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WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Although the moon was high in the night sky and the moral ancestors were staring down at the Knight he could not sleep. Him mind was busy with the thoughts of a concerned leader, father and partner. His dark body was sprawled along the fountain that acted as a center point for the old town square, his golden eyes reflecting the stars above him as he stared back at them. The First Blood Ceremony was fast approaching for the youths and the father was uncertain if all of his kin would pass. As for the Prova he wasn’t sure if any of them would ever take the test. Some had been members for months now without showing much interest in training or progressing. Though this fact alone was a silent reminder of how important the test was. How could he call the Cavaliers warriors and knights if they didn’t know how to hold a sword let alone throw a punch?

His brow frowned and his ear twitched at the piercing cry of his barn owl Alena in the distance, but being deep in thought he grumpily ignored her sounds annoyed that she disturbed his thought process. Again the cry alerted, the sound growing closer until the Sole connected the sounds with their meaning. The call was not her normal hunting echo, nor was it as calm as her regular chirps. By the time Jazper had connected the sounds to the minimal low speech Alyssum had taught him before leaving the white and brown owl was upon him, her screeches urgent as she dove around him, pining for him to understand.

Scrambling to his feet the Sole snatched up his blade from the ground, pulling the sword from it’s sheath before tossing the leather case over his shoulder and chest once again. Raising his muzzle into the air he released a rounded howl that echoed through the Fort and the forest, a call to arms for his comrades. He wasn’t sure who was out there, or how many there was, but if they were still around after his call they would be met with the force of a pack soon enough.

OOC: This thread is mandatory for all, including youths. The intruders are to be chased off and only minor injures are expected for npcs and pack members. In your OOC section you must tell everyone what npc you are focusing your advances on as to alert others who may want to join in on the attack. Please refer to the wiki page for information on the npcs ( http://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Hi ... PCConflict ). Remember to be realistic in your posts! Only post once per round, a round will be dictated by a post from Jazper. 300+ words

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-- Wayne is not attacking anyone yet, as I did not make the pNPCs appear in my post -- wasn't honestly sure how to without making assumptions. I'll join him in on a fight in the next post, I think.

He didn't remember the dream that he'd had, but the wolfdog woke with a sour taste in his mouth to the urgent summons of his leader's howl. It took him but a minute to wake up completely, his eyes flying open and his feet landing on the floor. He made a grab for his club, leaving his cowboy hat behind on his nightstand beside a little horse made of twine and the rusty coil of his chain, dog tags resting beneath his fluorite ring.

Unclothed and unadorned by anything but the thick dust-colored fur on his back, Wayne rushed outside with club in hand. Jazper, he called when he found the giant, dark form of his Sole in the night. Where are they?

He had his answer a heartbeat later. No sooner had he started to run past his leader than an arrow came out of the blackness and found his shoulder.

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Sebastian is caught between Sylvie and Jean-Claude at mid-range D:

Jazper was lucky that Sebastian had been out hunting that day. His attire was plain- his usual simple jeans, jewelled armband and two studs in his right ear. His weaponry, however, had changed once again. His bow and quiver of black-feathered arrows still lay slung across his back. Each point of his bow was now sharpened to a point and tipped with metal. A single sharp trench knife was sheathed by his hip, acting as unexpected variable when used in conjunction with the dagger strapped to his other side.

He abandoned his kill as soon as he heard the call. The Italian ran steadily through the trees, following Jazper's call as swiftly as he could. If Jazper called that urgently, they might be under attack soon or right at that moment. He also knew that Wayne would come to the same conclusion. Most importantly, he knew that Wayne would inevitably be in danger if he was and though he was a skilled rider and a good fighter, Wayne wasn't the best they had and could be outmatched. The thought spurred him onward. He needed to protect Wayne.

Sebastian was just too late. His own bow was held out, an arrow at the ready, a millisecond too slow to warn Wayne of the shot.


Sebastian's teeth set in a snarl. His eyes darted to the source of the shot. There, hidden in the trees. A woman.

You'll die for that!

