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[CdC & CdA Welcome Feast]

POSTED: Mon Jul 22, 2013 3:39 pm

Form - this is an AW welcome feast for the Cavalieri's and Artisans who've come to Vinátta for a visit. Set in the village hall, free for all posting (NO ORDER), there's sugar beer and meat provided. /kind of feel like dumbledore introducing the triwazard tournament lmao [853]

The owl had arrived a week ago and with it a hope of new relationships and bonds of friendship. At first, Saul had been uncharacteristically wary. With the recent conflict he'd been instantly suspicious and uncertain of what to do. He'd talked to Colibri about it, leaning on her logic and kind nature to steer him clear of the paranoid blackness that was weighing him down. He was certain his Sannindi saw right through him, but he didn't feel judged by her. Colibri was perhaps the least likely of wolves to condemn him for his behaviour and in the end he'd felt more positive about allowing the group from Casa di Cavalieri and Cercatori d'Art to make their trip. In truth it wasn't like he didn't know them; Eclipse lived in Cercatori and he knew of a few others as well as his distant memories of Skye herself. Likewise he knew of a few who resided in Casa, so it wasn't like they were total strangers.

Despite this, the grey Virding had continued with his mostly sleepless nights, the anxiety over the borders waking him often. It was beginning to show, the male reverting back to the slight state he'd been in when Lilin had first left; unkempt fur, slightly skinnier, tired eyes. It was for completely different reasons this time, but none the less the Virding was being eaten alive by the compulsion to patrol the borders and protect his family and pack. He'd sent his response back to Jazper and he'd informed the pack that they would be having visitors in a weeks time. Preparations had started two days ago; Saul had rounded up a few of the pack and hunted down an elk and he'd sent a few others to collect fruits and berries that were abundant in the warmth of the summer. Sólieri had taken over the cleaning of the village hall and Saul had entered the building this morning to find garlands of plants decorating the interior, strips of cloth intertwined to keep them together with bright blue flowers dotted around that spoke of his daughters feminine style.

He hadn't known exactly what time the party would be arriving and he spent the day getting small touches ready; transporting some of the sugar beer from the brewery with Thorn's help, attending to the cooking elk over the fire and making sure that there would be ample protection on the borders. Axle and Grit would, as always, be on patrol all night and the dingo twins would similarly be on duty. Between the four of them that would constantly be on duty, various members would be supplementing them for a few hours before swapping out, so that they were able to enjoy the party as well as keep them safe.

Dusk had settled and a howl had sounded from the shoreline. Saul left the rest of the preparation to his siblings, cousins and various other relations who'd watch the elk and make sure the hall didn't burn down. He'd taken Colibri with him to the shore; her usually quiet and nervous nature lending strength to him. He'd always been a confident male, but the conflict had taken some of this out of him. Still, his smiles were wide and genuine as he greeted Jazper and Skye, introducing Colibri and meeting the others who'd accompanied the two pack leaders. He'd accompanied them to Jordheim and given them a tour of the village, pointing out the gardens and the village hall. They'd be here for a week or so, which meant they had plenty of time for exploring the rest of Vinátta as they pleased.

The dark of night heralded the start of their feast and Saul had made his way over to the hall, an easy call to his pack to indicate that the feast was ready and to come and meet the visitors. He'd taken up his position at the front of the table, relaxing somewhat as the pack came in. When they were all settled wherever they'd like to settle, he took a breath. "I'd like you all to give a kind welcome to the various members of Casa di Cavalieri, led by Jazper-" He pointed out the tall black male before indicating the smaller cream female close by. "And Cercatory d'Arte, led by Skye. They are our guests and will be extended every courtesy. In light of the recent troubles we have encountered, building friendships is incredibly important. So please, get to know these wolves and make them welcome in our home." His speech was short; he didn't need to tell Vináttan members to treat them with respect because he didn't think there was a single member who would do such a thing. With a wide grin, Saul turned towards their guests and gestured towards the beer. "Our own Brewer, Thorn, made a batch of sugar beer. Its a little crude, but its nice and sweet. Please help yourselves to alcohol and food and don't be afraid to mingle. We don't bite." He chuckled, grey streak tail flickering easily back and forth as conversation began to buzz.

