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POSTED: Fri Jun 28, 2013 5:42 am

Dated June 27th, afternoon! There's no limit to how many characters can join, it's assumed there are already several present. :) Have fun! [466]

It had drizzled that morning, curtains of grey rain thinning into a fine mist that hung ominously over the hillocks of Jordheim. The morning had been cool and foreboding, warning the villagers to stay inside for their own safety. Now, however, under the hot afternoon sun the fog had long since lifted, leaving only scattered mud puddles under the dazzling summer light. It was a beautiful day, too beautiful for the heavy weight of fear and duty. Colibri knew the youths would want to play outside and explore, and even the responsible adults could be tempted to stray from the heart of Jordheim on a day like this one.

The slight wolf tilted her head upward, feeling the warmth of sunlight on her cream-furred cheeks, but for once she did not smile at the sensation. There was serious business to attend to. Her gentle voice rose into a howl, a simple though melodic song to summon those who were not scouts, hunters, or warriors. There was no shame in being a noncombatant; they all had their reasons. Her own reason was perhaps shameful, but cowardice was not a veil she could easily discard. They were in the midst of a siege, and they would all do their part. Colibri stood in place as she waited, feeling small as she clutched her woven basket in her claws.

She only glanced up to nod meekly in greeting as several packmates filtered in -- among them were Jin and Joon, the dingo twins who managed Vinátta's livestock. When she was satisfied with the group's size, Colibri knelt on the ground, opening the basket and spreading the contents over the grass so that everyone could gather around and inspect them. "Thank you all for coming... we're going to stay together as a group, while looking to gather these plants. The sunlight should help us dry them out. Lavender and feverfew flowers... willow bark for pain relief, we'll swing by a few white willow trees... comfrey, to knit bones... meadowsweet, lowers swelling and cleans the wound..."

She blinked, realizing she was rambling. "I-in any case, if you're not sure, just show me. And if you know of any useful remedies, please share them with the group. We don't know in what shape our packmates will be, so we have to be ready for anything. After our gathering is done, we can put together poultices and chewable packets, so they can be administered by any one of you." She stood up, brushing the mud from her knees as she awaited any questions. Herbalism was the one topic she could boast a decent knowledge of, although her failing was her inability to handle a crisis situation. She could not be a frontline medic, but keeping the supplies stocked was of paramount importance.

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Taking a little time to explore Jordheim more, Aspen walked slowly around the houses, memorizing her still-new surroundings. She ventured no further, however, since there was little she would be able to do if she needed to defend herself.

Aspen's ears perked when she heard a howl, and headed at a slightly slowed pace due to her healing injuries in the direction it had come from. When she arrived at the gathering, she spotted Jin and Joon, both of whom she had started to get familiar with, and was curious about what was going to happen. She also saw a female canine with a basket and stopped shyly at Joon's side, waiting for her to say why she had called them there. A bit warily, Aspen watched more of her new packmates show up. She was still unfamiliar with most of them, and being so many new people made her slightly nervous.

She didn't have to wait long and she sat down as Colibri set a basket on the ground and began taking things out. She tilted her head, edging forward a little bit to look them over while the leader spoke and it quickly became obvious that they were going to be finding hinge to help with healing. Aspen then looked up with interest when Colibri described how they would all be able to administer the treatments, and the wolfdog was glad that even with her limited skills, she would be of some use to the pack. Still, she was a bit nervous, knowing they would be leaving the relative safety of Jordheim.

"Um," her quiet voice cracked and she blushed under her fur while clearing her throat, "H-how much do we need to gather?" Her ears turned back and her posture became submissive as she asked her question, realizing that she had probably just drawn a lot of attention to herself.


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+3 OOC goes here.

Finch returned to the her home in Vinatta in the late hours of the night. She snuck is a quietly as she could, hoping her cousin would not wake and ask her where she had been. She felt so guilty for leaving. For spending the day with the day conversing with a stranger when she should have been helping her pack prepare for war. She felt guilty for going out on her escapade at all, she would still have felt like a lowly rat if all she had done was sit in peace and gathered her thoughts. When she arrived at the borders and smelt the all to familiar sent of the Ironside wolves guilt tore at her insides and whispered a dreaded word from the back of her mind: coward, coward, coward. She slumped onto the pile of pelts that were her bed and watched rays of moon light escape the grasp of grey clouds and pain her room in melancholy colors. Guilt was the feeling that keep her awake through all that remained of the night.