He raised his bow and let loose an arrow. She dodged it, just barely, and returned with a shot of her own. Sebastian was sprinting towards her and dived to the side. Convenient as a throwing knife embedded itself in the bark of a tree, just behind where his skull had been. He snarled, turning to locate the source, and barely dodged another arrow. Knife, arrow, knife, arrow. Sebastian could only evade the blades and arrows for so long. Shrugging off his bow and quiver to move more freely, the Italian was trapped between the two hazards. He moved like a fluid dance, ducking and leaning and weaving to save his skin. He occupied the attention of both attackers, but small slices appeared on his torso where the knives whistled past, opening hair-thin lines in his skin.

Sebastian's reckless rage had lead him into a potentially fatal position. He needed someone to take the heat off of him. Who could? Neither Wayne nor Jazper could hope to avoid either ranged attack. Where was Thorn? Or Alister with his shield? Even Lola with her own supply of knives? The artisan lunged back, trying to return to some shelter where he could turn the attackers into porcupines.

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ooc: Jean-Claude vs. Lola form: optime +725 words

A nasty little hangover was starting to pound in the vixen’s temples. She heard the call as if it were behind a thick blanket of water, rolling over in the bed she occupied with Morty, a low groan escaped her silvered maw. Why had they decided to drink that much? Bleary eyes shot a mutinous look at the empty bottles littering the floor, but her fury soon turned into a spasm of nausea. She fell backward to the bed, handpaws covering her ears against the howl. Jazper’s howl! The Veleno immediately sat up, bracing herself for the retching, but it never came. Morty...Morty wake up! She shook her friend, conked out face down in the bed furs. The medic groaned. A night of partying and gushing over the cute lumberjack whom she patched up earlier in the week hadn’t done her a bit of good, but Lola was persistent, pinching her rump none too gently.

Al’right al’right, I’m up! Cheeky git… she was muttering under her breath, rubbing at the sore spot near her tail as she sloppily staggered out of bed. Jazper wouldn’t call at this time of night if it weren’t important. Merde...my weapons, they’re at my house. The moonkissed luperci was pulling up her tangle of wine hair, occasionally raising her fingers to massage her scalp. Here, eat this, and take this, Morty instructed, popping a sprig of mint and catnip into the knight’s mouth and shoving a sheathed dagger into her open hand. Thanks. You’re coming right? The question left her mouth as she chewed on the herbs in her friend’s doorway, unsheathing the dagger to get a look at in the moonlight before she’d step out into the cool night air. Yes, yes! Don’t get your knickers in a bunch, I can’t find my staff! You mean this one? Delicate fingers reached up to unhinge the weapon from the doorframe before Morty fixed Lola with a withering stare. Thanks, she hissed, taking it from her offered hand and staggering out.

The herbs had already started working on her headache and the mint helped to stave off any sickness, but a feeling of dread began trickling down her spine as the two rushed towards the call. A large form came lumbering out of the shadows and Lola stood before her friend, brandishing the dagger as her lips peeled back to reveal her fangs. Easy ma fille, it’s me! Jackson! She startled in a huff, lowering the dagger as Morty shouldered past her and filled him in on what their leader’s call meant. This brute left his axe behind, I’ll fetch it with him, she said after a moment, making eye contact with the knight. Though he looked more than capable of defending himself, it was better he had an armed partner at his side. Lola nodded and the two headed off, incredible her friend could think of flirting at a time like this, but the medic had been out of practice for so long. She sighed, hoping Alister wasn’t too worried about her not coming home as she continued towards the source.

A blur of red was bobbing and weaving up ahead and it only took her dulled mind a few more seconds to realize it was Sebastian. She was about to cry out his name when she realized he was moving that way because someone was shooting at him, no...two were! She strafed to the side as a stray arrow whizzed past her shoulder. The female cursed beneath her breath, ducking low to avoid any of the other sailing ammo, and it was in the shadows that her eyes fell to the back of a pale figure. She snuck up on the knife flinging enemy, quickly wrapping her lithe arms about his neck and pressing the flat of her blade against his throat. Throw one more knife and you’re dead, she growled into his ear, feeling him stiffen in her arms. He was but a child! The realization hit her like a ton of bricks, but she didn’t loosen her hold.

