RO with Jackson and Morty

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OOC: RO involving Jackson and Morty flirtage. Backdated to September 14th. WC: 1195

Activity within the fort had seemed to increased tenfold ever since the band of merchants joined. Almost every Cavalier had made a point of introducing themselves to the trio and helping them assimilate into the ranks. This was all well and good, but with the recent arrival of Alister’s father Aeden, Lola had had her hands full with entertaining new faces and guests as well as trying to keep her mate’s temperament at an all time high. It was tiring to say the least, and the Veleno was simply running out of her stores and the catnip and St. John’s wort she’d been secretly spiking her lover’s drinks with to keep him in a good mood. It was time to hit up the medic’s store of herbs, as getting away from the fort seemed next to impossible.

With a growing d’Artagnan nipping at her tail, the Corpo made her way towards her friend’s abode. A sight for sore eyes! The grey woman joked upon her friend’s arrival, bending down to give the little calico a good neck tickle before scooping him into her arms and standing back up. It hasn’t been that long, Lola chided, brushing past the medic and throwing her empty satchel on a table while her hands busied themselves with the labeled jars on a shelf. Sure…help yourself! The Medico snorted, sitting back in a comfortable armchair, d’Art purring loudly in her lap while she watched Lola’s backside flitting from one corner of the shelved wall to the next. Sorry, the fae apologized over her shoulder with a smile, I need to refresh my stores and you have more than enough here, she explained.

Her head turned back to the task at hand as she unbottled and unlatched jars spilling out the contents she needed on the table and separating herbs into groups. Whad’ya think of the new faces in Casa? Morty asked, giggling to herself when d’Art took her thumb in his mouth in a playful gesture. They’re nice. Have you met Claudine yet? Maybe she could fit you in a dress! The Medico guffawed, sending d’Art to the floor with a startled hiss before he cautiously approached her in the chair. Me?!?! In a dress? Have’ya lost your mind missy? She was shaking her head back and forth, coaxing the kitten up her leg and back to her lap, chuckling to herself once more. True...that would be a funny sight to see, Lola replied with a giggle, finding a dusted jar of evening primrose and extracted a few of the flowers.

You don’t need this right? She asked, turning towards her friend to show the jar of nightshade she’d procured from a shelf. Take it, I was dabbling with poison myself, but you seem to have a better knack for it, Morty replied just as Jackson knocked on the frame of her door. Ladies, he bowed his head in courtesy, but not before Lola witnessed his flirtatious wink sent in the Medico’s direction. I seemed to have injured myself while cutting some logs, the large optime stepped through the frame and held out his hand, a broken piece of wood jammed underneath the flesh. Aigh! That looks beautiful! Morty chirped, knocking d’Art out of her lap once more and rising to her feet to bring Jackson’s hand down to her face for closer inspection. The burly male’s deep rolling laugh filled the room, now much smaller since he was occupying it. Lola kept a stifled chuckle to herself as her eyes returned to the shelves and d’Art circled her feet.

Blood doesn’t bother you ma chère? He asked inquisitively, smiling down at the grey wolfess while she pressed and gouged his injured hand. Nope. Not one bit, she replied proudly, dunking a cloth in a bucket of water and beginning to clean the dried muck away from the nasty splinter. Any deeper and this could’ve put ya out of commission woodsman, she confessed, before bossily ushering the male to the chair she was sitting in before. I’m in good hands, no? He asked, causing the grey female to freeze up at his charming smile. The best! Lola cut in, saving her friend some face while the Medico found the proper tools for extraction. Clearing her throat, Morty poised the metal instruments over the broken wood. Right...this might hurt, she warned, but she pinched the end of the stake and was ripping it free before Jackson could even growl his displeasure. Merde woman, you’re an angel, he managed as she began flushing out the wound and banding his hand. At this Lola did laugh but gave her friend a supportive wink behind Jackson’s back while she watched the Medico’s face flush for the first time.

Ah...it was nothin’, she replied in earnest, looking all the more flustered when he shook his head, but the male continued, changing the subject perhaps for Morty’s sake. I heard you talking of poisons earlier? Yes, I’m the Veleno or poisoner of the Brotherhood, Lola answered. The Brotherhood? We are like minded canines who have pledged an oath to our Sole, to protect the pack and defend those who need our help...good samaritans if you will, the silver fae explained. Ah, so you and Alister are knights then? Lola nodded in reply.

So what does this band of good doers have need of for poisons? Each Brotherhood member has a different set of skills they can offer the circle. While our purpose is to defend and care for those who need our aid, our enemies cannot be underestimated. My job as the Veleno is to find a means of facilitating the battle by any means necessary. In this case, a chemical means. She’s found a combination of herbs that can temporarily paralyze her target! Morty chimed in with an excited voice, having finished her wrapping job. Incroyable, he breathed examining his bandaged hand and giving the Medico another roguish smile. Vincent could use something like that on his arrowheads for hunting. Could you show me how to make it? The lumberjack asked as Morty looked to Lola for approval. She can show you, I’ve got all I need here...I’ll leave you two to it, she replied with a grin. Packing her satchel with the ingredients she needed and scooping up d’Artagnan before waving goodbye.

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