A howl come to her ears, drifting softly from the now bright sunshine that streamed through her window. It was a call she would follow. She stood from and limped through her house and into the silent Village streets. There was tension and fear in the usually cute and happy little village, but to day it felt as deserted as Amherst. She stopped a moment, exhausted from her previous day of travel, to catch her breath and return the call with her owl alto howl. Her leg throbbed with ever steep she took, but she ignored it as best she could and limped on. She wouldn't be able to fight. Before her she saw a crowed of wolves , with a timid looking woman kneeling at the center. She watched with disinters, she knew the uses and names of all the herbs. She wanted to be help full and start collecting things now. Her ears perked up when she directed a question to her audience. She knew some things that the woman hadn't mentioned. "Garlic. Garlic helps cure infections. So does honey; for small wounds and scrapes. But don't go looking for the honey. I have plenty." Finch said, holding up a glass bottle of golden liquid that had previously been hanging from her belt. She shifted her weight to her other leg, uncomfortable. She looked from right to left, scanning for things she could identify as poison. She wanted to gather roots and berries that she could boil into the marrow of thin bird bones. She hoped to aid the pack by making some quick weapons.

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The child could not help but stay hot on her mother’s heels, she had been her nursemaid for a good month now and she wat not about to be a slacker now. Even if her mother did not need her as her hands anymore, she wanted to be useful to the mirroring brown woman. Before they had headed out the child watched as a thin curtain of rain poured outside her home, first dissipating into a eerie fog that was much like the fog she encountered over the lake when the summer approached. It did not take long for it to evaporate and for the blazing sun to come out form the clouds and make the ground beg for another downpour, it was funny how the summer weather was so unpredictable. Changing at will and snapping at a whim.

Shaking her head she helped Colibri with her gathering, bringing another basket to help gather more for the other noncombatants. A whimper held on her breath as she thought of the war that her home was facing, she wanted to call upon Eugene to help them but she was on lockdown in the pack lands. There was no way to reach him, the whimper pressed but it cut short when a high pitched meow hit her folded ears. Blue eyes swiftly moved down to the ground to see her white little companion, following her like she did her mother. He meowed again, demanding her attention and she gladly bend down and let the kitten use his rather sharp claws to nestle in her hair. He always wanted to be on her shoulders, his tail curled around her neck as he balanced himself so that he could stay on her as she walked.

She mimicked her mother’s movements as she bend down in the mud, listening to her words to the other members that were going to help. Her eyes fell to the twins, a shy smile graced her lips before returning her gaze to her mother. She needed to help gather more herbs, and then dry them out. The child nodded before standing up almost yelping when the kitten unleashed his claws to keep from falling. His tail caused her newest necklace to shake, casting blue glitter to light up her face. "Bygul" She shot a harsh whisper at the kitten, clenching her teeth from the pain. He responded with a chirping meow and a high speech word of sorry. Now the child moved around the garden, looking for the herbs she needed. Gently putting the kitten on the ground despite his protests, she needed to think and with him on her shoulders that would never happen. Her eyes shifted to the other two and then to the question, she looked to her mother before wanting to answer herself. "I-I Th-think we should ga-gather enough to-to cover ev-every family mem-member, ri-right momma? Ju-just encase" Her voice stuttered but she hoped that it was an alright answer.

have a fiora, her new companion. bygul the kitten!
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Ascher had found himself as tired as Saul had looked following the pack meeting. Although he had kept himself closed off physically and had been only mostly there mentally, somehow his eyes had picked up on the pack's stress: the injuries, the upset and the sour faces some had worn when they'd been warned not to venture far from Jordheim. He had felt it all on the walk back home, and exhaustion had hit him. The bedraggled copper Stormbringer had finally been able to get some sound, although brief, sleep. After that, he had even managed to clean himself up and cut his hair into some semblance of neatness, something he had never got round to since joining his brother's pack. Altogether, he didn't look too bad, aside from slightly shadowed eyes.

He was sweeping the clippings of fur into Archimedes' birdhouse from Drin when the call sounded. His eyes brightened a little as he told the owl that he'd be back within a few hours and walked towards the origin of the call – which turned out to be a small gathering of Vinattans centered around the leader whom Asch didn't know as well: Colibri.

He took his place silently, giving smiles to those who caught his eye, and watched with a keen focus as she laid out herbs and explained some of there uses. As the experienced herbalist and gardener went on, Ascher's ears lifted from their slightly wilted position. This was good; this was what he needed to be doing – learning and helping.

“Calendula?” came the Hollr's gentle but nervous voice. He wasn't used to speaking up in groups, especially to leaders. His knowledge of herbs was never going to be as good as Colibri's but he had come across the golden flowers which helped in healing wounds, and the oil which could benefit burns as well. Hopefully that wouldn't be needed. “It's a disinfectant.”

His eyes flashed over to the dark brindled woman who had spoken up about garlic and seemed to be uncomfortable, either in some sort of pain or raring to begin the medicinal harvest. But he let his gaze drop to the grass: Asch was eager to start collecting too, but it didn't show outwardly. Despite his clean appearance and shining fur, the Hollr was still distant, more interested in the task at hand than the wolves around him.