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OOC-Thorn makes a slight attack on Sylvie, before being attacked by Julien >:D

Thorn was in the wrong place. He had taken to hunting in the fields where he and Vincent had hunted for birds. The prova had checked out of hunting to spend time with his mate, leaving Thorn to hunt alone today. Thorn's arrow aimed at the precious neck of a rabbit, but then a noise echoed out. The small creature darted inside its burrow, and Thorn's eye moved to the sky. It was the Sole's call, a loud and booming voice that couldn't be drawn by anyone else. Thorn's grip tightened on the bows string, letting it pull itself back to its natural position. If Jazper was calling, then Thorn was obliged to answer. He huffed, strapping his bow round his shoulders, before jogging towards the action the leader had summoned him to.

Thorn brushed past the trees, stopping at a clearing nearer the borders. He heard the thump of an arrow connect to someone. Thorn glanced around quickly, picking up the pieces of what was breaking down before him. The arrow had hit Wayne, a friend and trusty member. It wasn't a lethal blow, the sharp head only piercing the wolf-dog's shoulder. Thorn began to move to the cowboy, who shadowed the giant form of Jazper, until he heard more arrows being fired. He turned, stiff from the sudden violence. An orange blur danced around sharp objects, moving only just fast enough to miss them. Thorn growled, it was Sebastian, being outnumbered. The knife wielder was clear, standing out in the open. He was a younger wolf, snow white in color. Thorn lifted his bow quickly, striking an arrow along the wood and pulling it back.

He was ready to fire at the boy, but noticed Lola take a move for the younger intruder. Thorn's eye followed the line of his arrow head, moving it to point towards the shadowy form of another, firing at Sebastian from the trees. Thorn moved closer, almost as if he was hunting. The world of action closed off from him, and only he and the dark figure were visible. Thorn focused in on the shape of a bow, curving like a crescent. With such precise aim, Thorn fired an arrow forward. It didn't hit the grip of the bow, where he wanted it to, but instead neared the rims of the wooden weapon. The female holding the now shuddering weapon glanced at him, bright eyes glaring through the trees.

She didn't make a move to attack back, though, and Thorn frowned. He quickly flicked another arrow, moving it around his body to take aim once more. Suddenly something collided with the back of his head. Thorn leaned forward, pushed off balance as his head spun. He turned with a swift twist of his heels, teeth bare at he glared at the culprit. It was a male, larger than Thorn. He was similar to Thorn, another unfortunate souls to be missing a precious eye. The male swung a large, wooden pole, sharp with metal at one end, around his head with grace. He was a lot more stocky than Thorn, glaring down at the smaller, more nimble male like he was a bug he wanted to hit.
The male sniggered, before lashing forward with the sharp end. Still dizzy from the blow to his head, Thorn made a lame attempt to dodge it, leaning to the side, arm sticking out to prevent himself from falling. The sharp stick swiped his arm, leaving a cold metallic feeling on Thorn. The brown wolf growled, stumbling back.

Although it proved his unbalance and weakness, Thorn's steps back offer him some space. The space he needed to watch his foes movements. He glared at the male, who returned it with a grin of knife-like teeth. Thorn lifted his bow in front of him, readying it like a sword. He had practice with using the bow as a whip like object when pushed into closer combat. Thorn looked forward at the male, face neutral and focused, waiting for the snake-like weapon to strike again.
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Ooc Veri is found by Mathieu Lavoie, but she takes a shot at Sylvie before that. XD/768

Walks helped her think. She took them often, and used them to also help watch the border of Casa di Cavalieri. Everything seemed peaceful at the moment, a thing she liked of this. She usually only took her bowie knife on walks like these, but something have told her to take her staff and raptor sword as well. She was glad this was the case when she heard Jazper's call ring out from the forest. Her muzzle whipped up and took a long scent pull of the air, getting her bearings.