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OOC: Asch has his pawtograph book with him if anyone wants to sign itttt :)

Ascher had been aware that his brother was rushing around trying to shoulder a mountain of responsibility and probably more guilt than he needed to. He was beginning to look the way Ascher had looked during and immediately after the Ironside episode, only on Saul the loss of weight and weariness was more noticeable. His brother was worried, but he worried inwardly. Saul had pulled himself out of this sort of state before, he remembered, and he had every faith that his brother would do it again. Besides, there was a feast to prepare for; not a good time to weigh Saul down further with Ascher's own concerns. They were trivial in comparison to the big event coming up.

Of course, the very idea of a feast with other packs in attendance was a huge source of nervousness for the shy Stormbringer man. He had triple checked that his fur was in order, the strands sitting neatly and the deceptive whiskery-looking fur on his chin perfectly placed. He had washed grass and dirt stains from his hands after scaling a tree that morning for some berries, and before leaving the house he had retrieved the same book he'd taken to the anniversary gathering a couple of months ago. “What do you think?” Ascher asked Thofnir and Archimedes. ”Great,” beamed the kitten, weaving between Ascher's legs, while the owl simply hooted, a mocking glint in his beady eyes. Ascher rolled his own and stepped out of his home, heading towards the Village Hall.

Ascher's were lighter than before, but his shoulders remained in a slight slump as he made his way to the large building, his mouth watering at the scent of the elk which had been laid out. He took a moment to admire the decorations, which certainly had the look of something Shiloh or Solieri might have had a paw in. This time Bran didn't need to shove a sugar beer into Ascher's hand; he grabbed one as soon as was socially acceptable, and took a sip of the sweet liquid. It would soon work to calm his nerves and quell his awkwardness.

Asch smiled around at as many faces as he could, known and unknown, trying to fight the urge to dive under the table and cower. Not tonight, he had decided. Tonight he would represent Vinatta as well as he could, and he would battle the anxiety which made him much less than the life of the party. He purposefully took a seat which had one free on either side, so he could converse with whoever sat next to him. When it was time, he raised his glass to clink it with the wolves closest to him.

Ascher remained quiet – for now. The rule of “only speak when spoken to” definitely applied to the copper and beige Stormbringer, but nobody except himself had set it. It was easier that way. He kept smiling, however, and took small sips of his beer, looking around placidly at his friends and relatives, and those he was yet to meet.


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The more northern lands were somewhat unfamiliar to her, but nonetheless interesting. She took in her surroundings silently, allowing a small smile to quirk her lips so she seemed pleasant, nonthreatening. She was here to attempt an alliance - although she normally looked fed up or irritated, she thought that her current masquerade was doing well. There were many canines of Vinatta, she noted as she gazed at their massive territory. She greeted the leaders - one was Saul. Memories of him were vague, but she still remembered having met him when she was younger. She had taught him how to read.

She didn't rush along, rather allowing her d'Artisans to mingle with those they knew, and enjoy the tour of the town that Saul had given them. She could not smell chickens, which was a good thing, because that was what the creamy leader had brought along as a gift. After the tour, they were led to the great hall. Skye discreetly slipped away for a moment, retrieving a somewhat large wooden box with holes in it from the ship. She was glad that she had chosen the two quietest and most placid chickens; they did not make a sound.

Skye allowed her pack members to sit first - there were far less of them than there were of the Cavalieri knights, who seemed to take up all they space they possibly could, Skye thought with derision. She chose a seat next to a d'Artisan, grinning and winking at them before setting her attention on Saul. He spoke manly to the rest of his pack until he turned to the guests and said that they were free to mingle. Shortly, the room had grown in activity, buzzing with conversation and laughter.

