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1 August 2013. Gehenna is Arkham's cNPC. Avaiki is also present.

He hated that he almost welcomed the sight of the skulls. The day had been warm, and the sun had only just begun to set. The first rush of cool, evening air greeted him in the same beat as the macabre remnants of dead men and women. He was not surprised that they were still there. (They would always be there.) Myrika's familiar scent was strong: overwhelming, almost. There were faint traces of Cassandra here and there, he was sure. But the feeling of relief did not come, nor did the joy. He would see his beautiful daughters again soon, but he did not feel anything. There was a tightness in his chest, but that was not an emotion. His muscles were sore; his bones ached dully.

This was not home.

But he was so tired. He did not want to walk anymore. He did not want to wander anymore. And if Inferni would protect his children -- all of his children -- then what choice did he have? Gehenna and Avaiki were both quiet behind him, but he could sense their muted excitement. A pack other than the one they'd grown up in. It was exciting, wasn't it? In some way, Kharma wondered if he had felt a little of that when he had first fallen in with Aleksei's band of dogs. They had been different. It had been nice, hadn't it? But he didn't remember what he'd felt. He didn't think he remembered much of the last few years. That was fine. Little had been important.

The dark, dusty coywolf stopped right in front of a pike and leaned heavily against the skull. His legs nearly buckled, half-tricked into thinking they would be allowed to rest now. He took a moment to steady himself, but it was more a preparation for his mind than his body. This was not home. He lifted his thin muzzle to the purple sky. This had to be home. Where else was there? He called for Myrika.

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Assuming she ran ahead & has been chilling with Lokr in the dampwoods since 27th July, meeting up with them earlier to join? [381]

Tentatively she gripped her elbow, rubbing her arm in a nervous habit as she trailed behind, eyes flickering from side to side, absorbing every little detail she passed with wide eyed curiosity. Hearing stories of the pack she and her small family were seeking to call home, the image formed within her mind was drastically different from the reality before her. Perhaps she may of embellished some ideas within her head, making a perfectly 'normal' pack into some grandeur, evil terrain; the concept deduced from the fact this pack, Inferni, were supposed to have wolf skulls along their borders. Even the skulls disappointed her, just sitting there, not really adding much of a dark atmosphere to the borders, although rather then committing she just stored the information away, dismissing her childish ideas and accepting the place for what it really was, not what her naïve mind wished it to be.

A small spark of guilt filled her for having left 'Judas' behind; but her family were more important and re-uniting with them after her escapade ahead of them was her first and foremost priority. Being surrounded by her father an brother once more, she felt safe, something she truly hadn't felt during the few days she explored the unclaimed lands on her own. Perhaps after settling in she could seek him out again, just to make sure he was doing okay. Strangely the idea of seeking him out again placated her guilt for abandoning him as she had. At the end of the day, she wasn't capable of solving his problems or doing anything for him, so it was for the best that she left when she did.

Perking up a little, her tail swayed excitedly behind her in a stead rhythm as her father called out. This was her new home; somewhere she and her family would be safe, no longer dodging loners or worrying about what was laying in wait in the dark. Not only that, but her elder siblings were here, names of which she had heard about but had no face to match to the names. That made her nervous, for she wanted to make a good impression, wanted to be liked by them.

Again she rubbed her arms, folding them across her stomach and hugging herself.

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The howl was for Myrika, not for her. She should have, by all rights, gone on her way. But she was closest to the border, wandering now on an evening patrol patrols, her paws settling in the same track they always settled as she wandered, the skulls at her shoulder.

Seamlessly, the scarred coywolf walked toward the call. Her eyes briefly traced the red-haloed crown of the trees, an early dusk, and she stopped and looked upon the party gathered at the borders. A coyote, she first thought, and two young dogs -- though hybrids still, for as bony and narrow as they were. The male leaned against one of the pikes, an offense to most -- but he had called for Myrika. Her scarred brow shifted.

"Hello," Vesper greeted, and waited for their story.

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(Kitty/Raze, feel free to pp Gehenna as needed; he bows after Arkham does, as he's being introduced. It just felt awk for me to include it here since it's all Arkham's narrative. <_< Who's not used to having NPCs?? KIRI ISN'T.)


It had been long months already, but still he was not accustomed to his blind side. He forgot, too frequently, and was startled each time when someone approached from that side. He had gotten better at hiding the surprise, but the intense unease and wariness had yet to lessen. How long had it taken for Kaena to adjust? Kharma turned his remaining red eye to the Infernian, who was small and scarred and smelled strongly of Myrika, more so than any normal member might have. The dark coywolf let his gaze linger for only a moment, then lowered it. One hand continued to steady him against the skull-topped pike, but the other swept across his stomach as he bowed deeply.

