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October ??. All Welcome for ANIWAYANS ONLY. Grace has supplies! Plot thread here. Word Count: 364.

Karma was on her side, it seemed. Not only had she been safe when the hurricane came through - they'd scarcely gotten rain and wind, really - but she also had been fortunate as far as the damage to her AniWayan home. The repairs had been simple, if eventually tedious, and the cabin was once again habitable. She was truly grateful for that much. The following morning, she had found her siblings hesitant to leave. 'Wouldn't it be better,' Gabriel explained, 'if we stayed for a while longer, and helped with repairs? You could use the extra help around here.' She had agreed, and so they went to the carts, taking inventory of supplies and tools to be distributed to the pack.

Once that was complete, Grace had hauled Luka off with her to help in the stalls. Gabriel and Cairo unloaded a cart and took off with it and the first couple of horses to be finished eating, with the intent to harvest some trees for more wood with which to build. Fedora took to the loom, weaving more bandages for the healers. When they finished in the stalls, Grace suggested that Luka do something a bit more in his element - hunting. Luka was a sweet boy, but he had always been shy, and the time to himself would serve him well to recuperate from the excitement. Her morning chores complete, she joined her sister in weaving near the carts, awaiting pack members to arrive for supplies.

"If we're lucky," she told Fedora quietly, "those who need supplies will come for them here, and I can pawn the boys off onto them... although, rest the soul who gets Briel bossing them about!" They grinned at each other; it was a good-natured joke, for they both knew that Grace adored her brothers, most particularly Gabriel. The twins had always had a rivalry, being as different as they were; whilst Gabriel worked hard and long, simply for the principle of the thing, Grace had never taken issue with a quick siesta to refresh her for the next big push. But she was there for him when in counted, and in reverse. Always.

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I'm just assuming Claudius heard Grace was back from the other leaders... hope that's okay B)

Claudius had been excited when a familiar face had returned to AniWaya. Although he had not known Grace very well, he recognized that she had skills in an area he would never possess. He was content to manage his fear of horses, which involved him avoiding them like the plague. It was a good coping mechanism when they had enough skilled hands to help tending to the animals. So, he was grateful that she had returned; it meant it would be easier to avoid the horses altogether.

He decided to pay her a visit after he'd heard that she had returned with a cart and her familiar. He was eager to meet her siblings, since he'd heard there were a few of them helping her settle in. He recalled how much fun it had been living with his own littermates, so he wondered if they would have anything insightful to share about Grace's early years--particularly embarrassing stories. Those would always be Claudius' favourites since they showed that he wasn't the only hopeless child.

He arrived at her hut in good time. He was walking from the Town Hall, where he'd been camping out until he built himself a new home. Most of the huts were in poor condition and since he was still recovering from his injuries, he hadn't been able to start fixing up a hut to make himself a new home.

He couldn't see Grace quite yet, so he decided to call out: "Guh-Grace? Are... you huh-here?" He hoped that she was somewhere nearby, since it would be a lot easier if he could speak to her without having to go through a chain of siblings. He could only pray that she was in the hut and he wouldn't have to venture out to the stables to find her.
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WC: 323 OOC: I feel like Saqui's being nosy!!

She probably shouldn’t be doing it but she was up on Mirage today. Her arm felt fine, it really did. She made well to her promise of keeping it tied to her chest, but she couldn’t live without being up on her horse. The mare was restless anyway! How could she not exercise the poor animal? Mirage was a beauty all on herself, but when she ran, it was like a black and white streak across the lands, her body moving as one with Saqui and then some. They were one in themselves. That’s what Saqui knew and no one else could understand.

She heard a familiar voice from a short distance away as she was headed back to the stables, letting the horse go at her own pace. Her ears pricked up and wondered what Claudius was doing. But... she shouldn’t intrude. She knew she was his friend and all, but she shouldn’t really find him at every moment. She bit her lip and saw that the woman that stood with the man, as she came closer, was one she didn’t know. Well it was best to get to know the pack isn’t it? They were both out in the open, and … well she would just take the chance. Reigning the horse towards the two others she forgot about how others would not agree to her being on her horse, but she slid off without a word and looking at Claudius she smiled; “Osiyo Claudius” She said, then looked at the new woman, she didn’t recognize her and she felt slightly nervous. It wasn’t easy to just come up to strangers, much less out of random like this; “ Unalihelitseti”[/b] She said with a smile and a nod of her head. The woman’s color was almost like her father’s though there were differences and the fact he dyed his hair a bit too made him all the more different.

