Dust and Water

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Anubis had come this way many times. Only a week ago, he had arrived within the boundary of what he had often heard referred to as ‘Souls. For the sake of availability, he had found refuge in the broken down city of Halifax, but he had never been a fan of grey concrete and cold floors. He’d much rather be out in the forest, around life. That may have been half the reason he had come here, away from his most recent home of concrete and rubble and even further away from his homeland of Dust and Water. Still, part of him believed the Gods had guided him here for a purpose, though what purpose he still didn’t know. Truthfully, he hadn’t known much about the area when he had arrived, but he had taken his time to do his research, mostly by talking to numerous traders and loners that frequented the area. In this way, he had learned of Casa di Cavalieri. According to some he had talked to, the group considered themselves the ‘peace keepers’ of the area. According to others, they were a militaristic organization that profited from the despair of others.

The earth around him was painted in a number of greys and blacks. The dark of night was only beginning to take over the light, laying over the land like a sheet, and anyone upon the neighboring hills could catch a glance of the setting sun. However, inside the deep woods, it seemed night had already begun to take hold. Beneath him, through the saddle, Anubis could feel the powerful muscles of Akil, his chestnut stallion, as he gracefully carried them across the already silently slumbering land. The stallion snorted impatiently as the salty breeze picked up around them. The air was moist; rain was coming. “Almost” Anubis assured the horse. Despite the promise of a storm lingering in the air, the night was calm. It almost made Anubis want to slow down and enjoy it, but he had work to do.

Through the air, an unfamiliar smell skimmed across his nostrils. He slowed the horse to a stop, and slid confidently off the saddle. Suddenly, the war axe that rested upon Anubis’s back weighed significantly more. He had almost forgotten he had it. He only hoped that it, along with the Khopesh that hung from his belt, did not cause anyone to be cautious in the meeting that was to follow. Confidently, he strode closer towards the border. He’s best guess was that this was Casa di Cavalieri, but truthfully, he didn’t know for sure. The loners had only pointed him in the general direction. With the shadows growing across the ground around him and Akil pawing impatiently at the ground a foot or two behind him, nervous for the coming storm no doubt, Anubis raised his large head and let out a call. It was strong, unwavering, oozing of confidence. It lasted for mere seconds, before he lowed his head once more towards the darkening earth.
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Wayne McCoy
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Welcome to 'Souls! ^^

Dusk fell, and Wayne had managed to herd the last of horses into the walls of Fort Kingsbury. Most knew the routine well enough to head that way as darkness encroached upon their pasture, though there were a few he'd needed to chase down with Gypsy, mostly the yearling foals. Some would go to the stables, while others would merely wander around the town until they found a place to sleep. Wayne was confident that they would be safe there behind the defensive walls, and so he was ready to shut the gates to the Fort and rest, himself.

However, fate had other plans. A howl cut through the red-stained sky, crisp but doggish, and Wayne pricked his ears. He scowled for a moment, then took Gypsy's reins in hand and wheeled her back around from the Fort.

The pinto mare's hooves ate up ground fast, because time was important when it came to greeting prospective joiners and others who might want to do business with the Cavalieri. He slowed her to a walk as they reached the woods that lined the border, and he sniffed the air. It was a loner, and one accompanied by a horse; this fact made Gypsy prance forward with more interest, until they finally reached the edge of the territory.

Brown eyes looked the other over -- a dog hybrid, tall and thick, armed but not currently threatening. The cowboy trusted in his warhorse and in the blunt club attached to her saddle. Right now, he used the height of horseback to his advantage, and turned the cob mare before glancing down at the other wolfdog.

"You're at the borders of Casa di Cavalieri, stranger. I am Wayne McCoy, stablemaster and a knight of the Brotherhood. State your name and your business." The formal words sounded odd in his southern drawl, but he spoke clearly and raised his chin a few degrees to judge the other's respect.

