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Tip toeing across the floor-boards of her mothers' place Carya's ears swivelled back on her head, as she slowly snuck out of the house of her mothers'. Her brother's- Cypress and Oak, had previously mentioned to a friend of theirs that Jin and Joon was heading towards AniWaya for some sort of weapons, or something like that. They were the twin brothers that Carya had seen as a small pup and around Vinatta. The only thing Carya was interested in was going to AniWaya to see her brothers. Still remembering from her childhood when she'd seen her brother Attila come to the borders, she remembered the words that came out of his mouth. Still to this day, she wouldn't let herself forget it. He lived in AniWaya, with Claudius. She smiled at herself and pushed herself forwards and through the packlands. Where could she find Jindabyne though? Having a rather cross look on her two-legged form as she walked towards two figures who were near the horses of the pack. She'd been previously to the stables so it wasn't anything new to her.

Carya's ears flattened, as she approached a rather timid look on her face. The twins were already loading up themselves with supplies, as well as a few duffle bags that were empty. Carya's smile brightened though, as she approached the duo. Hey! Jin, Joon! I'm Carya! I got some questions for ya! Both the boys slowly turned towards the younger optime, a confused look on each of their faces before Jin approached Carya happily. What can we do for ya, sweetie? I'm Jin, and that's Joon! Carya let her hands fall to her waist as she put her hands on her hips. Joon stayed quiet, but as his brother intorduced him, he only waved a small hand at the cream and white female.

I was wonderin' if I could go with ya'll to AniWaya? Carya's ears perked up, and at that mention, Joon turned towards his brother, and they both gave Carya a questioning look. Carya licked her lips and played with the fur that was near her hip bone. I won't be a problem, I promise Sirs. I just wanna go see my brothers, and I thought it would...well ya know, be better if I went with ya since ya'll are big and strong and stuff, and 'sides. She smiled at Joon and Jin and gave them a look of pride. I'm really strong and can carry a lotta stuff! Carya's blue eyes searched out each of the brothers' coal black eyes. The two of them scratched their heads, but Jin was the one to speak up first. I dunno, have you spoken to your mothers yet? Carya's ears flattened and she looked sideways at the two of them before she smiled again, this time it was a more devilish smirk than anything. Jin rose his eyes brows at the youngster, and Joon seemed to be hiding back a small smile.

Well, no. But I'm sure they'll let me. 'Sides, I think it's about time I go see my brothers! She stamped her foot, trying to make her point proven. Joon spoke up this time, his eyes more kind than his brothers. I'm sure if we speak with your mothers' and they allow you to, it wouldn't be a problem for you to come with us, Carya. Jin smiled approvingly at his brother. Before though, hows about you give us a hand? Carya agreed almost immediately, and began to load a few things into the bags that Jin and Joon both asked her to load into certain bags. When they were done, the trio left happily, Carya carrying three empty bags across her breasts, so that way it hung down and allowed her to move freely about. The brothers' were gossiping, and Carya was wanting to get quickly towards her mothers' house so she'd be able to hopefully convince her mothers' to allow her to go. Smiling, the entire way, she waved at her friends who she'd seen, and approached her mothers' door quickly, not halting to approach and walk inside.

Mumma Tayui? Mumma Anu? As quickly as she called them, Tayui came out of the bedroom they'd all shared and looked at Carya smiling, then turning her smile into something questioning as to why Carya had walked inside the house carrying not only one, but three bags upon her back. As her mother opened her mouth to speak, Carya spoke up instead offering her mother a more apologetic look for interupting her. Mumma Tayui, you know Jin and Joon right? Tayui just seemeingly crossed her arms and gave the boys a friendly smile before looking back down at her daughter, as if waiting for Carya to explain herself. So, I wanted to go with them to AniWaya, that way I could see Attila. Would that be alright mummy? Pleeeaaasssseeeeee. She looked at her mother, as Tayui seemed to contemplating whether or not to answer Carya, then Carya proceeded to wobble her bottle lip and give Tayui the puppy dog eyes.

Sighing, Tayui nodded her head at her daughter and said: "I suppose that would be fine, Carya. But you stay beside Jin and Joon, you understand?"

Carya's eyes lit up and she launched her mother a hug before quickly departing from the door of their house in Jordeheim. Thanks mummy! I'll be safe I promise! Carya yelled as she was practically half-way running out towards the two males, the two of them seemed rather pleased that Carya was going with them and couldn't help but smile as Carya happily skipped ahead of the duo "Oh!" Carya's mother called out to the boys, waving a hand and giving them a satchel- that belonged to Carya.

"This has Carya's meat as well as other supplies she might need. She almost left it, also. Please take care of my baby, don't let her get into trouble." The boys nodded their heads accepted the satchel that was Carya's and bidded Tayui farewell before running to catch up with the boisterous little Carya, and giving her the satchel. Then, the trio depareted towards the borders of Vinatta, and on their way to AniWaya.
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