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Optime - Apologies, guys. Just the one post from me. Sky comes in to offer some ready-made supplies and advice, but that's about all she can offer. In reality, I'm still working out what plants she has in her garden. xD But anyway, this is it from me. Good luck! [593]

Colibri's howl was met with alert ears from the Eljun, who sat in her garden in that moment, going over her supplies with a list and a quill. She had plenty of things to help aid injuries and infections that may come along, once these Ironside mutts were dealt with. War was on the horizon and no one could be too careful. She'd made sure Samual Dean knew what was going on and to stay near the house at all times- despite his training going well as it was, the boy was still much too young to be facing challenges such as this just yet. Someday, though, he'd be in the heat of battle, just as his family had. He'd be ready. She'd make sure of it. But for now, she had more important issues to deal with. Issues, it seemed, which also plagued the mind of her sister across the way.

When the howl reached her, she finished off the last of her checklist and started preparing. She brought with her what she could- thyme, the last of her poppy seeds she could spare, willow bark, bayberries, elderberry and slippery elm bark. These were mostly collected, not grown as she'd liked them to be, but at least they were good and useful. Without another word to her family, she headed off towards Colibri's house, carrying the basket of herbs with her.

As she arrived, late to the party, she looked over who all had come already. Mostly, they were young members, risna at best, or hollr for the viking-borns. Some she didn't know well enough to know their names. Others, she knew off heart and offered a warm, almost motherly smile as she joined the group. She'd been late, had missed Colibri's speech, but she didn't need a speech to know what they were here for.

"Colibri, sister. I've brought a good amount from my stores to help you guys get started. You'll find elm bark, willow bark, bayberries and elderberries in here, all ready to be used. I've labeled them, so there won't be confusion, and their uses are there too." She offered the basket to the Sannindi, along with a meaningful expression of understanding. This would not be a fun outing for anyone- there was too much at risk for that. "There are Goldenseal plants growing near the northern borders, and raspberry plants around there should be ready for use by now. The leaves are what you want- they're good for cold symptoms." Which would seem silly if it weren't for the fact that Sky knew, injuries often led to sickness.

As she passed on the basket, she took a step back. "I'm afraid I won't be coming with your group. I still have a lot to do at the house, to prepare in case something goes wrong..." She trailed off a moment, but forced a relatively natural looking smile despite it. "...but I'll be around if you need me to help prepare the herbs you find, once you're back. Just, give me a shout." She looked back at the crowd which had gathered and nodded. "Good luck, you guys. May Freyr bless you all with a good harvest." One last glance back to Colibri, and then her short visit was done. The wolfdog turned away and headed back for home- wishing she could stay to help but knowing she had a mess to clean and a fresh harvest to prepare, for the oncoming storm.

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i wanted to post with Anu & Andi, they will be on the sidelines gathering together. It's hard for me to focus in large group threads, but i wanted to participate! :D <3

With everything that was going on Anu found it hard to concentrate and focus on a particular task. Coli seeking out the less apt to fight members gave her a purpose and a cause. She dragged Andira along with her and the rest of her family that wished to attend. The merle girl was discontent with the conflict (as were most) and wanted to help in another way. One that no doubt required her to run off alone and worry her mothers greatly. Anu was already worried enough for her mate who had already showed she was dedicated in fighting to protect their members and borders. She could not help but revisit the memories of Crimson Dreams and AniWaya... Anu constantly needed to assure that she and her family were save and sound inside the pack's territory.

Listening the pair then moved off to look for the flowers that were described. She pointed them out for her daughter, and after a rather attitude-filled look she went off to look for them. Anu watched as the lupus formed youth meandered through the landscape. She sulked for the first few steps, but then she started to scan the weeds and greenery. The girl needed to be pushed, focused and helped along when it came to aspects of the pack. The mother knew it was just a phase and teenage angst that caused her to stray. She was wildly independent and that could be seen as harsh from the eyes of the pack. They worked as a unit. She could not just work alone.

The woman took a soft breath, and begun her own search. Nimble fingers plucked the plants from the ground and gentle hands cradling the soft stems...


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Others had already gathered, some of the faces familiar whilst others were completely unknown to him. Eyeing the strangers, he supposed his home pack had recently had an influx of new joiners. Eventually it seemed all who were intending to gather had, the youth moving over to his mother and sister, standing beside them awkwardly in his new-found optime form, not saying a word; he still wasn't happy about not being allowed to take his anger out on the evil that had harmed him and his pack, placated only a little by the fact he could contribute by means that he enjoyed and loved.

As Colibri and the others began to speak, he absorbed all the information, fascinated by the various names of plants, herbs and substances and how they could be used. Nodding a little to himself, he latched onto the names of plants he recognised and knew he would be able to find easily; better to pick which he knew would be helpful, than to guess and offer up a load of rubbish. Again his thoughts struck him with the reality could now shift, that he could pick herbs with his padded palms, rather than pull them up with his maw.

