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POSTED: Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:16 pm

Tisyala glared at him with teeth bared, and Duyugodv drew himself up to his full height, a good foot and a half above the young boy, his voice was deep and strict as he thundered,

"I do not care what you think you're going to be doing. Today you will be pulling your weight and helping around this tribe. Do you think I'm so blind that I don't see you slacking off every moment you can do?" The young pale blonde boy growled, hitting out a clawed hand to strike at the larger man,

'You can't tell me what to do! You're not my parents, they don't tell me what to do either!' Duyugodv caught the hand before it landed on his chocolate and mocha body, clenching the wrist tightly between his fingers, and leaned down to bark in the boy's face, he would not be disrespected in this way and not by a pup,

"No, I'm not your parents, but I am your elder and you will respect me! And you will pull your weight and contribute. If you don't want to do that then you can leave" He pointed with his free hand to the door, his meaning clear, if he would not conform, would not fit into this lifestyle then he could live on his own outside of AniWaya's protection. He would not normally be so harsh with a child but this child had proven to be an unruly slacker time and time again, his parents had sent him along with Duyugodv in hopes that he wuldnt straighten the boy out and by the Spirit's will he would not fail the Chyee family.

Tisyala fell silent and looked resentful up at him, as much as he rebelled, he didn't want to leave. He knew he couldn't protect himself out in the wild world of the loners and fierce packs. Duyugoodv let go of the arm and Tisyala snatched it back, rubbing at it where the medic had held on tightly.

"Now, you will take these packages and deliver them to the sick tribe members and when you return we will be visiting Aranck." The boy took the packages without further complaint and left the hut, saying nothing. The curtain fell closed with the click of beads and Duyugodv sank into a rough hewn chair, rubbing his hand against his temple, that boy was a menace.

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She crossed the path of the boy as he skulked out of the hut, moving out of his way as he blew past her. To her eyes he seemed upset or angry, but Aduladi didn't know enough about him to judge too much. Whatever Duy had said to him seemed to have an impact, was all. She hoped her brother wasn't in a foul mood and crossed her fingers as she poked her head in the doorway, clearing her throat to get his attention. She'd not been feeling so well these last couple of days, and though the female had tried to ignore the soreness of her throat and the fact that she'd lost her voice, she could not. She had tried over and over again to speak, especially in the day prior, but now almost no sound would come out when she tried to speak.

Aduladi hadn't told Ulilohi that she wasn't feeling well yet, not wanting to bother her over something this minor. She was used to taking care of herself from her time spent on the road, and she wasn't about to admit weakness to her tribe leader/sister without real proof that there was anything wrong with her. She tried to speak so Duy might notice her, but her voice came out as a crackled squeak. Instead, she formed her hand into a fist and rapped on the wood of the doorway to announce her presence. She looked at him with a somewhat defeated expression, pointing at her throat. She managed one sentence, though it came out in a gravelly voice so low it almost wasn't there. "Can't...talk" She said, gesturing toward her throat.
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The boy would have to be tested, it was the only way. Duyugodv sighed again and pinched at the bridge of his nose. He had not asked for this but the head of the Chyee family had come and asked him specifically if he would try and convert the troublesome boy. It was proving to be much harder than he had anticipated, the boy was so much trouble around the hut and around the tribe. He was not a stupid boy for Duyugodv knew him to be calculating and sly but he was lazy, he was disrespectful but he was also a child of AniWaya and they did not leave behind those who could still be saved although for how much longer Tisyala would fit into that category was up for question, he was getting too old to be so burdensome upon his family, so shameful.

Noise made him look up and he saw his sister hovering uncertainly by the door, he frowned, it was not like her to be uncertain or reluctant in anything. He would have expected she should come straight in, no need to knock or call attention. His weary eyes regarded her, though the spark of brotherly love for her was there it swiftly turned to keep concern when she began pointing at her throat. Dread strangled him and robbed him of voice. He stood up so suddenly the chair was knocked over backwards and fell to the floor with a clatter. He could not even speak to reassure her but led her forwards by her arm and lifted her to sit on his examination table, hacked from the wood of a oak tree and incredibly sturdy. For a second his mind was empty and blind panic raged; how would he ever be able to live with himself, to be able to face the tribe and Ulilohi if Aduladi caught this sickness and died because he couldn't treat her, because he didn't know how. For a few seconds his culture and his civilized manner disappeared and he was just a wolf driven by instinct, whining sharply and almost pitifully in pain.

Then years of training slammed down upon him, driving away the wild instincts to howl his anguish. And he was again the medic, the Kunikoti. He lifted up her muzzle with the tips of his fingers, the other hand running down her throat to feel for lumps of any kind.

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