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OOC: Bahah, Ev definitely is xD

Despite only really frequenting the Town Hall, Everly was enjoying strolling through the Village; some huts had been damaged during the hurricane but there were always interesting sounds and smells coming from the stables (the medic hadn't actually gone into the stables since Saqui's arm had been broken by that panicking stallion) and the Great Fire was perpetually flickering, perpetually beautiful. The buildings had seemed like alien things when she'd first arrived but the yellow eyed female could now see their benefits: shelter, places to gather when tough times hit. She supposed the Hall might be used for indoor celebrations in bright times as well, but Ev hadn't personally encountered one yet.

Ev's large ears and inky nose were picking up some sort of gathering today; a small one, but more than one voice conversing. The pointed wolf didn't intend to eavesdrop or intrude, but she was curious. There was a scent lingering in the air which she didn't recognise – several scents, in actual fact, but they all seemed connected. Had a family arrived in AniWaya? It had been so long since Everly had been around her own family. She was powerless against intrigue and sentimentality.

Walking more briskly, the Kunikoti began to whistle some tune which seemed to be lacking both a composer and words to go along with it. She wasn't feeling quite so cheered after the storm to actually want to whistle, but it might alert the others to her arrival if they wanted their words to remain private. Saqui and Claudius were recognisable enough for a warm smile to pass over Everly's face. “Osiyo,” she greeted them in a confident voice, although the clenching and unclenching of her toes after she dipped into a quick bow said something else. “I hope I'm not intruding?”

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omg, guys, I'm literally SO. SORRY. lots going on. here, have a reply. Tammi, that's fine. ;] minor powerplay? idk. word count: 000.

Grace lifted her head at the sound of her name. The voice was vaguely familiar, but it wasn't until she saw Claudius looking around for her that she recognised him. She grinned at her sister as she waved the male over to the carts parked off to the side of her hut. "Oi, Claudius! Over here!" She surveyed him as he approached, and quickly made introductions. "Osiyo! Claudius, this is my sister, Fedora. Fedora, this is Claudius, and if I recall, he is quite the craftsman." She fiddled with her loom, which had begun to tangle, frowning slightly. "Urgh. Fedora, would you fix this while I help our guest?" She moved aside to allow her sister to untangle her work, and tilted her head at Claudius. "What can I do ya for, sir? Come for supplies, I'd reckon?"

Before he could reply, they were joined by another, one she didn't yet know. The female greeted Claudius by name, and Grace nodded in greeting. "Unalihelitseti," she returned courteously. In the time it took her to speak, they had gathered a small crowd; another female joined them, beginning the exchange of greetings again. Grace laughed off the suggestion of intrusion. "Osiyo, osiyo!" she exclaimed through her laughter. "For those who don't know me, I am Grace, and this is my sister, Fedora. Please, do tell me your names, and how I can help you. We have supplies!"

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Grace was quick to respond when he arrived. She introduced him to a woman named Fedora and Claudius nodded politely. "U-u-un-nuh-nuh-na-lihel-luh-litseti, Fedora." Claudius felt slow-moving next to the practically-hyperactive Grace, who jumped up from her loom to approach Claudius.

"Yuh-yes," he replied. "Suh-supplies... fuh-for... cuh-crafting... and fuh-for... cuh-crafting... wuh-weapons. I huh-hope tuh-to... muh-make suh-some... suh-spears... or guh-glaives... puh-perhaps suh-some... staffs. I duh-don't... nuh-know muh-much a-about... crafting... weapons, so it... will... have to be simple," he explained with a small laugh.

It was then that he heard the sound of a horse approaching. He hadn't realized that more tribesmembers would hear about Grace's return. Just as he finished explaining what he was hoping to make, he heard Saqui call for him. He saw see her slide off of her beast of a horse and tried not to let his eyes widen too much. It seemed as though she really was her mother's daughter. Claudius repressed a shiver and instead gave her a warm smile and a nod.

He directed a hesitant "O-o-osiyo," and a warm smile to both Everly and Saqui. He was glad that more had arrived to greet Grace and welcome her back into the tribe.
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