Moving off on his own, he began the task of picking up plants, forming a cradle with his free arm so he could carry more and make fewer trips and breaks between gathering more herbs.

Just Val keeping to himself/in the background. He shifted the day before this thread takes place.[238]

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Form: Optime - OOC: This was supposed to be more plant based, but then Teagan's silly emotions and her crush got in the way :S [659]

She was trying so hard not to be bitter and resentful about her fathers request for her and her brother to stay in Jordheim, it just didn't seem fair. They weren't completely helpless anymore, they weren't Aeska; they were Hollr now. They were almost considered adults, and they could pursue a path in the pack, yet Niernan requested that they stay in the village with those too young, too old or too weak to fight. She kicked out at flowers and shrubs as she strode towards the area where the non-combatants were meeting, called by their timid Sannindi. She didn't think that some of the plants she was kicking out at might be of use, she had no knowledge of healing plants. Her father had shown her a simple mud poultice that was comprised of cool river mud and a dock leaf or two, something that could be made and applied out in the wilds. But that was pretty much the extent of his healing knowledge as well. Perhaps she would ask Colibri or one of the healers for some lessons in herbalism and healing; it would be valuable knowledge for her if she was to be a master hunter. That thought cheered her a little and she desisted in lashing out at the helpless plants, this foraging expedition was an opportunity for her to learn and prove herself amongst the other pack members.

She was smiling slightly to herself as she emerged into the clearing with her fellow Vináttans, now not too disappointed at being held back. She listened eagerly to Colibri, her two legged form giving her an advantage over some of the other wolves present; she could see clearly and her eyes scanned each plant held out as an example, eager to show that she could be good at gathering as well as hunting. Now that the Sannindi had told them what to look for Teagan looked properly around at those gathered. She saw Jin and Joon and lit up; the dingo twins were familiar to her and she bounded over to them, elbowing Jindabyne as she shoulder barged his brother. They chuckled and grinned widely as they play tussled with the girl for a moment. She knew the pair from her considerable time spent out in the fields and at the stables, she was quite familiar with their sheep and goat charges. which meant she was quite familiar with the dingoes. Joon grabbed her around the waist and held her off the floor for a moment, his voice light and playful as he spoke low in her ear, "Hey, how's about we stop trampling all over the place? We want to pick these plants, not crush 'em." Most females, especially young ones just discovering their feelings, would shiver and tremble at Joon's smooth voice and the proximity of his breath to her face. But Teagan's smoky blue eyes had fixed on a familiar pale merle form and she felt blood rush alarmingly to her face. She wriggled in Joon's grasp half heartedly until he put her down on the floor, frowning curiously at her. "You ok Teegs?" Jin asked, placing his paw on her forehead. Teagan raised an eyebrow at him and stepped away from his paw, shrugging her shoulders and giving him a sarcastic smile, "Of course I'm alright, silly Dingo. Just your brother there near squeezed me to death." She giggled a little weakly and looked to the floor, "Let's get gathering, shall we?"

She moved away, her eyes scanning the ground now, purposefully keeping her gaze averted from Andira, hoping the Coeur girl hadn't seen her rough housing with the twins, but hoping that she had at the same time. She shook her head, making her ears flap, to keep her focussed on the plants she was supposed to be gathering. What she didn't know was that Jin and Joon were sharing a bewildered look between themselves at the behaviour of their young friend.

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With her question answered, Aspen nodded, and then smiled her thanks to the young female who had answered her. She seemed almost as timid as herself. Aspen then listened as other pack members offered more suggestions for plants to gather, although she didn't recognize many of them. She hadn't realized just how many plants would have healing properties since she knew little about healing, other than generally how to bandage a wound, and that it needed to be cleaned to prevent infection.

As the other canines started to move off, Aspen's plan was to stick with Jin and Joon, wanting to stay with some packmates for safety. She intended to follow along with them, picking whatever plants they picked so that she would be sure she was getting the right ones. It also meant she'd have someone to hand off plants to since her current four legged form wasn't going to be useful for carrying anything she gathered.

When another canine rushed over Aspen backed away with a startled look on her face and her ears dropped back. It took the wolfdog a moment to realize she and the Dingoes were only playing, which was not something she was accustomed to. Something like that in her old pack would have been a definite fight. Aspen was constantly reminding herself that Vinatta wasn't her old pack, but still, she took a couple more steps back as they spoke with the younger canine, unsure if she should wander off.

Aspen's head tilted at what seemed to be an odd action from the girl, but she said nothing. Maybe that was normal; normal play was something mostly new to her. At the suggestion to start gathering, Aspen trailed along behind Jin and Joon as she had planned and gently picked plants with her teeth, being careful not to crush them.


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