After a moment she started running, her breath even and deep. She kept her arms loose, trailing behind her to increase her speed. Her ears pricked forward alertly and swiveled in all directions, searching for a threat or danger. Her nose twitched for suspicious scents, but she found none. It was at least a couple minutes before she heard the sounds of fighting clearly up ahead. She slowed to a stop and hid in the brush, sapphire orbs peering out and assessing the scene.

She wanted to help, but charging in headfirst could get herself killed. Her raptor sword had more reach than her knife. She drew the freshly sharpened weapon from its sheath on her back, flexing and relaxing her grip on the hilt to become used to it again. Slowly, she crept out from her cover. Three, one an archer, another...knife thrower maybe...something projectile, as she saw a few knives stuck in the bark of a tree. And she heard another, slightly farther away than the other two.

Three....that didn't make sense. Her father had taught her than any sensible attack is in twos. Two projectile, two hand-to-hand or close range. Common sense, and some instinct, she felt the fur on the back of her neck standing on end from being watched, there must be a fourth, biding his time. There had to be. If there wasn't her senses needed some serious tuning.

As a test, she relaxed her stance and walked forward a few more steps. To an outsider it might have appeared that she had let down her guard after she saw the other three trespassers busy with fights. It was a general mistake for some, one that her father had literally beaten out of her. She heard no sound of approach though. This one was good.

She took a chance and jogged toward Wayne and Jazper, a soft scowl on her face when she saw the arrow in the formers shoulder. You'll need to take care of that when you have the chance." she murmured, certain he knew how to take care of an arrow wound. He'd been around for longer than she.

But it unsettled her with the silent approach of the fourth. He was here, she felt it in her gut, but she couldn't tell where. Her ear twitched from the faint twang of a bowstring. She twisted deftly out of the way, letting the shaft hit the ground and stick fast, shuddering. Her gaze followed the line of the arrow. The softest glint betrayed the tip of the arrowhead.

With a huff she sank her raptor sword into the ground and drew her bowie knife. She wasn't the greatest aim, but any injury at all was of help. She could retrieve the knife later. With a growl she leaned on her back leg and drew her arm back, holding the tip of the blade. She took a few running steps for more momentum, and hurled the knife into the cover. She was rewarded with a short howl of pain. She had aimed low, probably hit the thigh. She smiled grimly with satisfaction.

Steps. Running steps. Breath. Unfamiliar scent. Not pack. She spun on her outstretched foot and ducked low, rolling to the side out of range before coming back up in a crouching position. She took a moment to look over her opponent. He was dark furred, which would have helped in stalking an enemy, with bright sky blue eyes. The weapon he wielded was unfamiliar to her eyes, but not her memories. Her father had showed her an old picture in a book of such a blade, but she could not recall the name.

She stood with her legs slightly bent and calmly reached for her raptor sword where it was stuck in the ground. With a firm yank it was free. While she moved he sidled closer. He was really good. She peeled her lips back in a snarl. "You were mistaken to choose my pack for your attacks." she hissed with venom, her sapphire eyes blazing.
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Something seemed off, that much the earthy female was aware of. A rather unsettling feeling, dread maybe, had crept up on her over the past hour. It had kept her up, worrying, but without knowing why she was on edge. It had frustrated her to the point where she slipped out of the fort to ease her troubled mind. Due to the lateness of the hour, she hadn't bothered to find her clothes in the darkness. If someone saw her that way, oh well.

Of course, her walk did very little to ease herself. Quite the opposite, actually; she felt her spine tingle, as though she were being watched. Her guard was up, her body tensed. It wasn't until the howl filled the air when she found out the cause of her dread. Something was most certainly wrong, judging by the Sole's call. Silently, she swiveled, and forced herself to shift quickly from two legs to four. As soon as she felt her front paws hit the ground, she was off.

Was it foolish for her to head into a brawl of weapons unarmed? To many, likely. However, she was too far from the fort to grab her bow, and certainly lacked enough experience to make use of the weapon in battle. She was skilled enough in her own right in this way, and she would use it to her advantage in any way she could manage.