Skye stood, approaching the leadership with a smile. She dipped her head briefly at them in deference to their lands; she then presented the box to them. It was tied in a red bow.

"A gift for you and your pack, from d'Arte," she said simply. The top of the box, once the bow was undone, would flip open easily, revealing the rather quiet presents inside.

300+ words

by the amazing Alaine!

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There was an anxiety buzzing in the pack and Lochlan could feel it in the air. So soon after the Ironside conflict, it was a poor time for a festival with other packs in attendance. Then again, perhaps it was the perfect time for it. They were still reeling from the agitation and needed allies close. Of course, they weren't officially allied with the other packs that were coming down the river, but that didn't mean they couldn't have good interactions. Because he didn't have to deal with the turmoil of the what ifs, all he had to do was enjoy the festival and make new friends among the other pack's membership. Well, that and help set up for the party as best he could with the skills that he had.

The meal of choice was elk, which was not his personal favorite. Since he was an avid fisherman (and aspiring trapper for rabbits and small game), he didn't particularly care for the meat of bulky hooved beasts. Being a moderate hunter at best, he had also not gone along on the actual hunting expedition for the great beast. Instead, he had helped with gathering fruits and berries that would help supplement the meal. He also ate a quick meal himself of fish while he was out and about. That way he wouldn't be starving but uninterested in the elk. At least he could eat the berries and fruits, though, that would be scattered about. Loch would probably sneak dried fish into the village hall, too.

When the howl sounded, he was back in the Hall with a bag full of berries and fruits. Setting them carefully in areas where they could be easily grabbed - but were not centered on one particular place so that they would draw a crowd - he went to check out the elk cooking. It was an interesting process, even though the smell of the meat made his stomach turn a bit. The boy couldn't say why it didn't appeal to him, it just didn't. He grabbed a small piece of fish from his satchel and stuffed it in his mouth, savoring the salty taste as he moved back out into the main area. The boy made sure to greet everyone that he knew, wagging his tail excitedly and trying his best to be useful in whatever tasks were necessary.

The crowd of visitors arrived in what felt like no time at all and he smiled, eager to get to know them. He sat by Ascher, bumping shoulders affectionately with his uncle. The other side was open so that a stranger could sit near to him, which he hoped they would. Being young, he didn't have a taste for (or desire to drink) the beer just yet, so he took a swig of fresh water. His whole body was abuzz with excitement and interest; for an extrovert like him, this party lit him up with energy. He was ready to meet some new wolves and forge new friendships!

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It seemed an odd time to be inviting visitors into their pack lands, at least in Aspen's opinion, but she wasn't about to question it. Instead, she wanted to help with the preparations, although she wasn't sure quite what to do. Aspen knew she needed to do something, though, because if she did t, the anxiety from knowing there would be many new people around would get the best of her and she would end up hiding in her house. That certainly wouldn't make a good impression of the other Vinattans, although their guests wouldn't know the difference.

She had been drawn to the elk that was cooking. Aspen hadn't ever had elk before, but cooking it had to be a similar process to cooking the small game she had been preparing, just at a larger scale. However, this meant that she had to be in her two legged form, making her feel exposed and a little more uncomfortable. It would be easier to take care of anything that happened like this, though, instead of shifting if something went wrong.

When Saul left to greet the visitors, Aspen hovered by the elk. She was mostly just making sure the fire didn't get out of control somehow since the meat seemed to be coming along well without her help. As the minutes past, she grew a bit more nervous, especially when the building began to fill again. She took a seat near the end of the table, unsure of where she should go, other than that. Aspen knew she should sit with someone new, but she couldn't help being drawn to her packmates instead for the security.

Aspen listened from her place by the elk as Saul spoke, though her eyes scanned their guests. It was strange to her, now having a 'them' and 'us' feeling, only in that 'they' are strangers and her packmates no longer were completely unfamiliar to her. Conversation began, and she looked around for someone to talk to, feeling more than a little awkward.

