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Backdated to May. Takes place after this thread.
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Hati awoke. There was a confused moment when he did not know where he was, and could not remember how he got there. The ground was hard beneath him, too hard and cold to be his bed or even the floor of his house. His heart thudded dully in his chest, pulse quickening anxiously. Blue eyes blinked, peering up at what appeared to be a sunrise. He was outside, and it was early morning. The scents that met his questing nose were not familiar. The air did not hold the familiar salty tang of the Cour des Miracles. No, he was in Halifax, apparently having spent the night on a sidewalk.

The wolfdog moved feebly, attempting to sit up and take stock of his surroundings. A glass bottle rolled noisily away from him, clattering and clinking along the pavement. The sharp sounds pierced his skull, and he groaned, rubbing his forehead gingerly with one hand. His head was throbbing with the worst headache he could recall ever having. The scent of alcohol was on his breath, he realized numbly. He must have drank last night, and all those hours were a blur. How embarrassing... He could only hope Liam, Rio, and Esper would not question why he had not come home, because he wouldn't know what to say. Skoll would probably laugh at his predicament, if he stumbled across his brother now. The thought of Skoll's booming voice made him cringe, and he sat fully upright, trying to regain his dignity.

His bleary gaze landed on the building whose shadow he was laying in. It was an old storefront, the cracked paint and shattered glass somehow familiar. Hati pressed his fingers to his temples, trying to dredge up the disjointed memories. Yes, there had been a souvenir shop -- already ransacked for all its valuables, but with some trinkets deemed unworthy of being stolen remaining. He came to the city looking for a present, and he must have picked this building. There were a handful of brassy metal charms he had been sifting through, in some cabinet drawer. They were letters of the alphabet, intended as initials, he presumed. He had been looking for the letter "E" for Esperanza, but the vowels were nowhere to be found. Instead, he found a "C", and that would have to stand for Catori or else he would be getting an earful from his temperamental niece.

There were two charms clenched tightly in his hand, the proof that his memories were not falsified. He prised back his stiff fingers and stared dumbly at what he held. One was the letter "C", and the other similar shape was his silver moon pendant. The seconds sluggishly passed him by before he looked down at his chest, fingers flying to his sternum to check for his necklace. Of course, nothing was there. He had taken off his necklace? He was massively relieved that he still had it, but perplexed all the more. The Courtier clipped the new charm onto his silver chain and pulled the necklace over his head, moving tenderly so as not to jostle his pounding head. At least his trip was not in vain, if he got what he came here for.

Hati leaned heavily against the storefront as he stood, wobbly on his legs. He was stiff, achy in places he did not realize could ache. His stomach was churning heavily, and though he knew he was hungry, there wasn't a single type of food he could imagine that did not make him nauseated. If this was what alcohol did to him, he never wanted to see the stuff again. He had never been all that curious about drinking it in the first place, so what had driven him to overindulge now...? His life had been going so well, he had no reason to slink off alone and debauch himself. He was a good, upstanding citizen.

His wrist twinged as he leaned on it, and he recoiled, rubbing the pale periwinkle fur. There were bruises there. Hati's eyes widened, and he warily probed the slight swelling with his other hand. Someone had grabbed his wrist yesterday, dug their claws in with the force of it. A flicker of recognition crossed his eyes as he stared down at the pendants on his chest. Someone... had accosted him for his silver necklace. Tore it from his throat. That definitely happened, he could remember the sickening dread in the pit of his stomach.

"But I got it back... how?" he asked himself softly, gazing back at his wrist. And he still could not recall anything about the alcohol. He patted down his fur, but it seemed there were no other clues, besides the dust and grime clinging to his dark coat, and sour smell of liquor and decay. He couldn't shake the unsettling feeling that he had done something wrong last night, something he would be ashamed of if he could remember.

The straitlaced Catori male emitted a soft whine, unhappy to find himself in such a compromising position. Whatever had happened, perhaps it was for the best that he did not know. Without another glance, Hati moved down the street, eager to put as much distance as he could between himself and the sidewalk where he woke up.
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