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Glancing back towards his tall horse, Anubis rose his head slightly towards the darkening sky, silently enjoying the crisp, twilight air. The shadows stretched across the ground, expanding until they blended together, one not distinguishing from the other. The trees reached high towards the sky; now darker than they were moments ago, but still just as calming and peaceful, maybe even more so as the gentle, cool evening air flowed in from the ocean. Akil, probably bored and confused at their stop, turned his attention away from his master, and began to hopelessly snap at an over-head leaf. Though it was not to terribly late, perhaps those who resided within this packland had already closed in for the night. He had arrived at an unlikely hour for a visitor, after all. Anubis was about to call for Akil so they could turn back towards familiar territory, when, just under the fall wind, a soft sound echoed from the distance.

At first, the sound was so soft and muffled by the night that he could not truly name its source. Slowly it grew louder, until the sound came familiar, almost reminding him of his years in Egypt and then, after that, Spain. The clip-clop of horse’s hooves grew closer, louder, breaking through the dusky air. He turned his head back towards the heart of the territory that sprawled out over forest and plains before him. Akil stopped his petty game with his leaf and pricked his ears in the general direction of the noise. Though the horse was already nearly four, he was young at heart, and had a curiosity to match.

Dipping his head slightly as the stocky wolfish dog approached on top a pinto horse, he silently studied the other male. As the male turned his horse, Anubis dropped to one knee, his arm rested upon the upturned knee and the other helping balance him above the ground. His shoulders were still squared, and his pose against the ground practically oozed confidence. Truthfully, he did not fully understand the greetings commonly used among those on this end of the world, but falling back on his instincts did not seem like a bad place to start. “I am Anubis Mason of Tumaini” he stated, in the same formal tone as Wayne. While he still contained his confident aura, his eyes were focused towards the ground as the Knight loomed above him, showing submission in the outline of his form. Akil, whose youthful heart also brought along a short attention span, had already turned his attention away from the new pair and nibbled the grass curiously. “I have come hoping to find a place of refuge among those who reside here.”


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Wayne McCoy

The canine fell to one knee, and Wayne watched him. It was a gesture that might have confused him, a couple of years ago, but the formality was a familiar part of Casa di Cavalieri's ceremonies. He'd taken a knee when he'd given his Brotherhood Oath.

In spite of the submissive posture, however, the stranger seemed confident -- which was good, preferable to being some groveling oaf who had no place in a pack of warriors, but it made Wayne wary. He watched for the proper signs of respect and found them, giving the smallest nod of satisfaction. The loner introduced himself as Anubis and stated his purpose, and the cowboy grunted.

"You can rise," the mongrel said first, and shifted slightly in the saddle. "Any and all may seek sanctuary here, if you need it. But if you wanted to stay with us more permanently, you'd have to have somethin' to offer us." He smiled. "Like if you're able to use that purty sword there," he said, and gave a nod to the weapon at the man's hip.

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Anubis rose gracefully at the other wolf-dog’s assurance, though he kept his eyes trained down, towards the now grey earth; even without being raised in a strict, dominant pack structure, he knew the general ins and outs of submission. Though, perhaps, the previous months of solitude might have interrupted his learning, and taken the edge off of whatever knowledge he might have held before; still, this small fear did not make an appearance upon his form, as his stature held the same confidence it had at the moment of their meetings. His light blue eyes drifted downwards to the loop on his belt at mention of his ‘purdy swowd’.

His eyes shifted back towards the direction of the stablemaster, his hand naturally drifting down and slightly repositioning the Khopesh inside the loop. “I have received training in wielding it” He clarified, his voice strong, yet not laced with the proudness that found a place on many’s lips. “But I am far more skilled in using an axe”. His head jerked upwards slightly, as if pointing towards the large battle axe that rested upon his back, safely secure in the X-shaped halter. It fluttered across his mind to mention his ability to fight on horseback, and perhaps Akil’s training as well. However, he had never been a man of many words, and Akil still seemed happily amused at chomping away at the sweet grass. He was going to give what the male had asked for; there was no need to clutter it up with extra words.

“I have some experience in trading. Horses mostly, but I can make myself of use on other topics.” He left out the part about his father, for he felt like it would require him to elaborate on their separation. He felt no need to completely explain his religion, though he was in no way embarrassed or dragged down by it; he had simply learned it was better left out unless it was asked for, even as his Ankh swayed gently from around his neck.


