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All welcome. Lowry is one of the sick characters! :(


Lowry was good at imagining worst-case scenarios, but as many times as he’d played his own death in AniWaya through his mind—from being burned a traitor, to being rejected altogether, to getting impaled by an elk antler or getting attacked by monsters in the cornfields—he hadn’t thought he’d go like this.

He desperately wanted to go home. Now, more than ever, he wanted to go home. He’d wasted his chance when he still had the energy to get out of bed, when every motion didn’t send a terrible cramp through his stomach or leave a fresh pile of what he’d had for dinner on the floor. He should have gone home a long time ago with all the useful information that he had, but now he thought he was going to die here. He would never go back to Cercatori d’Arte and Skye would think he was a failure.

He’d always known he’d die a failure.

A loose whimper left him, and he turned onto his side, curling up into a ball. It did little to help the abdominal pain, but the whimper at least was answered—by a quiet grunt from the floor. His yellow eyes drifted downward to see Hen Wen peering up at him with her wide dark eyes, grunting worriedly. She started to rear up on her hind legs, front hooves propped on the cot, but she seemed to think better of it. He’d already shoved her off the bed in the middle of the night; a warm pig in his blankets did not help his fever.

He did not want the piglet to worry, though, so he managed to force a smile this time. He reached out and patted her on the head, and scratched her ears, and she let out a contented grunt in response. Then a pain seized through his bowels and he let out another yelp, and then another—desperate for someone to reach him. Hen Wen scattered at his yowl and hid underneath the bed, while Lowry wondered if someone would reach him in time to help him walk outside, or if he would soil himself again.
Cercatori d'Arte
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Duy is mostly chocolate colored with lighter coffee on his belly, chest and throat, with bits of silver and mahogany running through the most of his pelt. His eyes are pale green ringed by dark blue, he has three rings of white fur around his right wrist and a few white spots on his left wrist. He has the Ehn family emblem dyed onto his chest, as well as a few other tribally markings, and fathers and beadwork in his hair. He stands 7 foot 4 and carries a large axe.
I don't know why I thought this is taking place at the stables, but if its not just give me a pm and i'll change the appropriate words. :3

The illness continued to evade all of his attempts to solve its mystery and he was now beginning to guess his own knowledge and wonder just how much he did know and if he was all that skilled. His mouth was pressed into a flat line and his brows drawn into a fierce scowl. The Kunikoti paced back and forth outside of his house, the bare patch of soil speaking of his beginning attempts to recreate his herb garden, furrows in the soil and nearby, tools to aid the endeavors of gardening. But he had been interrupted constantly by the demands of this illness, and the pressure to solve it, to find an answer and cure the sick. He haad been informed not too long ago that one of the fire tenders had also taken ill along with her young daughter and a hunter too. He growled into the silence and resumed his pacing, quickening his long stride.

The pacing was getting him nowhere, both figuratively and literally and so he broke away from it, letting his feet take him where they would. The sense of failure was beginning to slide in at the edges of his consciousness, he shook his head as though wet and wished that Adnahiuwolatanatiya would return from wherever the rattlesnake was hiding. He could use his Guide's quiet and unassuming voice. As it was he stood alone and found himself close by to the stables and livery. The scent of horse and hay and excrement met his nose and he crinkled it up slightly, he was too large to ride all but the incredibly largest of horses and even then they struggled with his weight. So mostly he was restricted to walking or to more than one horsed carts. He did love horses though and found them to be empathic, intelligent creatures for the most part.

A yelp and a yowl of pain was out of place though and he frowned even more, moving forwards quickly to investigate, the medic inside coming to the fore, a smoothing of his face into a professional mask. He grimaced at what he found, another stricken member. His voice was soft,

"Let me help you, what do you need?"

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Lowry Lykoi
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Hen Wen had ducked under his cot at his pained cry, and though he knew that was the smartest thing for the piglet to do (short of running outside), he desperately wanted her comfort right now. His bowels seemed to twist, but he fought against the feeling. Another desperate whine left him before a massive shadow blocked the entrance: an insanely tall wolf, the familiar deep brown of the Ehn family, and terrifying to the sick coyote.

He almost tried to run, but his stomach would not allow him. He managed to half-flounder on his bed, freezing when he heard the other's soft tone -- not the voice of someone who was about to snap him in half and eat him. Ears flattened down against his head, and he whimpered. "I need you t-to help me g-get outside," he managed, hands coming to press around his stomach. He was mortified.

And more mortified when Hen Wen let out a horrible squeal from under his cot, starting to charge out before she froze, decided that this Luperci was unnaturally huge, and ducked back into hiding. He might have laughed, but his bowels gave another twist, and he knew outside needed to happen now.

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Duyugodv Ayosdi
Brittle stillness

Had it been another situation and the male before him a friend he almost maybe would have laughed at how absurd it seemed. But with the crisis at hand there was nothing to laugh about at the poor sick male. His mouth set into a sympathetic line and he held up his huge hands before him in a gesture of friendship and good meaning. "Relax friend, I'm here to help." He did not pity, he was not a creature of pity only one of action and cure. He would assist this poor tribe member. The uncomfortable squirming of the man was not unnoticed and Duyugodv held out a hand and helped the stricken male to his feet. Shooting a curious and puzzled look at the pig still huddling under the bed.

With the strength his training and his height gave him, the weight of the coyote was hardly anything for him to carry especially emaciated as he was by the intestinal distress. His professional face came down, shutting down much of the emotions that may be visible, he knew what was to come would be extremely embarrassing for the other and sought to alleviate as much as it as possible. He helped the smaller male outside and hesitated for a second, nsure if the boy wanted further help or if he could manage the next bit alone.

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