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Clam Bake thread. MULTIPLES WELCOME!

POSTED: Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:29 pm

OOC: Drunken arm wrestling? Yeah, now it's a party. NO POST ORDER, and ANYONE can join! Come get your points~! The pNPC Isaac Coblentz speech is in italics! WC: 375

Lola's clam bake seemed to be just what the Cavalier's needed, all the them were excited to eat the harvest reaped from her ingenious reserve, taking a chance to sample dishes they'd likely never had the opportunity to try before. Alister was even being a good sport, taking some clams alongside the choice cut of venison- it didn't matter that he'd stuck to his tactic of swallowing them whole- he appeared to be enjoying them, at least. Kaylee had caught her bloody salmon, and now no one would be hearing the end of it. Her short, auburn locks were plastered to her face, even covering one eye and her fur was drenched and sticking up in random points along her miniature hourglass figure. Alister swore he saw Jonas look at her more than once, but pegged it as his imagination. She wasn't pestering him, at least, not that he minded it much these days.

Lola, herself, seemed ecstatic that her event was turning out to be such a success. More than once Alister stared at her dancer's body, she was practically glowing in the sun's dying light as she bustled from group to group. He was certain he'd caught her gaze back at him more than once, but then again, he wasn't exactly being shy about it, he even winked once. It was a brilliant idea, and she shined like a star.

"Alright, here we are. One for you, and the whole bottle for me." Isaac grinned, handing the Callow-knight a glass of whiskey while the bottle of brew was clutched safely in one handpaw. "Well, that's hardly fair." Alister frowned. "Life isn't fair." He returned, taking a tell-tale swig and wiping his muzzle on his arm. "Not for you, it isn't." The tawny knight agreed, lowering his elbow onto the table, keeping it bent upwards at the joint. "Are you suggesting..?" Alister grinned toothily. "Absolutely." Isaac crossed to the other side of the table, lowering his arm just the same as Alister raised his other hand to his lips and downed the glass. "Best out of three." Isaac proposed, "Loser drinks." Alister nodded, gripping the butcher's hand firmly. "I'll try not to embarrass myself." Isaac laughed and clutched the Knight's hand just as firmly.

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Wayne McCoy liked clams.

And it took another Cavalieri a few attempts to shoo the lug away from the table; he sheepishly tipped his hat and sidled away, gulping down one last sliver of the fishy meat and wandering back through the groups. It seemed that many of them formed naturally, but none of them seemed to fit the man; he didn't see his apprentice yet, and Sebastian also hadn't made an appearance. He frowned, feeling at a loss, and debated going to compliment Jonas on his bread before he saw the cattle dog's brother locking hands with Alister on one of the tables.

It took a second for Wayne to realize what was going on, but when he had, he grinned. His nose, busy as it'd been with the roasting meat and bread and fish, caught a whiff of his preferred drink. It seemed prudent to join in, and so he headed over to the table, a lopsided smirk overtaking his usually scowling face. Need yourselves a judge?

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(000+)Is this in a tavern or something? I'll edit my post if it isn't c:

In the corner of the room, Nora stared at her reflection in her tall glass of beer - smiling at it as she fixed a strand of her hair that appeared to be out of place. There were lots of pretty women in the room, and the dark-hued woman didn't want to fall anything short of impressing them. She held her glass up to her nose, closing her eyes gently as she took in its strong scent. She took a small sip, pleased with the pleasant taste but secretly wishing she was holding a drink that had more of a "kick" in it.

Her dish-like ears pricked up as she spotted a familiar face across from her; Alister, the likeable man who had welcomed her into the pack. She couldn't help but smile, seeing how he and a friend of his were getting ready for a round of arm-wrestling. The coyote chuckled to herself as she leaned a little closer, to get a better view. Nora grumbled as a few people walking around got in her way, and joined the small chattering crowd that gathered around the butcher and Alister's table - ditching her boring old drink.

