Shadow's return

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POSTED: Tue Sep 17, 2013 8:54 pm

Shadow stepped into the clearing just before the expanse of trees before him that made up his home. He took a deep breath and let loose a powerful howl letting his family and his pack know that he was home and he smiled as his tail started to move. His quest to find the place of his father resting grounds had been a long one and one he would not be making again. Ever since the situation with Amy and learning that she was a spirit that could still move around and commune, he had been aware that death wasn't necessarily an end. He had seen and talked with Isa, the sister to his love and mate Thana and it was for this reason that he felt that he would be able to perhaps talk to his long dead father. Shadow had been drilled and made to do everything his father wanted without question and blood being the thing that pulled Amy must have been the thing that pulled his father. But more had been needed, he had to stand tall and hold firm to the little memories he had of his father and he had called him out, he had commanded the presence of his father and it....had worked..

Shadow had gotten another chance to speak with his father and he had not expected what he heard. His father had cared for him and wanted him to be strong to handle the world as it came for him, more than that however he was told that he might still be in danger. There were forces in the shadows working to find Shadow and claim from him the debt that his father had owed. Shadow had learned something more, his father loved him, if he hadn't heard it then he would never have believed it but his father loved him. Shadow had a family and a pack to fight for now and he would make them both proud."I'm home now!"
He stepped forward and began to make his way into his pack lands and place himself back into the fold of his life.

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POSTED: Wed Sep 25, 2013 9:30 am

(--) I figured this looked lonely. :)

The howl surprised him, and this must have shown, because Chevelle pricked her ears under her wide-brimmed hat and shot him a look. So who the hell is that? she asked, but Wayne was already setting his mare, Fern, into a ground-eating canter -- leaving the dog to growl and set her own heels into her black mule. Sonny was able to keep up, but there wasn't great urgency in Wayne's movements or the horse's anyway. He merely hadn't expected for the verbose Shadow to leave or return. He was more surprised he'd noticed, anyway; other than their ride, he hadn't had much contact with the black wolf, but he reckoned that he might as well see him.

At last the dark shape came into view as they entered the trees, and Fern slowed. She swiveled her ears forward and nickered at Shadow, while Wayne watched him and scowled. The shepherd mix behind him pulled Sonny to a halt and scowled as well.

You're back, Wayne said simply. His tone was rather flat, but there was a question in his eyes. Where had he gone?

POSTED: Thu Sep 26, 2013 7:28 pm

Thank you for jumping in, it was indeed lonely and a friend is always welcome.

Shadow watched the tree lines and even though he hadn't intended to call for anyone in particular he was still happy when he saw his friend wayne. His tail flicked from side to side lightly as his heard grew warm with a greeting from someone and he smiled as he spoke out to the cowboy." Please to see you Wayne, I had not known that I would be welcomed...I figured someone would hear and be like." Oh shadow is back" and that would be the end of it." As shadow was smiling he noticed the look on Waynes face and he nodded lightly.

" Your probably wondering where I went....Well I have nothing to hide from my brother and so I will tell you simple that I went to the grave sight of my long dead father, many many miles from here to visit his grave and get some closure on some things. Do you believe in the spirit world Wayne....that someone dead can still be here among us, still listening and able to be talked to and heard, even seen?" He asked that question with no emotion on his face as if just asking a question that had no meaning behind it, however the reason this question was asked was because Shadow did intend to tell Wayne that he had spoken with his father but he would not bring it up if the man didn't believe in the after life because there would be no need to tell someone something they would think a lie or foolish.

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POSTED: Sun Oct 06, 2013 8:39 pm

The black wolf looked hale, his odd-eyes nearly gleaming, as he greeted the cowboy. Luckily, he was (mostly) to the point in this, and addressed where he'd gone this entire time. Sensing that this might be a long story, Wayne grabbed the saddle horn for balance and dismounted from his mare, patting her shoulder and coming to stand a bit closer to Shadow. Chevelle remained seated, chewing on her lip thoughtfully.

Shadow mentioned that he'd gone to his father's grave, and the Labrador mongrel nodded -- but then the story was interrupted by a question. He frowned, reaching up to lift his hat and swipe his claws through his dirty-blonde hair. It was a difficult question, and one he answered slowly. I believe others can hear 'n' see their loved ones, after they're gone -- though might not be that they're really there. He'd heard rumors about the ghost of one of Casa di Cavalieri's own pack members hanging around, but had never seen her, and bristled at the thought of it. He shook his head. But I believe you can get closure, talkin' to your father's grave. I hope you're better off than you were. He smiled, and reached out to clasp the other's man arm in a friendly gesture.

Chevelle, meanwhile, merely chuckled. Ain't you gonna introduce me to your friend, Wayne? she asked, and grinned (a shade wickedly, Wayne thought) at the black wolf. Used to her tricks, and not wanting to give her a chance, the mongrel ignored her.

POSTED: Tue Oct 08, 2013 12:37 pm

Much time had gone by since the leaving of Shadow to see his fathers grave and during the trip he had been made more aware of forces in the shadow of a life he had felt he left behind. More than that however he was also informed of a love that his father had for him that Shadow himself could have only guessed at. He had missed his pack, his love Thana and his family that lived now in the house that Hadley and Isa use to live in. It was a large house and would be perfect for a large family which is what Thana and him wanted so it worked out perfectly. Things were in motion now that made living in a pack all the more important and Shadow knew that now that he was back he needed to take some steps. First off he would need to enter the first blood ceremony and from there prove his worth. His mind snapped back to reality and he focused on Wayne as he got off his horse.

Shadow took in all that his friend said and after it was all said and done he clasped arms with the male and smiled and simple said." Fair enough" Shadow chuckled lightly and then pulled his brother in for a quick manly hug and then let him escape and then right after he heard something and his ear twitched lightly. Was it a new member? He had to admit he didn't go around and try to meet everyone but this one seemed new in all aspects, voice look and attitude struck him as some he had never even over heard while hanging around the pack, he might have been wrong but when Wayne ignored the voice Shadow just smiled and motioned with his head in a quizzical manner as if asking, Who's this?

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POSTED: Thu Oct 24, 2013 8:23 pm


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Wayne was rather shocked that Shadow didn’t continue his story, only answering with a pair of words—definitely out of character for the loquacious male. It made the dog hybrid curious about the question and why he’d brought it up in the first place.

But he couldn’t wonder about that for long. A smile stretched simply on the black wolf’s face, and at the motion of his head, Wayne sighed. Yeah. He glanced at the shepherd dog, sitting innocently in the saddle, her hands running along the mule’s bristly mane. This is Chevelle Dallas. She’s new—not a member proper, though.

Hooowwwdyy, Chevelle greeted, and batted her eyelashes at him in a playful manner—not flirting, from the smirk on her face, but playful and mocking nonetheless. Wayne’s never mentioned you, she added. Do Cavalieri abandon their packs for weeks on end all the time?

Wayne curled his lip to show a fang in warning, but the woman only smiled lazily and continued to pet the black mule.

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