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Outside Amherst? Can be changed if needed ^^

Attila had ventured further away from the Vinattan borders. He was nearing the end of his trip, he'd seen his mother, his sister an a man named Ascher. Well, he'd seen more people than that, but those were the only people he'd had an actual conversation with. He travelled a decent distance away, without the horse, towards a village. Tiny, abandoned shacks lined a central dirt track tightly. Attila had come to the conclusion that it was some kind of human slum. Or at least it had once been. As he opened the doors, they crumbled from their rusty hinges with not a creak, but a snap. The wood beneath his feet splintered with his weight, which was not that large. Large holes let the sky shine in and broadcast beams of light on to the crumbling furniture. Attila was searching for medical supplies. But this place had been long since abandoned, any the only thing he found were bugs that made their home here.

Feeling a little lost, he wandered outside, choosing to rest on the felled tree trunk some few yards away from the line of houses. He was missing home, and was in almost constant pain from his scars. A few were only a tad raw, but some had reopened and the one across his chest was showing the beginnings of an infection.

Images by Aland Berning and Mr. John
Attila Aston
There are wounds that never show on the body
that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.

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