between her legs at the seemingly very loud sound. She was kicking herself for her boldness. This was the leader of the pack! she scolded herself, surely he had better things to do, what was she thinking?! But she couldn't stop now, so she forged on, her voice quiet.

"Jazper, sir, uh..." she faltered, the words dying on her lips. She licked her lips nervously and tried again. " there...anything left I can help with? I'm sorry to bother you, I'm just not sure exactly what I can do...I like my hands being busy...” she winced and trailed off. Ugh, she sounded like she couldn't function without someone telling her what to do. Too late now. She clasped her hands behind her back and looked anywhere but at Jazper, her shoulders hunching instinctively from months of merciless abuse for the smallest mistake.

Ooc Timid Veri is very timid. .-. maybe this festive activity and seeing everyone have a good time will bring her out from her shell. ^w^ Btw, I'm a total clam lover, that's the reason for the clam scene in there, they are so good omg. *melts*
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>.< have an Isla :p

There was a party being held on for the pack, and Isla's ears pricked up at the sound of her Grandda's howl. She rose from her shady spot and approached the gathering. Many bodies were already here and Isla found it almost impossible to not be feeling as though she was dying from the heat. At least, though; Isla wasn't in her hot black dress. That would cause her to be panting even more than she already was right now!

Isla approached her Grandda and her uncle Alexander, as soon as she spotted them. She wanted to make herself helpful, and as much as she needed this some part of her wanted to totally ignore the mandatory pack meeting and go back to bed in her cool room. Because it was blazing outside. And Isla's dress she'd normally wear, was no longer available to her right now, instead she wore a pair of cut off jeans she'd found and a smaller topped shirt that covered her breasts. Her usually curly hair that hung along her jaw line, was now pulled back into a thick burgundy pony tail, making her face appear even more slender.

As Isla approached her Uncle, she noticed that Alister was speaking to him. With a kind smile, she waved to Alister then turned to ruffle her Uncle's head and give him a small wink. before continuing on her merry little way. That strange smell of clams was in the air, and as Isla approached her Grandda with a small smile, she turned to the female- Veri- who was now speaking. Then she saw Valerie. The Sole's youngest daughter, and a little cutie at that. Before approaching fully towards her Grandda though, Isla approached Lola and took a clam from her, swallowing it and making a rather odd face, and shaking her head. Its strange. She announced, before walking onwards.

Isla gave her a sideways glance before rushing to her Grandda. Grandda! She said, aiming to take his larger form in a small hug from her tiny red frame. Can I help with anythin' at all? She only vaguely noted the other female that was standing near her Grandda seeming to be very timid and shy as she seemed to look anywhere but at Jazper. I'm Isla. She announced nonchalantly, attempting to make conversation with Veri.
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first actual good mood he's been in in a while! Woo!/603

"It's. Too. Damn. HOT!" The dark furred and cloaked wolf, Rurik, exclaimed as he walked around from tree to tree, trying to find some semblance of coolness. He had hopped his hooded cloak would keep some of the heat off of him, but it was having the opposite effect of trapping heat in and making him even hotter. After a few tries at finding cooler shade he shucked the cloak off, now clad in a loose fitting shirt and short pants. With him he also carried his staff, which he draped the cloak over by the hood in a sort of makeshift umbrella/portable shade.

He'd just settled down between two rocks on a small hill with the cloak over him the rocks, casting shade on him and his hideaway, when he heard Jazper's howl. He looked up at the cloak blankly. "You're kidding." He said to the cloak. "You're joking, you have to be. I just got settled down." With a childish growl he flailed around and tossed his cloak and staff a few feet away. He swung his arms around, throwing a tantrum, and saying how it wasn't fair that every time he got comfortable someone or something would call and need attention. He swung at an innocent tree and missed, ending up sprawled on the ground. He laid there a moment, watching a trail of ants carry a helpless bug away to their home to be eaten later. He huffed at the ants and sent them scattering for cover, which made him smile a bit.

"Might as well go see what's up this time..." He said, looking more upset than he really was. He snatched up his staff and cloak and took off in the direction he'd heard the call. He wasn't really upset, not like he normally is. He actually felt better than he had in a long time, hence the tantrum he'd thrown. It had mostly been for fun, even if it was just him. He arrived at the party after a few other members, the smell of cooking food assaulting his nostrils and making his mouth water. He looked around at the food and his packmates that had gathered and didn't feel out of place, which was normally the case. He made his way through the groups, seeking out the source of the smell, when he spied Jazper's tall form over the heads of his other packmates. From where he was he could see anyone else, but he thought he was talking to someone. Changing his route he picked his way toward the Sole, letting out a yip and wave of greeting.

Once he was closer and didn't have as many bodies in the way, he could see who he'd been talking to: Veri Secanti. That surprised him quite a bit. As shy as she was he hadn't expected her to try and strike up a conversation with the giant hunk of fur and muscle called Jazper. Then he noticed a small red splotch attached to Jazper. At first glance he'd mistaken it for a patch of brightly colored dirt when compared to Jazper's size, but upon closer examination he realized it had fur, a tail, two eyes, and even legs, and was in fact his very own apprentice, Isla. "Jazper! Veri, Isla!" He said loudly with another friendly wave and closing what little distance remained between them. "Fancy seeing you all here." He said with a smile, and a wink in Veri's direction. "What's with all this anyways Jazper? Someone getting married or something?" He asked, readjusting his staff his his cloak would cover them in what little shade it could provide.