"Hello," he said quietly. His first thought, of course, was that Myrika had declined to come see him (why would she?), but common sense followed up to note that the small woman before him had arrived very quickly, and had probably just been in the area. "Kharma Asylum," he introduced himself with another bow of his head, then turned to glance behind him. "This is my son and daughter, Gehenna and Avaiki..." He inhaled slowly. "Myrika... Myrika Tears is also my daughter." His one eye stared down at the skull. He had never liked them. As a child, he had thought they were strange and a bit silly. In his adolescence he had thought them unnecessarily morbid. Eventually they became the symbol in his mind of everything that had ever been wrong with Inferni, with Lykoi. With his family. With himself.

He exhaled and looked again to the Infernian that had come to greet them. "I was hoping that we would be able to stay here." He did not say 'a while.' "Do you know if that would be all right?" The words were bitter on his tongue, but he would not let it show on his face. In the end, his feelings didn't matter. Gehenna and Avaiki, truthfully, were not much younger than he had been at the time of the fire. He had survived; they could, too. But why would he risk them when he didn't have to? And yet, Gehenna and Avaiki were still kind, like their mother had been. Like he had been. Would Inferni take that from them? Had Inferni already taken it from Myrika?

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Geh, sorry about the hold up. Short to move this along @_@ [205]

Folding her hands behind her back, she twisted and tangled her fingers to prevent herself from fidgeting as the lone female approached. The female was noticeably scarred from past events, an ear missing amongst the tale of past injuries that marred her stunning pelt, a mix of colours and soft, cold tones that she hadn't seen on another before. Dropping her eyes she flicked her ears back a fraction, content to allow her father to do the speaking and feeling bad for having stared at the stranger, hoping desperately that her curious glance would be missed or over looked.

As she and Gehenna were mentioned, a small smile spread across her maw, head dipping in greeting, eyes flashing over to Gehenna for a moment before settling back on the interactions of her father and the female, the grasp of her intertwined hands tightening in anticipation as their intent was mentioned. A home, somewhere safe, where they didn't have to run and worry about the evil out in neutral lands. Feeling like a child amongst grown ups, she held her tongue, deciding it would be best to wait until directly addressed, not wanting to do anything out of ignorance or over excitement that would cause problems.

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Awkward Vesper is awkward.


The one-eyed coyote looked at her, and Vesper pricked her ear as the other offered his name. Asylum -- it rang like thunder in her ears, and she only briefly turned to look over the younger hybrids as they were acknowledged. They were young, she thought, perhaps less than a year old. They were not as important or interesting as Kharma.

Myrika's father, Cassandra's father. The promise not to join Inferni. Betrayed by the Lykois. She remembered what the albino woman had said, and she couldn't help but frown slightly at the memory of those conversations. Something great must have happened for Kharma to come here with two other children when he hadn't wanted his girls to come.

She was more shocked when he asked his question, and Vesper gave a short nod of her head. "She would be glad to see you, I think," she replied. "Family is always welcome here," she added -- pointedly, to see his response. She knew about the promise, what he might think of family, what his moonlight daughter thought of family. It was different with Myrika, Ves thought, but even she had acknowledged her father's wish.

"You're welcome," Vesper repeated, slightly differently, and took a few steps back, gesturing with tail and nose for him to pass those skull-lined borders if he had the strength. "I'm Vesper -- Myrika's mate. You have three grandchildren too."

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Figure we can just call this done. x_x Raaaze, lemme know if you want an individual Ves/Arkham thread; I think it would be fun and awkward. XD


Two years ago, he had watched Myrika head down the mountain with her horse towards Inferni, and he had not stopped her. He couldn't protect his daughter from the ghosts of his own past and the maybes of her future. If there had been war on Inferni's borders then, maybe there would have been something substantial for him to fight against, something for him to keep away from Myrika. But there hadn't been, and there was no keeping children from what enticed their curiosity. He let her go, and he did not regret this, exactly. Instead, Kharma regretted that he had not been able to maintain a home for his daughters. In the end, he had been the one to want to leave Thornloe first.

He dissolved the home they'd had. Where else did he think they were going to go?

"Thank you..." The weary hybrid smiled. He did not know if it was genuine or not, but even if it was not initially, it became one when Vesper gave her name and announced herself as his eldest daughter's mate. It was all any parent could hope for -- for their children to be happy. For them to be loved and safe and content with their lives. Myrika had found a home, had made one for herself, had found someone who loved her, had had children of her own. Inferni had given to her, it seemed, all it had never been willing to give to him. So be it. That was okay.

"It's good to meet you, Vesper," he said, as warmly as he could. "I'm glad Myrika has made a family," even if it's here. Kharma drew a long breath, then shifted his weight away from the pike and skull. Moving slowly, he followed the small woman into the territories with only a brief glance backwards to Gehenna and Avaiki to ensure that they were following. When the wind shifted, he thought he could smell the sea. It was a ways off, and it was not the same beach he had grown up on, but there was still a stinging sort of nostalgia. More than four years he had been without an affiliation. And still, it seemed that the only pack he would ever be a part of was Inferni.

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