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omnom her dress [416]

The excitement in the girls belly had been building since her father had informed her that they would be welcoming a party from some of the Southern packs. It had been a horrible experience, watching her father suffer again. It was a different kind of pain, but the sleepless nights and the compulsion to be on the borders was wasting him away once more. So when she'd been informed that they would have visitors the girl had done anything and everything she could to help. She'd cleaned the inside of the village hall thoroughly and she'd spent an afternoon clearing away the weeds that were gathering around the walls of the building. It had been built last year and the ground that had been cleared to build it was most certainly being quickly reclaimed by nature. It had been rewarding, the physical labour enabling her to focus on something other than her father.

When her father had gone to greet their guests, the girl had returned home to get ready for the party. She'd finally finished the dress she'd been making, a swathy film of bright green that reminded her of her fathers eyes, trimmed in soft gold. It had taken a few more trips to the outpost to obtain the material and many hours spent with Aunt Shiloh to turn to cloth into something wearable. Now it draped over her body, held around her waist with a near-invisible sash of gold that gave it a little more shape. She'd decorated the hall before she'd left but as she entered now she felt herself grin at the garlands that half-looped around the hall, interspersed here and there with blue flowers she'd gathered from around the packlands. Settling down near the fire and her father, the girl listened as they were introduced and she flashed an easy smile at both leaders who'd come to her home.

Her fathers words ceased and it marked the beginning of the feast. Unwilling to sit down for the evening, the girl stood, her green dress hugging her body comfortably as she moved to scoop up a bottle of sugar beer. She'd asked her father last night if she could drink and after a few pleasing looks her father had acquiesced that she could have some. She took a small sip, her first of anything alcoholic ever, and smiled at the sweet and bitter taste that juxtaposed in her mouth. Beverage in hand, she headed towards the guests, intent on making friends.

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261 Just a very shy Rei :O

Pale, fine fingers wrapped around the leather strap of his bag of goods in a death grip. His supposed idea that things would be better once he was off the ship and in less of a confined space hadn't quite gone as planned; now he was not only surrounded by one pack of strangers but two. One of these days he would need to sit and think his supposed great ideas through a little more, before jumping in head first. However, he was now a member of a pack, mismatched eyes flicking over to the female leader as the thought occurred to him. It would do the pack good if he was social and traded his wares, which meant he had to actually get his face out there in the crowd of canines gathered. In a hall. Where he didn't really know any of them.

Large ears perked up as one of the males began to speak, introducing Jasper and his own leader Skye, a small smile on his lips at the thought that he actually had someone whom he could refer to as a pack leader out of respect, not fear. Unfurling his arms, he forced himself to take a few steps for the edge and began wondering around, hoping someone would approach him so that he didn't have to make the first social move. Casting his sights, he looked for either a small male or female; they were typically easier to deal with then large, egotistical males who only cared for their sheer quantity of muscles, then their intelligence.

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His bag was mewing.

It wasn’t until they’d been well on their way to Vinátta that the tawny knight had noticed the little calico stow-away. d’Artagnan had somehow managed to slip into his pack, and now several miles away from Casa and his silver lover-- the infant feline’s proclaimed “mother,” Alister was stuck with the splotchy kitten. His little round face peeped out of the sack slung on the Corpo’s back, as they headed towards the sound of the Vináttan leader calling them. “hungwy, Pa-pa.” The calico whined in garbled high-speech, having picked up some words from the couple who’d “adopted” him. “We’re going to eat now, err --d’Art, the Vináttans are treating us to a feast.” He wasn’t about to call him son, not yet anyway. Lola said she wasn’t ready for children, and he had to admit- he wasn’t either, but d’Art...? It didn’t really make any sense to him. “Whaa--’s a Vin-yataans?” d’Artagnan asked curiously squirming a little in the sack to get a better view of their surroundings. “Vinátta is the name of the pack we’re staying in.” Alister explained briefly, now more eager than ever to reach the feast.