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(322) +2 for clam-tasting! and lol posting this on the right account :)

Parties. Ugh, too many people and hardly anyplace to fit admist the numerous canines circling around, talking about things that were somewhat stupid in the girl's opinion. Although, upon arriving at the place it seemed as if the mass of individuals had yet to form, though it was still crowded. Valerie would much rather be training with her mentor, Lola, although it seemed as if the lightly colored woman had organized the entire thing. She let out a sigh, wandering towards where the clams were laid out, picking one up and looking around the area.

Her attention rested on her brother, Alexander, and the girl eagerly walked over towards the boy and plopped down near where he was sitting, holding the already-opened clam between her five-fingered paws. "Did'ya taste one?" she asked somewhat eagerly, warm eyes sparkling with excitement as she turned her attention to the delicacy that she held in her hands, removing one of her hands from it to poke at the squishy meat inside, nose crinkling for a moment. After a bit, she took a bite of the thing - somewhat sloppily, too - and held a look of utter disgust on her face for a moment before her tongue adjusted slightly to the taste, which wasn't as bad as she would have thought.

"Tastes weird," she told the boy, who was stuck as an average canine since he hadn't begun to shift yet, which was a bit worrying to Valerie - delayed shifting couldn't be good, right? Either way, she wished he could shift because then he'd be able to do a lot of fun stuff, or some reason like that. "Eh," she muttered, squinting at the shell with most of the fleshy meat left inside, setting it down next to where she sat with a hardly noticeable shake of her head, thinking that she might finish it later though would probably pass it off to someone else.

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Since this thread is still here, I hope it's okay that I posted. :) [000]

The summer months were among Sidra's favorite time of the year. She loved the warmer weather as her fur wasn't as thick as most others and the hotter months allowed her to show off the body she was so proud of. Although she loved wearing cloaks, being her favorite article of clothing, she enjoyed wearing light and flattering clothing equally as much. She had been lounging around with Aro when she heard the call and her tail began to thump lightly on the bed as the two wolves rolled over playfully. Sidra nibbled lightly on Aro's ear as she sat up. He tugged at her lightly. Don't go beautiful. Sidra giggled and shook her head, standing and straightening her hair up. You know I can't resist a party.

Let's go, it'll be fun. She leaned forward to growl deeply into his ear before she kissed him and then pulled away. With a huff, the black and white male raised in a hesitant agreement. Another chuckle left Sidra as she left the room. I'll meet you there! The party calls for life! She left the room and peeked back in. That's me if you didn't know. Aro laughed loudly. Yeah, I know. Then she left and began to sprint towards the sound of the call. She was wearing a colorful summer skirt that tied at the hip allowing her long leg to show from between the clothes. On top, she wore a half corset top that she loved. It showed off her stomach and back, both of which she was proud of.

Sidra waited no time getting there, eyes searching the many familiar faces with a smile. Don't worry! The party has arrived! She shouted, twirling as she walked through. The river was crowded with salmon and the smell of various meet and sea food filled the air. Her appetite was certainly ready for a proper filling of fish and meat. She couldn't wait to get this party started. With her, she brought the regular assortment of liquor which she kept hidden in brown leather bag. Though, she didn't waste any time taking a few sips from a silver flask which hard alcohol in it before she hid it once again in her bag.

Sidra walked around and greeted her pack mates, searching for her apprentice who she always had fun giving a hard time. They'd been bonding well despite there differences caused by their similarities. Sidra loved being a mentor to Grynn and she felt the girl felt the same way about being under her care. She didn't see Grynn in the crowd yet unfortunately. Never the matter, she'd show up eventually. Sidra picked a spot beneath a tree to rest until everyone arrived. She brought out the flask again and drank slowly, taking her time reaching the heightened party mood she loved to be in.

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A party? Really? In this heat? He walked around mostly staying to himself as he moved through the trees and watch all the activity. It was such a new thing to see so many trying to work together and get a party going. It was so new, he had been to large events like fairs and he bought things and in fact the large sword he wielded was from a fair and he had gotten it from Amy. He smiled lightly as he thought about her and of his daughter and his own family. Both his son and daughter and love were all off doing there own thing and for once Shadow felt he wanted to stay around and not go out and try and see if he could help others around the land. He slowed and ended up leaning against a large dark tree with a nice canopy and after he was in the shade he pulled back his head and crossed his arms as his blue and yellow eyes scanned his pack. He felt happy about a party but at the same time he didn't feel that he should take part in it. He was not really doing anything for the pack. Most of his time in the pack so far had been him looking around and meeting what pack mates he could and just training on his own. He was always training and perfecting his skill with the sword and knives and hand to hand. His stealth and aim with his knives and even a bow was getting lots better but no one, not one wolf had been there to see it and for all they knew, he was just hiding in his house that use to belong to Hadley and Isa and he was taking care of his horse when he needed.

His tail swayed lightly against the tree where he stood as thought of his past pack started to fill his mind. They had never had partys, sure they all got together and had time as a family but they were doing the true wolf thing. Which now that he was around wolves that were more civilized he saw now more mistakes in his old life. He was a fool to think that a True wolf way of living would change him but no matter what his thoughts were on the old pack one thing rang true. He missed his owl pack and he missed his friends and his old family but they were still that...they were still family even though right now he was part of another. His friends had told him home was where the heart was so that meant he had a few homes and all were such that he would never give them up. This party was for him and everyone and he hoped that at least his pack knew he existed and didn't think poorly of him.

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