A curse to cause the sickness?

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Simcha reveals Aranck's suspicions about the sickness to Claudius. Are the AniWayans cursed?

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- - -

“Claudius! Hey! Claudius!”

The shouts were loud and booming and he knew instantly who was calling for him: Simcha. They had worked together many times and on many different projects, so it was only natural that he would recognize the voice. But there was panic or worry laced in his shout, so Claudius turned, his brows already knit and his mind already worrying.

“Wuh-wuh-wuh…?” he started, and then took a deep breath to continue: “wuh-what’s ruh-wrong, Suh-Simcha?” he asked.

“I think you might want to hear this, Claudius—you know, because of the sickess,” he said, pitching his voice lower at the last word. He glanced around, seemingly worried that someone might overhear him.

“How so?” Claudius asked, his frown deepening.

“Can we talk somewhere… safe? A little more private? Just… quieter,” Simcha said, rubbing his arms with his hands.

“Suh-suh, o-of c-course. Muh-my hut?” he suggested. He gestured with his right hand to where he lived, but Simcha shook his head.

“No, too many there, what with your mate and your brother. Here, this one,” Simcha said, pointing to an abandoned, run-down hut. He added: “i-if that’s okay, I mean. Sorry, I didn’t mean to demand.”

“Nuh-no, i-it’s fuh-fine. Yuh-you seem wuh-worried, suh-so luh-lets talk,” Claudius replied.

“Okay, but you have to keep this quiet. Aranck didn’t want to let too many people know. I think he was worried that they might panic.”

Claudius freezes. Simcha gestures for him to enter the hut, but Claudius knows that Aranck was the first to get sick and was immediately quarantined. Despite their efforts, many more have now fallen sick.

“You saw Aranck,” he said, his voice stern.

“Yeah, why?” Simcha asked.

“He’s suh-sick,” Claudius said, “yuh-you shuh-shouldn’t visit hi-him. We duh-don’t know wuh-why yet,” he explained.

“No, that’s why I have to tell you.” Abandoning his effort to speak in the hut, Simcha leans in to Claudius and says in a low voice: “Aranck knows why we’re sick. You know about Grandfather’s Tears? It’s curse?” Again, he lowers his voice for the last word.

“Suh-sure, e-everyone nuh-knows about the curse. Buh-but i-it’s nuh-not t-t-t-true,” Claudius insists.

“Well, it might be, but that’s not why I’m here. You know the Asgina Usvdoni? The Ghostly Hollow? Aranck thinks it’s cursed, too, just like the Tears. Why is there a giant pile of human bones? And why weren’t there any humans in this area? Aranck thinks that years ago, the humans lived in these parts. It was their home, like everything was there home.” He scoffs. “Eventually, the wolves rose up. They stole back the land and the humans put a curse on them. And now, the wolves have returned to us and so the humans have cursed them. Don’t you see? The wolves have returned to us.” His eyes shine bright with this newfound information and these new curses.

“Buh-but whuh-which wuh-wolves?” Claudius asks. It’s only logical.

Us! Us, don’t you see? We came back, as AniWaya, and stole their land again and they waited until we grew and were happy to hurt us and punish us the way we punished them. They’re finally taking their revenge.”

“Buh-but wuh-why nuh-now, Suh-Simcha? Wuh-why wuh-wait?” Claudius still didn’t understand.

“They’re humans. Didn’t you see their houses? They broke down, slowly. So now they’re breaking us down. Slowly. They don’t need to move fast because they’re spirits. That’s why we’re sick: they’re taking out their revenge, slowly.”

Claudius shook his head. “I duh-don’t nuh-know about thuh-that, Suh-Simcha. A-and huh-how c-c-could A-Aranck know? He’s fuh-from the Guh-Great t-t-t-tribe, so he’s juh-just as new… here a-as us,” he reasoned.

“Well, he doesn’t hold the rank of Udeloquay for nothing,” Simcha reasoned.

“Wuh-well, I don’t thuh-think a huh-human c-c-curse… is something t-t-t-to worry about,” Claudius says. “Buh-but thuh-thank yuh-you fuh-for telling me, wado, Suh-Simcha.”

“Ulihelisdi, Digalawigi,” Simcha says, bows his head and then leaves.

Although Claudius thinks that it’s a bit load of rubbish, he can’t help but think that maybe they have been cursed. Why else would so many fall sick so suddenly? It just doesn’t add up.

Claudius returns to his hut, troubled, but not wanting to trouble his brother or his mate with his thoughts. This is worrying news indeed. He would have to find Ulilohi.
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