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X'yro visits AniWaya to trade

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Ulilohi had mentioned to Claudius that some traders from another pack, far to the north, had come to AniWaya to trade. He recalled clearly some of the goods they had brought: two piglets, and some pretty rocks. He had intended to use the rocks in his crafting, but the sickness had swept through AniWaya, distracting him from the task at hand.

Thus, when he heard the howl of another emissary from Sangi’lak, he hastened to meet them at the borders. Although they had agreed that their packs would rotate between them, sending a trader every other month, these plans had been stalled because of the growing number of sick AniWayans. Claudius could only hope that the trader would understand his desire for caution. He had no wish to see more fall prey to their illness.

Claudius was fortunate that he was on two legs because it meant that it would be easier to carry whatever goods the other canine brought.

He greeted him with a friendly, ‘wado,’ which was returned with a quiet greeting. He tried not to be too intimidated by how incredibly large and broad the other wolf was, but it was a struggle. Even though he was a leader of the tribe, it was humbling sometimes to see the members of other packs; it was a reminder that they were friends and threats.

“Greetings, I am X’yro Exultare, a member of the northern pack of Sangi’lak and aspiring warrior,” he said. He gestured to the horse behind him, which was saddled up more as a pack mule than a riding horse. Claudius could see that he had foregone a bulky cart in favour of a horse. Smart.

Claudius nodded and replied: “wuh-welcome t-to Ani-wuh-Waya, Xuh-X’ryo. I c-c-c-can o-offer you muh-many goods a-and a puh-place t-to ruh-rest buh-before yuh-you return t-t-to… your home. Buh-but puh-please, muh-mind yuh-yourself; wuh-we huh-have a suh-sicknes suh-sweeping thuh-through Ani-wuh-waya. Nuh-none have duh-died, but many huh-have fuh-fallen suh-sick. Muh-many c-c-c-complain o-of a fuh-fever, suh-stomach p-pains, and… many find thuh-themselves unable… to k-k-k-keep food in their… buh-bellies.” Claudius found it unfortunate that this might scare off future trading, but he preferred honesty; it was the only way to maintain proper relations, after all. And he certainly did not want to see their trading partners fall ill!

“Ha! A little pain never hurt. But I promise to be careful. Now, where can I bring my goods? I have precious stones and a fledgling owl so that AniWaya and Sangi’lak can more easily communicate. If you have one in the tribe that speaks the language of the birds, we can have their relay messages,” X’yro explained.

“I wuh-will huh-have to suh-see if we have… any… who can communicate with them,” Claudius commented, somewhat distracted. So that was what that smell was! He was certain he had smelled some sort of animal, a bird or owl, he had suspected, its scent mingling with the horse.

Snapping out of his thoughts, he added: “puh-please c-come wuh-with me. Wuh-we will huh-host you in a hut. I wuh-will call fuh-for a-an animal c-c-c-carer to tend to the owls and once yuh-you are settled… we c-can find you some guh-goods that may benefit… your pack,” Claudius said. He then stepped aside so that X’yro could pass and follow him into the tribelands.

X’yro was, on the whole, a quiet and dignified guest in AniWaya. Claudius found him some tools, beads, and other items to trade and helped him prepare his horse for travel. Although he was still cautious around equines, this was more out of respect for their sizeable hooves than a genuine fear.

After X’yro left, having stayed only three nights in the tribe preparing for his return home, Claudius dropped by to visit Aranck. In good spirits, he told Aranck of how their trading was beginning to blossom with the northern pack. Careful not to venture too close to the sick member (though it seemed as though he was getting better! What relief!) Aranck commented that the member had been quite polite and eager to learn. Claudius was glad to hear of it and bade the old teacher farewell before retiring to his own hut.
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