Alister really hadn’t been sure what to make of him at first, or the fact that he seemed to look up to him as a sort of surrogate father. Though, it wasn’t likely the kitten had ever known his own. From what Lola told him, she’d found d’Art abandoned and soaked through on the banks of the river behind the Fort, and ever since he’d been a part of their daily lives. For better or worse, Alister wasn’t too keen on the little bundle snuggling up between them at night, but what was he to do? Lola obviously cared for the little guy, and he had to admit- he was kind of cute...

The Knight was dressed for the occasion, wearing his white shirt, and fox-trimmed cloak of grey slate to which was pinned his prize medal from the CdC/CdM tournament moons ago. The pendant of flourite was ever in place on his chest, dangling from it’s leather cord, he wore his tan pants and had sheathed the bastard sword at a belt about his hips for visual appeal. He was a Cavalier, after all, and what was a knight without his sword? Alister had every intention of making a good impression, surely he was capable of that at least?

Once he had reached the hall he unslung the bag from his back and freed d’Art, grinning to himself at the irony of his letting the cat out of the bag, and searched the room for a place at the table for himself and the spotted kitten at his heels. d’Art pounced at his foot-paws as he walked, but Alister was used to the pricking claws and teething canines by now and didn’t really seem to notice. “Gotcha Pa-pa!” d’Artagnan proclaimed as Alister came to a halt at a seat towards the center of the room, his cheeks now scorched with embarrassment at the kitten clinging to his foot. He lifted it, to find d’Art still hanging on, and scowling, scooped up the calico and dropped him on the bench. “no fwair, Pa--pa!” d’Art grumbled, squirming in his grip until the bench was beneath him. “Where’s ma-ma?” “Not here. Now, that's quite enough, Saul’s about to speak.” The calico seemed stricken for a moment at the revelation, but caught sight of the berries on the table before he could begin to pout, and busied himself with one as Alister’s attention turned towards the front.

The prospect of beer caught the tawny Corpo’s attention almost immediately- he was going to need one before the night was over, he was sure of it. He couldn’t imagine why he’d wanted pups in the first place if d’Art was any indication. Once Saul’s speech was over Alister focused on getting some food for the kitten beside him, hoping it might occupy him long enough for him to have an actual conversation with someone.

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Bran’s stomach growled at him as he made his way towards the great hall. He was pretty sure he shared everyone else’s weariness of strangers after their most recent incident, but he knew some members of Casa, and one from Arte, and had never had problems. Still he had used the morning of the feast to help in his own way, by getting up early and doing a patrol, checking the scent markers and refreshing them where needed. He knew the others on duty had it under control, but the patrolling was more for his own peace of mind.

Getting back to the village, he’d smelt the elk roasting and seen their visitors being escorted around the village, so he knew there was still time to go home and grab a few things. His house was pretty tidy and organised, a fact that some might find surprising, but what he was looking for was always well maintained and kept out of the reach of any danger. The caramel pelted Stormbringer pulled down his guitar and looped the strap over his neck, caressing the strings lovingly for a moment before heading out. He’d not had a chance to play and sing in a while, and he was in the mood for a bit of a play.

The inside of the hall was hot, the fires roasting the elk were still blazing, and there was a pleasant buzz of conversation in the air. The tastes of all the different voices swirled in his mouth and in his eyes. Blues and greens, melted into purples and lightning blues. At the moment the beguiling tastes were okay, but he knew eventually he’d start getting a headache, so he quickly headed over to the beer and flicked off a seal with his thumb, taking a deep draft of the fiery stuff. He had no idea how Thorn did it, but the stuff that he made was fantastic. The treatment for his condition in hand, he looked around the room, spying all the familiar faces, and those of the newcomers as well. Ascher and Loch were sitting on a table alone, but Bran’s eyes were drawn to the female proffering a box to Saul. Her fur was a delicious cream, and the faint brown patches, lending the pelt a welcome informality. Her fiery mane gleamed in the light of the fire. The scars and torn ear, far from detracting from her allure, seemed to heighten it, and the only thing that held the caramel pelted male back from going up and saying hi, was the fact the gift giving seemed to be a particularly solemn moment. So turning, he moved back to where Asch and Loch were sitting, put his beer down, making sure it was still in reach, wrapped an arm around Loch and squeezed, and repeated the gesture with Asch. Chuckling he dis-engaged and began tuning his guitar, leaning against the table rather than sitting down.

