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teme coming over looking to train with a cavalieri! rubbbbish starter[325]

With the recent meetings in the woods that had encouraged Temeraire to learn new weapons, expand his skills. Of course, one of those meetings had been fraught with sexual tension and he'd ended up bartering kisses for attempts at using the girls throwing knives. He had every intention of seeking Esme out again, convincing her to repeat their little game and perhaps take it a little further next time. He'd returned home to Lena and told her of a female he'd met in the woods who'd taught him a little about knife throwing. He'd failed to mention the raunchy payment and he'd managed to avoid some more frosty treatment from his best friend. Either way, it has spurred him on and on an impulse he'd decided to head over to Casa di Cavalieri to try and find someone to train with. He remembered the route from when they'd had the tournament.

There was of course the matter of what to say. Temeraire was a confident male, but even he hadn't quite figured out how he could simply ask someone to train with him. He had his staff with him, the smooth wood beneath his hand familiar and the elk-antler handled knife strapped around his thigh. He stood with the shaft of wood loosely in his hand, blue eyes searching the borders before him. He didn't really know what he was looking for, but he knew that he was in the right place. While he'd beaten the archer from Casa in the tournament, he suspected that that was probably a bad day for the fox coated male and he'd watched Skoll get his ass handed to him by the similarly fox coated female who'd had wiry strength that helped immensely. Whatever he was looking for, the pack of Knights was probably the right place to look. Tipping his head back, the dark Squire sent out a call for assistance from someone who could train with him.

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Amatha was out patrolling the borders with her mare, Bella. The sandy coated horse hadn’t accompanied her for any patrols for a while so Amatha figured she could do with some fresh air. Sure it wasn’t even really her job yet to patrol the territory, seeing as she just recently turned a year old, but she enjoyed helping her pack. Besides, why shouldn’t she get a head start on what would soon be her responsibilities?

Amatha still wore nothing, just as her mother had as well as her Aunt and Uncle who were now living with the girl. The only thing she had on her was a dark brown belt, which held the holster for her sword as well as her mother’s knife strapped to her left thigh. She rode Bella bareback, as she usually did but she didn’t get far into her patrol before a call reached her ears. Apparently someone was at the borders, not far from where she already was, and looking for assistance. Deciding it would be better to see what this stranger needed assistance with, Amatha nudged Bella forward towards the sound of the call. As she did, she lifted her head and let out a call of her own, letting the man know she was on her way.

It only took the young girl a few minutes before she reached the male. His scent filled her nose, making it clear that he was a member of Cour des Miracles, but his face was unfamiliar to her. Granted, she had yet to meet all the members of her neighboring pack, but this man seemed somewhat close to her age, perhaps only a year older than herself. His dark coat and bright blue eyes reminded her greatly of her cousin Shade, but she knew there was no relation there, just familiar looks. Amatha slid off of Bella’s back and bowed her head in greeting. Welcome to Casa di Cavalieri, I’m Amatha Partnere. You called asking for assistance, was there something I could help you with? The tawny fae had always made it a point to be polite to others she met, especially those from the neighboring packs.
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" Shadow is in his Optime form and has his sword and cloak but is not hidden. Hope you don't mind the large brute watching over his niece/daughter! ^^"

His fist came back and he spun and twisted in the air and the moment his feet touched the ground again his fist launched out and his fist crashed into a wooden board that was reasonably thick and would have been used for a fence of something to that nature, however Shadow had a great use for it. His fist went through and the wraps around his fist and fingers made sure that he did not hurt himself to bad, for a hurt hand would not benefit a assassin and one who trained as often as he. He smiled and slowly pulled his hand back and looked to his work. The ability to punch through solid wood was something he had been shown when he was young, something his father showed him but it was not a happy memory. Memory: His father stood there looking to a younger shadow, still some pup fur hung to him and his lighter fur was darkening slowly.

" Son...Weakness is not an option and pain isn't either. You see this piece of wood?" Shadow nodded quickly and stood tall and did not say a word as he watched his father move. " There is a technique that our kind has used and have passed down through the blood. To remove ones heart..." Shadow flinched and almost looked away and yet he didn't and it was good that he did not look away for his father was watching him. " It's the finisher that we assassins have been given to use on those who don't deserve to die with there dignity....who should look apon there bleeding heart before they die. There are two variations....one is the easier and cleaner of the two and this method was intended to break through the rib cage to have a direct rout to there beating and blood meaning of life." Shadow nodded and his father walked over to a tarp and pulled it down showing a bear. "It's time son, for you to learn both of these techniques."

Shadow shook his head and pulled himself from his memory and he heard the call of another that he did not know by the boarder of Casa De Cavalieri. Shadow looked to his work one last time and he started to move to the location of the call. He had his sword on him and his black cloak but his hood was down for he did not need to hide who he was while in his own home. As he got closer he heard a familiar voice and he smiled kindly. It was his niece, now his daughter and she was welcoming someone to the pack. He came from around a tree and he smiled and nodded to both and he spoke up lightly. " You have already been told this but welcome to our home. My name is Shadowfang or Shadow if you wish, Pleasure to meet you." He nodded lightly and stayed leaning against the tree letting his daughter take the lead and he was going to watch his "blood" in action. She was growing quickly and learning fast as well from their training and the rest of the family and pack was helping.

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