She was one of the later ones to arrive, from what she could hear. The sounds of sharp objects, arrows and blades alike wishing through air, mingled with the moment of those already battling with the intruders. Flashes of pelts, different sounds filled the area. The golden eyed female felt her hackles bristle. She prowled along the edges, listening and observing. She'd yet to be part of a group struggle. The added sounds of already fighting pack mates made it difficult to pick out dangers. Well, now was as good of a time to figure it out than ever. A small whoosh of air was her only warning, promoting her to side step as an arrow grazed her side.

Hardened eyes searched for the source of the shot. Pale blue eyes were the give away of the coyote archer. Her attention was more placed on the swift moving blur of russet than the female, the arrow instead finding a different target. However, she figured it would be quite clear to her by now of her presence. Nervously, the earthy female backtracked, taking cover from the trees. Her aim was simple: work her way around until she could sneak up behind the archer. Risky? Definitely. Did she have safer options? Not really.

Silent as she could manage, Nadia made quick work of weaving between the trees. Here, her darker pelt proved useful. While not quite the shade of bark, it provided some camouflage in the shadows. Yet, she knew that if the woman was wise, or aware, that she was trying to find out where she was. A second arrow shot into the woods only a hair from her tail reinforced that. The earthy female knew to tread carefully. She stood still, trying to remain silent until she could move around again without getting shot in the head. She soon could make out the back of the coyote. She paused before launching herself at the intruder's back, a small snarl escaping her mouth as she sought to knock down the other.

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OOC: Word Count is 330. Clodoveo looks for an opening to help his fellow packmates.

Clodoveo had been laying upon the ground, listening to the peace of the night. He was silent as he laid there, wanting to sleep under the stars. The air was cool, but something wasn't quite right. He ignored it at first, dismissing it as mere paranoia. Honestly, would anyone from his old home find him here? It was a ridiculous thought, right? He was drifting off to sleep, his cloak lain over him like a blanket. The moon shining down on him, protecting him through the night. Nothing could possibly go wrong when things were so nice.

His ears perked and his eyes opened when he heard the Sole's call. Well, he spoke too soon, didn't he? The dark Luperci snatched up his sword, cloak falling to the ground. He went as fast as his legs could carry him, muttering a prayer to the moon. If Jazper was calling them at this hour, it must have been something important. As he approached where the sound had come from, scents filled his nose. There was the scent of members of Casa, but then there was also the scent of the water. He stopped for a moment, fear freezing in his veins. Had they found him? They didn't smell like his homeland though, so it couldn't be anyone after him. He tensed once more, hearing a thud and smelling the scent of blood. He quickly rushed forward, seeing an arrow coming from Wayne's shoulder. He could make out a reddish figure evading attack, one of his packmates? He made out Lola seizing a young pale wolf, and some more of his packmates going in to confront the intruders, Nadia included. Had she really come to fight unarmed?! His eyes narrowed, ears going back. Regardless of who these intruders were, he wasn't going to let them hurt his new family any more than they already had. He drew his sword from its scabbard, teeth barred. He quickly looked around, scanning for an opening.

POSTED: Fri Sep 27, 2013 8:54 am

His grandfather's cry roused the young man from his slumber. He heard enough of the call to understand the demand for the pack to assemble, and fast, though he was not sure why. Heeding the call, he rushed from his room, leaving the door standing to in his haste to leave. One of his daggers was clutched in his mouth, but as soon as he was clear of the main doors of the Courthouse, he melded his white body into his Secui form. Like his grandda, Callum was a bear of a wolf, if a little less stocky, and he outweighed his brother. He had less experience fighting in his halfling form, but what he lacked in finesse he could make up for in strength and brute force.

Swiftly he followed after those pack mates he saw, keeping his nose engaged and his eyes wide. His ears swiveled to pick up any sound - not that, in hindsight, the skirmish would be difficult in any way to find. He skidded to a stop, took in the situation, chose a target. A brownish male was swinging an odd sort of weapon, mostly wooden pole but with a sharp attachment at the end, the blade sharp, slender, and slightly curved. His target was Thorn, who was taking multiple steps back to avoid the erratic swipes of the naginata. Glancing around the area once more and assuming everything was under control elsewhere, Callum turned and bolted toward Julien and Thorn. The dagger was flung to the side, away from the rest of the skirmish but still within easy reach if Thorn wished to retrieve and use it.