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Welcome to Casa di Cavalieri!


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The spotted dog stood, and looked at the sword on his hip before remarking on it. Wayne nodded, and smiled faintly at the additional detail of his axe-wielding, his brown eyes dancing across the weapon strapped to his back. Sounds good, he remarked, mostly to himself. Any fighters were welcome in Casa di Cavalieri. His work ethic had yet to be seen, but what he had to contribute seemed good enough. Everything else could be dealt with later.

Well, again, I'm the stablemaster -- might be able to work together with you on the horses, he suggested idly, and turned to look behind him. I'm going to call for a leader -- someone who can accept you into the pack, he explained. I think you'll fit in well here, Anubis. You have anythin' else you think I should know? The question and the smile that accompanied it was lazy, but his eyes were steady and careful, falling upon the other's face.

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Anubis continued to let his eyes study the shadows across the ground, occasionally letting them wander up to the horse carrying Wayne. The horse was large, made to carry large loads. Back in Egypt, that horse would have caught a high price among other merchants, as horses fit for pulling carts were hard to come by. Most were smaller, so they required less food and water, something hard to come by in the desert. Here, however, Anubis wasn’t sure of the fetching price the horse would catch, nor if it was even valuable to the majority of the population. Anubis made note of the other’s offer about his horse. He could easily ride the stallion, who had been trained for combat more than anything, but as to where he was allowed to let Akil bed down and to what areas were best for grazing, he did not know. He would have to catch up the stablemaster later, or ask him after the whole joining process was over. The other canine’s words seemed worriless enough, until he reached his last sentence.

To any other joiner, the question would have seemed routine with a clear and simply answer. However, Anubis may be walking a very thin line, something he seemed to be doing a lot of on this side of the world. Back in his homeland, his religion had been respected along with those within it. His status within it often caused others to bow upon meeting him, and keeping their eyes respectively turned down in his presence. He had never requested such treatment, as he stuck to his belief that all were equal. It was simply the culture, and all those within it understood that. When he crossed the ocean, however, it was another story. He had experienced others looking down on him because of his beliefs, and had even had a merchant refuse to trade with him because so. Then, he had brushed it off and moved on, accepting the wares of an eager trader. Still, here, it could become serious easily. If the wolf in front of him was against his beliefs, he could easily be turned away right here, or, worse, be chased off. “Not unless my religion is a problem, sir.” He spoke it calmly and gently, not the least bit disrespectful.


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His howl, a doggish cry albeit with the strength of wolf behind it, alerted the leadership that he was accepting this new member. He supposed that if he was disapproved of later, then Jazper could take care of it -- though many times before members had been accepted into the pack that Wayne personally disapproved of, those with no work ethic and no prior skills to build on. Though Anubis was a stranger, and Wayne was secretly wary of him yet, he seemed to have enough of a basis to work on. His axe and his sword would be greatly appreciated among the knights.

His question, though spoken idly, was given an answer that caused the mongrel's ears to perk, shifting his wide-brimmed hat. He did not bother to hide the frown that settled on his squared-off muzzle, though it was a puzzled expression rather than an angry one. Only reason I'd see your religion bein' a problem is if you started askin' after sacrificin' other Luperci, he stated in response. But otherwise, that ain't gonna be a problem -- though can I ask if 'n' why it'd been a problem in the past? He had started to reach for Gypsy's reins to turn her around back toward the Fort, but stopped to watch the other now.

In Wayne's personal experience, religion was something private and inconsequential. He personally believed in and attributed things to his God, the God of his mother and father, but he didn't see any reason others shouldn't come to their own conclusions. One of his father's acquaintances, a fair bit more xenophobic, had warned about the dangers of "devil-worshiping" and dark rituals performed by other faiths -- but Wayne hoped this had just been a way to scare the pup onto the path of Heaven. Looking at Anubis now, knowing he was in the dark as to this stranger and his faith, he wondered.

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