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Gemma Silvertooth
The map never lies

Time had passed and so too had the sickness that had taken over her family. For the most part her children were feeling much better as was Light and from what she had heard so had some of the others. Gemma was not so fortunate in that respect for the sickness still lingered within her making her prone to sudden fits of intestinal distress and violent coughing that every so often led to intestinal distress. She had begun burning candles with pine and with ash and oak to try and relieve her household of the stench of illness. Also within her own fire to provide some protection from sickness again. She knew it was not much based in truth but it made her feel better to burn the meaningful wood and maybe provide some protection to her small home.

Today she felt better than most she had lately and decided along with her daughter Nvda that a walk about the recovering Aniwaya would maybe help recover some of her good spirits and help her heal more from the debilitating effects of the sickness. She had not been able to do so for quite a few days now and was glad to meet with Tiva again and was thrilled to discover her sister firetender had escaped the severe illness. Through her rounds of the village she also stopped in on Aranck who was doing a whole lot better and left his place feeling a lot better for his grandfatherly nagging.

Not long after they turned to the woods to get away form the air of the village and get the scent of green and life back into her. Despite reservations from Nvda about overworking herself, having felt better today than she had in a long time Gemma was reluctant to go back inside and insisted that just a bit further they would walk and then return to her home. By chance of luck she happened upon the site where she and Claudius had been attacked by the unknown spirit of evil. Her hair prickled at the base of her neck and a chill began to creep into her body. She remembered vividly what ha happened and from whence Claudius had come. Strong curiosity overcame and and again despite Nvda's protestations she carried on forwards.

A creepy looking cabin ended up being her journey's end and the wooden door banged against its frame in the wind. She remembered that this cabin had been used to hold prisoners during the reign of Maska Ahote and his usurpation of AniWaya from Dawali Amara. The air held the scent of something old and decayed and Gemma was loathe to witness what she would find within but.. someone needed to see, needed to investigate this mystery. The door was wedged open so it would not slam shut behind her and Nvda was made to wait outside to keep watch. Gemma would uncover the horrible grisly secret of the cabin alone and pulled back sharply with a horrified gasp when she realised what it was that sat within the hole. Holding a hand to her mouth the pale female backed slowly out of the room and out into the forest, she took in a shaky breath and gazed at her daughter with wide eyes.

"Go back to the house, now!" Nvda didn't protest, scared by the tone of her mother's voice and left the cabin, racing back to the comfort of her older brother and sister. Taking in another fortifying breath gemma raised her head to the sky and let out her coyote's call to sweep across AniWaya, Claudius and Ulilohi needed to see this.

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Gemma Tlvdatsi

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Claudius could hear the fear in Gemma's voice when she howled. He felt his throat constrict as the spindly hands of fear threatened to choke him. Taking a deep breath, he replied with a howl of his own so that she would know someone heard her and was coming. He sent out another howl, calling for Frodo and Payne to join him. He would need the skill and speed of a hunter and the power of a warrior if he wanted to address whatever problem had arisen.

After the discovery of the loner's body in Grandfather's Tears, Claudius feared that history was repeating itself. Worse, there was the possibility that the spirit had attacked Gemma again. Not wanting to take any chances, he rushed away from the village with Frodo and Payne on his heels.

They arrived at the cabin and at first, Claudius could not see what was wrong. He barked at Payne to stand guard and beckoned for Frodo to follow him in to the cabin with him.

Once he neared it, the stench overwhelmed him.

He called out for Gemma, hesitantly, not wanting to spook her -- not when there was a dead body rotting in the cabin.

"Guh-Gemma? Fuh-Frodo a-a-a-and Puh-Payne a-and I... a-are... huh-here," he said as he stepped inside the dilapidated building.
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More ill news, by the sound of it. Ulilohi's mind raced as she dropped what she had in her hands and headed in the direction Gemma had called from. What was wrong now? Had it not been for the fact that she knew that the monster from Gemma's past was already dead, she would have feared him at this point. But it couldn't be him, so what was up? Another strange event, another dark event to plague their peaceful existence? Given the recent ongoings in the tribe, she longed for anything predictable. All the strangeness wore her out, and Ulilohi felt her spirituality flicker, at times doubtful and weak, and at times stronger than she had felt it before in defence against these invisible threats. But when she did call out, there was no answer. She had been without guidance for a long time before, but losing it now after she knew what it was was worse than it would have been if Atisia had never come to aid her. She would have loved for him to be his useful rude self atop her shoulder, to help her racing mind and be a sparring partner as she chased Gemma's call, but he said nothing because he wasn't there anymore.

She feared the worst as she neared the Prisoner's Cabin and her nose picked up the wretched sweetness that tainted the air. Ulilohi stopped and took a deep breath facing the other way, waiting first for the wind to turn. Bracing herself, she moved closer, but wrapped her blue shawl around her nose and mouth, not wanting the smell to reach her tongue or nostrils. Claudius' scent was also here, Gemma's and Nvda's as well. She didn't fear for them; this smell was clearly older. Ulilohi gave an alerted, single bark as she neared the cabin to signal her presence, hesitant to enter without having a clear idea of the situation first, though she assumed the others were inside.
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Gemma Silvertooth
the map never lies

Those empty haunted eyes kept staring back at her and she felt like she was going to be sick. There was nothing to cover her mouth and nose except her hands and they didn't do a very good job. The grinning skull with its clinging skin and moulded fur made her gag and as much as she wanted to turn away from it, she didn't out of fear that it would come to life and attack her. A stupid thought but with all of the strange activities around here so far she wouldn't rule it out. The talk of a human curse, of ancient grounds of blood had completely freaked her out. It felt like she was stuck forever with the body, before someone came to se what was happening. It was Claudius' voice that she heard first,

"I'm i..in here!" Frodo and Payne too? Gemma felt somewhat safer although she doubted she'd feel normal until she got the hell awya from this body. She had seen dead wolves before but none that had been decayed to this much, and the appearance of the evil spirit, she was trembling by the time the trio arrived. "Etsi?" Payne's voice was a reassurance and Gemma stepped around the door to the cabin, meeting Claudius just as he was stepping in. "I think its an AniWayan but not one that I've ever seen before." Ulilohi arrived too with a bark and she barked back, it was safe to come closer. She would let Claudius inform the councilwoman of Gemma's findings.

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Gemma Tlvdatsi

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