He circled around the enemy canine and watched, waiting for a clear opening, but there was no rhyme or reason to the attacks. Fuck this, he swore mentally, before launching himself at the man's back with a last-minute growl ripping from his throat. That sound, coupled with the thudding of his paws against the soil, proved his undoing as the brown-furred man turned, swinging his weapon right along. There was little way for Callum to avoid the blow that ultimately fell against the left side of his rib cage, and he drove his opponent backward and down even as the bruising strike landed. Luckily for him, it had been the pole-end and not the blade which struck him.

As his pumpkin eyes glared at the other, he placed one forefoot on the man's sternum and the other on the forearm that held the weapon, midway down. His tail was stiff and raised above his back while his lips curled back into a snarl, revealing his white fangs. Every hair stood on end, making Cal seem larger still. He did not speak, choosing the subtle growl rumbling from his chest over actual words. He tried not to let on that his side was already beginning to throb as he stared the other down, just daring him to move. Truth was it hurt pretty badly, could have possibly done more than bruising.

Cal's going to go after Julien. Secui form.
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Isla followed Cal :p- assuming that she is seeing him running out and is following behind him. She is caught by surprise by Slyvie and helping Nadia out, assuming that Nadia tackled Slyvie to the ground, Isla is crushing her hand with her jaws and holding her there.

Isla heard her Grandda's call, so she roused from her bed and went on her two feet. Though the knee she'd been kicked in- from her previous fight with the violet eyed girl- she found it almost healed by now. Setting out at a dead sprint Isla saw her brother Callum with a dagger clutched in his jaws and racing as quickly as he could, Isla raced behind him. Following closely behind her larger white and black brother. When he shifted into his Secui form, Isla just remained running in her Optime. She ran with lithe precision, evading a few trees and racing towards her Grandda and brother. She was worried, not just because many of these lithe wolves were attacking her pack mates but because they were fast! Thorn was here too, and she didn't know who she was supposed to help.

It was all confusing, she saw arrows flying like knives through the air, as well as knives themselves flying- and one came close to Sebastian and then towards Lola, and Thorn, and then she ran and jumped in mid air, evading a few knives that were thrown towards someone else, and skidded to a halt beside her brother as he pinned another attacker on the ground. It seemed as though her lazy brother was tougher than he seemed to be. Now, she was backing up and hiding in the bushes, not for fear but to evaluate and see if anyone else was there that she could help out. She backed up a few feet, to turn around and come face to face with an arrow that missed Nadia, and Isla narrowly evaded it as well. Having only a small part of her ear cut from the blade of the arrow, she narrowed her eyes and caught sight of Nadia and the pale eyed Archer. Following Nadia from about ten or so feet away to the left side, Isla turned her head to the side, an arrow aimed at her head narrowly skimming across her hair. Growling in frustration the Archer's attention was kept on Isla.

However, it would seem as though the Coyote female had other ideas, and kept shooting at Isla as she shifted into her Secui form for the first time ever, and only narrowly missed a few arrows. However, one arrow stuck into the side of her bulky neck, of which Isla bit off, and snarled at the female. It wasn't deep, it was just sticking out of her neck like a thorn. Isla was bulkier in her Secui form, but was also a lot quicker than her brothers. She was short, so she was lithe, as well as stronger. Nadia's attack had landed on the female coyote, it would seem- as the coyote rolled to the ground and Isla pounced the Coyote archer. A few moments and the Secui shape of Isla barreled into the coyote Archer, and her teeth planted perfectly on the Archers hand right near the wrist and on the palm, biting and crushing her hand. Her paws were place one at the throat, and one at the base of her other shoulder so that she might not be able to push Isla off, and it would hurt if the Archer moved since Isla already had her hand in her mouth.
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