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one two three four, errybody get on the floor, errybody do the dinosaur[000]

Clams. Alister sure knew how to pick someone just as weird as he was, didn't he? At least she was nice about it. And she provided food! Sebastian had initially regarded the things with deep suspicion- he had suffered enough seafood during his voyage to the Americas- but had decided that they weren't so bad. Still, he was completely sure that they gave him fish-breath and was quick to down a few gulps of wine and a piece of duck in the meantime. Now, what to do? It seemed as though new members were becoming more numerous these days. He didn't know as many as he would like.

Jazper looked as busy as ever, nor did Sebastian wish to talk to him. His apprentice was nowhere in sight. Ah, but there was his saviour- none other than Wayne himself, apparently watching over Alister and Isaac as they prepared to test their strength against one another. Sebastian broke out in a grin and sidled over quietly, choosing against announcing himself before he took a seat beside the baker. Of course he brought along his bottle of deep red, sweet wine with him.

"Arm-wrestling, boys? Surely oiled wrestling would make for a better show of strength." Sebastian let out a quick bark of laughter. Of course Alister would say no- far too fearful of letting his burgeoning lust for the masculine form be known, of course. That would be awkward to explain to Lilo. No, Lola, that was it. Clam provider and whatnot. Sebastian poured himself another glass and drained a third of it.

"Fear not, dear Isaac! For I have faith in you. And your muscles." The Italian nodded with an air of wisdom. "Yet beware, for I fear that Alister has no intention of disgracing himself at his lover's party. He shall fight on with great tenacity and zeal." Draining another third of his glass, Sebastian placed the bottle on the table and proceeded to watch Isaac's bulging bicep with rapt attention.

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OOC: They're outside by the water, Link, this was back-dated for the day of the clambake. It's just a little bit after the mandatory thread :) WC: 226

Alister glanced up to see the cowboy with an uncharacteristic smirk, that was more than infectious. “I expect we’ll need one.” Alister’s gaze turned to the petite black figure of Nora as she and other began to gather around. “Hey, Nora.” The tawny corpo greeted the coyote with a friendly smile. “Seems we got an audience, Al.” “Al-is-ter, and greeaat. Now they can laugh at me when I lose.” He just hated that nickname. Three syllables, was it so hard? “Why don’t you pour yourself another one, an’ quit whining.” “Count us out?” He asked Wayne, but stopped suddenly as the clearly tipsy artisan sauntered over.

Alister rolled his eyes at the unwanted attention. “Well, thanks, Seb.” Isaac grinned at Sebastian, meanwhile Alister’s brow quirked. “Err...sure. Wayne?” He looked to Wayne to count them out as he’d done before Sebastian’s sudden interruption. Alister was thankful the sipa had chosen to seat himself on the opposite side of the table, or maybe it was because he wanted a better vantage point? He rather not think too much into it, and returned his focus to his partner.

His muscles tensed, he gave Isaac’s hand-paw a testing squeeze, which Isaac returned, grinning. He searched for Lola in the crowd as he waited for Wayne’s cue, finding her he decided to return the sultry little wink she’d given him earlier.

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Callum had grown somewhat bored with the party, because once he'd eaten his fill there wasn't much to be done besides talking. Conversation was fine; he had pursued that for a little while, but as a teenager with an excess of testosterone, the boy needed something physical to do. His eyes scanned the gathering and found the knot of men (and one woman) that was Wayne, Isaac, Alister, Sebastian and Nora, and he trotted over to them.

He had met Nora earlier in the day, spoken to her if briefly, and was curious about the girl. At ten months old he was quite interested in girls, though he did not know just how to go about meeting and talking to them in a more than friends type of way, and that applied to Nora, too. But impressing her might help! This thought sent him swaggering over to the group where Alister and Isaac were preparing to arm wrestle. He sat in a seat on the available side of the table as Alister and Isaac made ready and, with much bravado, loudly said, I call dibs on the winner.

He made momentary eye contact with Nora, just long enough to make sure she saw him looking, then smiled and looked away. Beneath the table he was flexing and releasing his fist, wondering if he could really take either of the older, more experienced Cavalieri. He blinked the thought away, lest it affect his mindset, and watched the raised, clasped hands carefully, waiting for Wayne to start the match.

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