The Irish accented luperci’s movements weren’t as graceful as they normally were. His side had been sliced into by that damn Cavan and the wound was still pink and raw, no fur grew there at the moment, it was rather obvious, but the guitar did a good job of hiding it. Still, the wound felt tight, and if he’d been a more vain wolf, he might have felt it spoiled his good looks, but he wasn’t the self-conscious type.

POSTED: Thu Jul 25, 2013 3:11 pm

OOC: Finchy brought gifts! feel free to have your character grab one.

IC: Copper was an abundant metal when it was compared to gold and silver. Pots, car pieces, old coins and tarnished jewelry. Finch had plenty enough to melt down or shape. But she could not gather the courage to go outside and built a fire pit. Being part of a large pack was an awkward feeling to the wandering wolf. She didn't exactly know what to do. The non-luperci pack she had joined so long ago was a relatively small family with ranks biased on dominance and submission; every one helped each other to survive by doing simple tasks. She wanted to help Vinatta, but she couldn't quite understand how she fit into the human like ranks. Although the past month had been spent in her den, where she had hidden way like a hermit, she had not been an idle wolf.

In the cool darkness of her room she worked patiently in the sliver of light that filtered through her window. Delicate bones from birds and rabbits - some of which she had acquired from her rude cousin - were carved and sanded into fish hooks, arrow straighteners, earrings, and other simple trinkets. Bigger items, like strong leg bones were chipped and sanded into the shape of stiletto knives. Some were left simple with only beached bones showing, some had small designs burnt into them. Other hilts were wrapped in strong layers of sting and left with tasseled ends or covered in weaved raw hide.

The jaw bones of two long dead deer were scavenged, split in half and attached to jagged antler blades. The top of the handle was left studded with smooth teeth while the underside was carved with lovely swirling patterns. Another pare of daggers were lovingly made completely from antler; their handles were beaded finely and ended in colorful tassels made from her last set of string. She buffed them until they shone in her house's dim light. Finch knew from smells and sound and whispers in the street that important people were coming. She would be ready for them.

Her mane was washed and pined into curs and braids that dropped below the middle of her back. Gold, silver, copper, leather, wood, and feathers hung from her elaborate hair style. Finally, when the sent of roasting elk became to much to resist, the dark lady gathered up all her small carved bone things and simple knives into a tin pail. The only belt she wore was a band around her thigh meant to hold the jawbone knives and beaded daggers. Her appearance and gifts were tailored to showcase the one thing she could do for Vinatta - trade her handmade goods.

Finch really did wish to go unnoticed, but it was impossible when the objects braided into her hair sparkled like a sun. She hung back near the door way of the hall as her sullen looking leader spoke. Being around so many people way unnerving not because she did not like them, but because she did not always know how to act in a friendly manner. She greeted all who looked her way, familiar or not, with a thin smile and a nod. She looked at the sugar beer briefly, eager to loose her anxiety in the drink, but she knew it was a corrupted Luperci thing she would not indulge in. She scurried towards the place where the leaders stood and placed one jaw bone knife and one beaded dagger next to their feet, keeping one of each for herself. She left without out a word, only pausing briefly to watch their expressions. She hoped they knew that the knife were more than gifts. They symbolized the trade she hoped to see between the packs and the gratitude she had for Vinatta.

"Gifts, feel free to take one" she called out as she placed the bucket of gifts on the table. Finch's bright mahogany eyes turned to scan the room for a familiar face. She hoped she could fine her brother. He wasn't a wonderful socialite, but his presence always made her feel more comfortable.

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